NATO Newslinks 27 May 2011

27 May 2011 —

NATO Allies Reject Libyan Cease-Fire Offer
Wall Street Journal
This capability would be at NATO’s disposal, though final decisions will be up to military commanders on their deployment, he said. The calls from the US and French presidents came a day after Libya’s government, under mounting pressure from a military …

Nato aims to deploy Libya choppers as soon as possible
Hindustan Times
Nato is gearing up to deploy French and British attack helicopters to
strike Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in Libya as soon as possible, the commander
of the alliance’s mission said on Friday. France is contributing four Tigre
attack helicopters while …

Russia Says It’s Seeking to Negotiate Exit of Qaddafi
San Francisco Chronicle
May 27 (Bloomberg) — Russia said it’s seeking to negotiate the exit from
power of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, for the first time supporting the
goals of the NATO-led military campaign in Libya. Qaddafi has lost his
legitimacy to govern and Russia …

NATO Nabs Haqqani Militant Leader in Afghanistan
Fox News
AP KABUL, Afghanistan — NATO says coalition troops have captured a leader
of an Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group during a raid in east Afghanistan. A
NATO statement on Friday says the militant is a local chief of the powerful
Haqqani network, …

Kadhafi forces laying landmines in Misrata, says NATO
TRIPOLI — The United States and France are united in their resolve to
finish the job in Libya, US President Barack Obama said on Friday, as NATO
reported that Moamer Kadhafi’s forces had laid landmines in Misrata. In a
dramatic shift, meanwhile, …

Valdai Club experts pinpoint Russia-NATO European missile defense priorities
RIA Novosti
Russia and NATO should focus their efforts on creating a European missile
shield and developing a common information exchange system, and work should
start immediately, said Oksana Antonenko, Senior Fellow and Program
Director for Russia and Eurasia at …

NATO: Mladic arrest a warning to all those who attack civilians
Monsters and
Brussels – The arrest of suspected war criminal Ratko Mladic is a message
to all those ‘who may be attacking or planning to attack their own people,’
NATO said Friday, in a coded reference to Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi.
Mladic is to face trial in the …

Africa: AU Security Organ Slams Nato Over Rights Abuses
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — THE African Union Peace and Security Council’s
15-member group has slammed Nato forces for turning a UN Security Council
resolution into a human rights abuse tool in Libya instead of protecting
civilians. …

Russia says NATO has gone too far
Deseret News
By ANGELA CHARLTON, AP DEAUVILLE, France — France says Libyan leader
Moammar Gadhafi must leave power now and Britain calls him an appalling
dictator, but Russia says NATO has gone too far in its bombing campaign
against Gadhafi’s forces. …

Baltic states urge NATO to bolster cyber-defence
RIGA — NATO members must bolster their ability to fend off Internet-based
attacks, Estonian Defence Minister Mart Laar, whose country fell victim to
a “cyber-war” in 2007, said Thursday. “The common position of the Baltic
countries is that NATO’s …

NATO “saving civilians” thru bombs
Pakistan Observer
All talk about the “emergence” of India and China has stopped with the
continuance of the ceaseless bombarding of Libyan cities by NATO. This
alliance seems able to go into action only in situations where it faces
very weak opposition. …

Netherlands Nominates Ex-NATO Chief For Air France-KLM Board
Wall Street Journal
AMSTERDAM (Dow Jones)—The Dutch government said Friday it has proposed
Jaap de Hoof Scheffer, a former head of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization, to become a member of Air France-KLM’s (AF.FR) supervisory
board. De Hoop Scheffer, who also served …

6000 Nato trucks didn’t reach border
The Nation, Pakistan
ISLAMABAD – The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Commerce was
informed on Thursday that more than 3000 trucks of NATO/ISAF have not
reached in Chaman and Iman Garh boarders and it is expected that these
figures might go beyond 6000 trucks. …

Russia could help mediate Gadhafi’s exit
By ANGELA CHARLTON , 05.27.11, 09:40 AM EDT DEAUVILLE, France — Russia on
Friday offered to mediate Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s exit from power,
and France said allied forces want to step up the NATO-led military
operation in Libya. …

NATO Visit to Mongolia Heralds A New Global Role
UB Post
NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and
Security Policy of Alliance, James Appathurai, and his delegates visited
Mongolia for the first time ever at the invitation of the Mongolian Defence
Minister, Luvsanvandan Bold on …

Military defends Libyan operation
Views and News from Norway
Defense ministry and military officials claim Norway’s involvement in the
NATO-led intervention in the Libyan civil war remains important and has
been more successful than media reports would indicate. They also claim the
military wants to be as open …

Sarkozy: Intensify NATO-led campaign in Libya (press release)
(Source: Associated Press/AP Online)DEAUVILLE, France – French President
Nicolas Sarkozy says allied forces want to step up the NATO-led military
operation in Libya. Sarkozy says there is “great unanimity” about an
“intensification of the military …

Libya: NATO Takes Lead, Americans Do 65% of Work
Reason Online (blog)
Ye Olde Manchester Guardian says that through May 5, the US contribution to
the expanded-NATo operation in support of the Libyan opposition amounted to
65 percent of the personnel, a third of the warships and nearly all the
cruise missiles. …

NATO Joins MPAA’s Coalition of the Willing to Support the Protect IP Act
The MPAA has been put on the defensive, and a lot like a Libyan rebel in
Misrata, the entertainment industry has called upon NATO for help. But it’s
not that NATO you’re thinking of, we’re talking about the National
Association of Theater Owners. …

Driver killed, 4 injured in 3 NATO oil tankers collision
International News Network
NOWSHERA: Driver was killed and four were injured when three NATO oil
tankers collided with each other on Nowshera-Peshawar GT Road while
overtaking from the wrong side hereon Thursday. In the early morning, three
NATO oil tankers PLT-264, …

Editorial: Libya action still lacking authority
Denver Post
Just this week in Britain, President Obama warned that NATO operations in
Libya could take a long time. Those operations involve “a slow, steady
process in which we’re able to wear down the regime forces and change the
political calculations of the …

Libya says ready for ceasefire, demands NATO stops strikes
Libya said on Thursday it was ready for a ceasefire and negotiations with
rebels who hold the east of the country but demanded it include an
immediate halt to NATO airstrikes. But Libyan rebels quickly rejected the
offer, saying Libyan leader Muammar …,7340,L-4074600,00.html

Russia could help mediate Gadhafi’s exit
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By ANGELA CHARLTON AP DEAUVILLE, France — Russia on Friday offered to
mediate Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s exit from power, and France said
allied forces want to step up the NATO-led military operation in Libya. A
rebel fighter points his gun as …

Secret NATO special forces meeting held in Kraków
Warsaw Business Journal
On Wednesday, commanders of special forces from all 28 NATO countries and
several countries which cooperate with the alliance, came to Kraków to
attend a special two-day meeting. For security reasons, details of the
summit were kept a secret until the …

NATO: Anti-missile shield might be installed in Bulgaria
Standart News
Bulgaria may accept a radar system from the NATO anti-missile shield. The
radar system will detect Iranian missiles fired towards Europe and the USA,
reads the report for the establishment of the anti-missile shield which
will be presented at the at …

Mideast digest
Libya’s government pushed a cease-fire proposal Thursday and said for the
first time it was prepared to speak with its rebel adversaries, signaling
that months of fighting and NATO bombardment may be closer to forcing some
concessions. …

Cuba Describes Aggression against Libya as a Crime
Radio Cadena Agramonet
Cuba denounced during the 16th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Ministerial
Conference, in Bali, Indonesia, that the aggression against Libya by the
United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) constitutes
an international crime. …

Moammar Kadafi a ‘paranoid’ leader in fear for his life, reports say
Los Angeles Times
The strikes appeared once again to target a wooded, walled-in complex where
NATO says regime vehicles are stored. Libyan officials call the site —
which is adjacent to Kadafi’s sprawling fortified Bab Azizia compound near
downtown — a reserve guard …,0,820248.storylink?track=rss

Russian envoy: NATO 2014 Afghan pullout premature
NATO’s plans to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and transfer security
to Afghan forces by the end of 2014 are premature, a Russian envoy said on
Thursday. “It is too early to talk about results and premature in
Afghanistan because the situation is …,7340,L-4074548,00.html

The Early Word: Setting a Precedent
New York Times (blog)
Though President Obama started out by saying the NATO campaign against the
Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, was intended to protect civilians,
his stance has subtly shifted in support of ousting him. But the problem
now is the pressure on the …

Unfounded concern over Pakistan nukes
Frontier Post
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was confident that
Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were safe; but in the same breath he remarked it
was a matter of concern in the wake of the worst assault on Pakistan Navy’s
airbase. …

Armenia’s Troops in Afghanistan and Its Multi-Vectored Foreign Policy
It has no NATO aspirations, and has largely thrown in its strategic lot
with Russia, as evidenced by the agreement it recently signed allowing a
large, decades-long Russian military presence in the country. But the
newest trend in Eurasian geopolitics …

Russia may reconcile NATO and Libya — RT
G8 leaders have asked Russia to mediate a cease-fire in the Libyan
conflict, the Russian president’s press secretary said after the first day
of the high-level summit in the French town of Deauville.

NATO Bombs Gaddafi Home – The Daily Beast
NATO is not taking no for an answer. For the fourth straight night, the
Libyan capital has been rocked by airstrikes from the international
coalition seeki.

Gadhafi ‘Paranoid’ as NATO Airstrikes Keep Up in Tripoli | World …
By By Alex Johnston/Epoch Times Staff
NATO conducted more airstrikes on Libya’s capital Tripoli on Thursday
evening as reports emerge that Moammar Gadhafi is doing everything possible
to evade death.

Libyan Capital Targeted By Fourth Night Of NATO Airstrikes
By The Huffington Post News Editors
TRIPOLI/MISRATA, Libya, May 26 (Reuters) – NATO launched a fourth night of
airstrikes on Tripoli on Thursday, leaving smoke rising from Libyan leader
Muammar Gaddafi’s compound, after the United States said a ceasefire offer
from Libya …

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the Arrest of Ratko Mladic
eNews Park Forest is the only online news source exclusively serving Park
Forest , IL, and beyond.

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO News: May 27, 2011 “ Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
-NATO’s strategic concept, which was updated on November 19, 2010, in a
Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, not only unilaterally redefines what it regards
as risks for its member countries, but it also establishes the access to
energy as a …

Blast killed nine NATO soldiers in Afghanistan |
Nine NATO soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on Thursday. The cause of
death for eight of them was an attack in the southern part of the country
that was the .

US troops among NATO dead in Afghanistan blast (page 1) | Otago …
Nine NATO service members were killed Thursday in Afghanistan, including
seven US troops among eight who died when a powerful bomb exploded in a
field where they were patrolling on foot, officials said. | Nato rejects Libya offer
Earlier, African leaders gathered at a Libya-focused summit in the
Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa called for an end to Nato air strikes to pave
the way for a political solution to the north African nation’s protracted
conflict. …

Future Role and Relevance of NATO
By Nick Ottens
Is the intervention in Libya a harbinger of things to come for NATO?
Wikistrat explores the future of the alliance.

NATO To Deploy Helicopters To Libya As Soon As Possible -AFP …
By Allie Wickman
Stock Market Quotes, Business News, Financial News, Trading Ideas, and
Stock Research by Professionals.

Eight NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan includin… – Silobreaker
Eight NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan including 7 Americans.

Bomb kills seven Nato soldiers in southern Afghanistan | The Agonist
May 26. BBC – Seven Nato troops have been killed by a roadside bomb in
southern Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf)
said. The incident is the deadliest single attack suffered by foreign
troops in a month. …

200 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2011
200 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan …”An ISAF service member died
following an ins…Although the statement did not reveal the
national…Eight NATO soldiers – all Americans – were killed …According
to iCasualties – a website …

NATO airstrikes kill 5 Afghan policemen | ?slâmi Davet – Islamic …
By ?slâmi Davet
NATO airstrikes kill 5 Afghan policemen. Five policemen have been killed
and a senior Afghan commander injured in airstrikes carried out by foreign
forces in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nuristan. The incident took
place on Friday …

NATO airstrikes kill 5 Afghan policemen : Infowars Ireland
By Infowars Ireland
PressTv Fri May 27, 2011 At least five Afghan policemen have been killed
and a senior commander has been injured in airstrikes carried out.

NATO: Taliban reintegrate in Laghman province – Afghanistan
By News Team
More than eighty Taliban have given up the fight in Laghman province and
joined the peace process. From NATOCOMMUNITY on YouTube.

NATO airstrikes rattle Tripoli – World news – Mideast/N. Africa …
NATO warplanes are repeatedly hitting Tripoli early Tuesday in what appears
to be the heaviest night of bombing of the Libyan capital since the start
of the …

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