NATO Newslinks 4 June 2011

4 June 2011 —

NATO uses attack helicopters for first time in Libya air assault
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff NATO-allied aircraft, including Britain’s Apache helicopters, were being used for the strikes, the Ministry of Defence said. (CNN) — NATO said Saturday it used attack helicopters for the first time as part of its military …

New Bombings Target NATO Troops, Afghan Students
Voice of America
In eastern Afghanistan, four NATO troops were killed in what the coalition
said was a roadside bombing. Earlier, NATO said two of its members were
killed in separate attacks on Friday in southern Afghanistan. At least 220
foreign troops have been …—123154208.html

NATO ‘sliding towards’ land campaign in Libya: Russia
MOSCOW — Russia’s top diplomat warned on Saturday that the NATO operation
in Libya was “sliding towards” a land campaign, a prospect he said Moscow
viewed as “deplorable,” the RIA Novosti news agency reported. “We know that
France and Britain intend …

Libya vote: How Speaker Boehner preserved GOP unity and US-NATO ties
Christian Science Monitor
In an 11th-hour maneuver, Speaker Boehner derails an antiwar measure that
would have required Obama to withdraw US forces from NATO’s Libya mission
within 15 days. House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio listens on Capitol Hill
in Washington, Friday, …

LulzSec keeps busy: FBI affiliate agency hacked; NATO, Obama administration …
International Business Times
By Amrutha Gayathri | June 4, 2011 12:50 AM EDT In an apparent protest
against the NATO and Obama administration, the LulzSec group announced the
breach of FBI affiliate website, the Atlanta chapter of Infragard. The
group raised claims that they have …

Mobilizing to Stop NATO from Bombing Libya
Vibe Ghana
The African Union has been doing all it can to find a solution to the
crisis in Libya—meeting with NATO leaders, talking with officials in the
US, drawing peace plans at summits, attempting to persuade both sides to
the conflict, and many others. …

Is it time for the US to leave Afghanistan?
Baltimore Sun (blog)
In that time, the US has apologized for a NATO air strike that killed 14
women and children, and Afghan president Hamid Karzai has issued a “last
warning” for the US to stop bombing houses. “If after the Afghan government
said the aerial bombing of …,0,4753809.story

Crew on alert for militants, and hockey scores
Vancouver Sun
Still, the fact the Libyans were using a point-and-shoot weapons system
against a modern naval ship is evidence that the NATO arms embargo is
having an effect in degrading Gadhafi’s ability to fight. “It was an
ineffective attempt to strike a NATO ship …

Parliament, masses want end to NATO supplies: JI
Frontier Post
LAHORE (PPI): The Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hassan, has said that
the JI sit-in in Karachi against NATO supplies and the US interference on
June 4 and 5 would be in line with the Parliament’s resolution and the
aspirations of the people. …

Wedded to the warlords: NATO’s unholy Afghan alliance
Globe and Mail
The fall of one mirrored the rise of the other, marking the loss of an
older generation of warlords and the birth of a new class of often brutal
allies to whom NATO intends to start transferring power this summer. The
success of that transition depends …

Libyan Rebels in Misrata Await NATO’s Use of Attack Helicopters
San Francisco Chronicle
June 3 (Bloomberg) — Out past the ruined center of the rebel-held city of
Misrata, beyond a blackened Libyan army tank flipped upside down by a NATO
air strike, rebel soldiers of the Black Katiba, or Black Battalion, are
looking to the skies for help. …

Bulgaria’s Drazki Frigate Back Home from NATO Mission
Photo by DarikNews Bulgaria’s navy frigate, which set out on April 27 to
join NATO’s Operation “United Protector” patrolling off Libya’s coast to
enforce a UN arms embargo, returned to the country Saturday. The frigate
arrived at the navy port of the …

UK defence chief defends use of choppers in Libya
SINGAPORE — NATO’s use of attack helicopters in Libya is a “logical
extension” of the military pressure on embattled leader Colonel Moamer
Kadhafi, Defence Secretary Liam Fox said on Saturday. “No, it’s not plan B
at all,” Fox told journalists on the …

Czechs may still play role in missile defense
Czech Position
Prague is in negotiations with both NATO and the US about playing a role in
the planned anti-missile defense system for Europe, to be operated by NATO,
Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg told reporters at a joint press
conference with US …

Misrata rebels in holding pattern, waiting for help
CNN International
“We can defend our city borders, but we cannot wage an offensive now
because we lack much-needed equipment and weapons,” said Fathi Ali
Bashaagha, the rebels’ coordinator with NATO. “Despite our requests, NATO
has not supplied us with any assistance on …

Liam Fox denies Apache strikes are a change of tactics
The Apaches hit targets near the Libyan town of Brega during the latest
wave of Nato strikes against forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the
MoD said. The Defence Secretary, epeaking at a security forum in Singapore,
said that the use of British …

When NATO popped in for a pint or two
Bury Free Press
NATO popped into the Greene King brewery to collect up to a 100 crates of
beer for a Brussels bash next month. The Bury St Edmunds brewery donated
the booze for free as part of a sponsorship of the NATO Queen’s birthday
celebrations which will take …

NATO submarine rescue exercise improves international cooperation for saving …
NATO HQ (press release)
Cartagena, Spain – A demonstration of submarine rescue operations, in the
framework of Exercise Bold Monarch 2011, took place today at the presence
of Admiral Giampaolo di Paola, Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee (CMC),
Gen Nikolay Makarov, …

The World Next Week: NATO and Russia Debate Missile Defense
Council on Foreign Relations (blog)
Bob McMahon and I discussed the upcoming meeting of NATO defense ministers
with Russia’s top brass; the presidential run-off elections in Peru; and
the twenty-second anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests. Audio clip:
Adobe Flash Player (version …

Rebel Libya Finance Chief Hunts for Funds and Hope
New York Times
For months, the NATO airstrikes have kept the rebel movement breathing by
preventing its fighters and stronghold here from being overrun by Colonel
Qaddafi’s troops. But Mr. Tarhouni said that without a quick infusion of
funds, they may soon be left in …

The Early Word: Rebuked
New York Times (blog)
By JADA F. SMITH In a move that carries little practical weight but heavy
political undertones, the House rebuked President Obama for continuing to
maintain an American role in NATO operations in Libya without the express
consent of Congress, …

Russian Views on European Missile Defense
Second Line of Defense
Many of our discussions in Russia last week focused on missile defense
issues in preparation for the June 9 meeting of the NATO-Russian Council
(NRC) at the level of defense ministers. NATO-Russian differences over
ballistic missile defense (BMD) have …

Libya: William Hague arrives in Benghazi
BBC News
Meanwhile, UK Apache attack helicopters have been used over Libya for the
first time, Nato has confirmed. They attacked and destroyed two military
installations, a radar site and an armed checkpoint near Brega, the Captain
of HMS Ocean told the BBC. …

Nato Libya mission: Foreign governments to foot refuelling bills for military …
Malta Independent Online
by Annaliza Borg The military aircraft that have made emergency landings in
Malta were refuelled by Enemalta and the countries which own them are
responsible to pay for the fuel purchased, a finance ministry spokesman has
told The Malta Independent. …

CNAS conference hits (Part V): Kaplan focuses on Germany’s resurgence
Foreign Policy
But, he added, this does not mean we should throw away NATO. As the US Navy
and Air Force focus more on the Pacific and Indian Ocean areas, he said,
NATO should pick up the slack in the Atlantic. I also think that the rise
of Germany may make NATO …

Afghan Transition Begins in July, But Will Take 12-18 Months
(SEATTLE) — Sometime in late July, NATO will transition to Afghan forces
the security responsibility for seven regions in Afghanistan that make up
22 percent of Afghanistan’s population. But now it sounds like that
transition is going to happen over a …

Libya’s future remains unclear
Nato-led raids against Muammar Gaddafi have intensified as the alliance has
also agreed to extend the air strikes by three months. “This decision sends
a clear message to the Gaddafi regime. We are determined to continue our
operation to protect the …

RAF Apache helicopters used in Libya strikes
The Ministry of Defence has confirmed British Apache helicopters were used
in overnight operations in Libya, the first time Nato has used the attack
helicopters to target Col Gaddafi’s forces. British combat helicopters have
been used for the first …

Once in exile, Libyan opposition returns home
Magharebia: What were your reservations regarding the NATO no-fly zone over
Libya? Sheibani: Thank God the Western alliance was there to halt Kadhafi’s
forces. Their performance was satisfactory for a while, which helped the
rebels reach Sirte, …

NATO destroys four missile launchers of Gaddafi regime
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, June 3 (KUNA) — NATO warplanes in the last 24 hours destroyed
one vehicle storage facility in Tripoli and four surface-to-air missile
launchers and four armoured personnel carriers near Tripoli. NATO in a
statement Friday said it destroyed …

Somali pirates attacking year-round: maritime organization
Montreal Gazette
By Gwladys Fouche and Joachim Dagenborg, Reuters June 4, 2011 10:03 AM A
picture released by the NATO on May 2, 2009, shows detained pirates aboard
the Portuguese Frigate Corte Real frigate sailing off Somalia on May 1,
2009. The Corte Real captured 19 …

NATO Helicopters Strike Gaddafi’s Troops – The Daily Beast
For the first time in its Libya intervention, British and French
helicopters have fired on Muammar Gaddafi’s troops. NATO commander Lt. Gen.
Charles Boucha.

NATO deploys attack helicopters in Libya — RT
NATO has announced it has successfully deployed attack helicopters in Libya
for the first time. British and French choppers are said to have attacked
and destroyed a road checkpoint and radar site.

Are NATO troops already on the ground in Libya? – The Week
By The Week
Journalists spot Westerners with guns behind rebel lines. Has an air
campaign to protect civilians become a ground war to topple Moammar

NATO Helicopters Bomb Gadhafi’s Troops – World – CBN News …
British Apache and French attack helicopters struck targets for the first
time in NATO’s campaign in Libya, hitting Moammar Gadhafi’s troops early

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: June 4, 2011 “ Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
Romania: U.S. Marines Train Macedonian Troops For Afghan War. Operations In
Northern Regions: U.S. Leads NATO War Games In Iceland. U.S. Drone Strike
Kills Seven In Pakistan. ==== “Big Players In NATO”: Canada Plans
International Bases …

First NATO strikes in Libya with attack copters |
By marketmaker
NATO announced Saturday it had for the first time used attack helicopters
in Libya, striking military vehicles, military equipment and forces backing
embattled leader Colonel Moamer Kadhafi.”Attack helicopters under NATO
command were …

NATO launches first chopper strikes on Libya –
By Agence France-Presse
BRUSSELS – NATO announced Saturday it had for the first time used attack
helicopters in Libya, striking military vehicles, military equipment and
forces backing embattled leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

NATO: 4 troops killed in eastern Afghanistan | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
A roadside bomb killed four NATO service members Saturday in eastern
Afghanistan , the coalition said.

Fuel Fix “ NATO Helicopters Strike Libyan Troops
British Apache and French attack helicopters struck targets for the first
time in NATO’s campaign in Libya, hitting Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s troops in
several locations, including near a key coastal oil city. …

The Jawa Report: OH NO! Attack Helicopters Used by NATO in Libya
By Howie
June 04, 2011. OH NO! Attack Helicopters Used by NATO in Libya. This must
be stopped! Civilians could die! Someone needs to implement a no fly zone
on the forces enforcing the no fly zone! Immediately! Quick, get me Barack
Obama on the …

AMERICAblog News: NATO attack helicopters used in Libya
By Chris in Paris
News and opinion about US politics from a liberal/Democratic/progressive

NATO strikes on Libya amount to land operation: Moscow | Defence …
By Shilpa
Odessa (Russia), June 4 (IANS/RIA Novosti) NATO’s actions in Libya are
gradually evolving into a land operation, Russia’s foreign minister warned

NATO uses helicopters to strike Libya targets | Libya TV
By Libya TV
NATO employed attack helicopters to hit targets in Libya for the first time
today, an alliance statement said. “The targets struck included military
vehicles, military equipment and fielded forces,” the statement said,
without giving …

Bomb kills 4 NATO troops in eastern Afghanistan | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
A roadside bomb killed four NATO service members Saturday in eastern
Afghanistan , the coalition said. More than 200 NATO troops have died so
far this year in Afghanistan, and Saturday’s bombing marked the deadliest
day for NATO service …

Roadside bomb kills 4 NATO service members in eastern Afghanistan …
Roadside bomb kills 4 NATO service members in eastern Afghanistan, NATO
says – AP.

Is NATO Escalating the War in Libya?
By Karl Gotthardt
NATO forces started its campaign in Libya under UN Resolution 1973. Both
NATO and the media talk about enforcing a no fly zone in Lybia. In a
statement NATO said that it had used attack helicpters for the first time
on Saturday.

NATO warplanes bomb Libyan capital repeatedly – CBS News
More than 20 airstrikes reported around Tripoli; France confirms its
helicopters will soon join fight.

NATO Report Threatens To ‘Persecute’ Anonymous :: …
NATO leaders have been warned that Wikileaks-loving ‘hacktivist’ collective
Anonymous could pose a threat to member states’ security, following recent

NATO fears Anonymous, Wikileaks as “threat to member-states …
James Nixon at “NATO leaders have been warned that
Wikileaks-loving ‘ hacktivist’ collective Anonymous could pose a threat to
member states’ …

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