NATO Newslinks 11 June 2011

11 June 2011 —

Robert Gates Lays It on the Line with NATO
Outgoing Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates addressed NATO,and delivered a message that the US is getting tired of towing the line for its allies. Americans have been grousing about this for a long time, and it needed to be said. …

Tripoli’s residents grow weary of war (blog)
NBC’s Stephanie Gosk walks past burnt vehicles that the Libyan government says were hit by NATO airstrikes at a wilderness park in Tripoli on Wednesday. By NBC News’ Stephanie Gosk TRIPOLI – The explosion cracked so close the shockwave nearly tore the …

Fifteen dead in Afghanistan blast
BBC News
“Pro-government forces”, including Nato, caused 45 of the deaths. The news
came as several deadly insurgent attacks killed at least 18 people, most of
them civilians, in the volatile south and east of the country. Fifteen
people, including eight …
For Some in Congress, an Unexpected Thank-You Note
New York Times
Muammar el-Qaddafi has written to members of Congress thanking them for
criticizing President Obama last week over his involvement in the NATO-led
military campaign in Libya. “I want to express my sincere gratitude for
your thoughtful discussion of the …

Lessons from Kosovo for Nato in Libya
Financial Times
Twelve years ago, Nato’s air war to wrest the province of Kosovo from
Serbia’s control ended after almost three months. The allies achieved their
professed war aims: Kosovar autonomy and an end to Serbian
counter-insurgency measures, which Nato …

America warns Europe on NATO alliance
Sydney Morning Herald
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has warned that the future of the NATO
military alliance is at risk because of European penny-pinching and
distaste for front-line combat. The United States won’t carry the alliance
as a charity case, the outgoing …

As troop drawdown nears, is NATO surge working in Afghanistan?
Christian Science Monitor
As Obama’s promise of a troop drawdown nears, the US military says the
surge of tens of thousands of NATO reinforcements that began last year has
won some and lost some against the Taliban but needs more time to succeed.
US soldiers preparing to leve a …

Nato’s job in Afghanistan ‘by no means done’, says US military chief
The Guardian
Although Mullen said he would not be drawn on the size of the troop
withdrawal that President Obama is expected to announce next month, he made
it clear that Nato’s job in Afghanistan was far from over. His remarks are
likely to dampen speculation that …

The Damage to NATO from the Libyan War
American Conservative Magazine
Meanwhile, Norway’s government says it will scale down its fighter jet
contribution in Libya from six to four planes and withdraw completely from
the NATO-led operation by August 1. Defense Minister Grete Faremo said she
expected understanding from …

Currency Traders on ‘Libya’s Wall Street’ Cash in on Crisis
MyFox Philadelphia
(Wall Street Journal) – TRIPOLI, Libya — Civil war, more than two months
of NATO bombardment and international sanctions were battering Libya’s
economy, but in one corner of Tripoli’s labyrinthine covered bazaar, at an
intersection known to merchants …

Expert warns NATO of cyber arms race
TALLINN — The world is entering an era of a cyber arms race where
ever-more sophisticated versions of malware are the weapons of choice of
actors often impossible to trace, a top IT expert told NATO Friday. “We are
entering the era of a cyber arms …

Results of NATO’s investment in Afghanistan are dismal
Vancouver Sun
The Karzai government, which has been dependant on NATO for its very
survival, is widely known outside of Afghanistan to be the most corrupt
nation on all of the Earth, excepting only Burma. This is recognized by the
wellrespected German-based group, …

NATO death in Afghanistan…Coaxing Gadhafi…Gingrich not quitting
9&10 News
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — NATO says an international coalition service
member has died in a helicopter crash in eastern Afghanistan. Although the
crash comes as the Taliban begins its spring offensive, the alliance says
no insurgent activity was …

Nato teaser
BBC News
By Mark Lowen BBC News, Belgrade It is sealed off with rusty old gates,
some of the buildings still in ruins after Nato air strikes twelve years
ago. But inside the Krusik arms factory in Valjevo, western Serbia, the
ammunition produced is of the …

ATO tanker attacked, driver killed
Pakistan Daily Times
PISHIN: A driver of a NATO oil tanker was killed and his assistant received
bullet injuries when unidentified armed men attacked the oil tanker in the
Yaro area on Friday. According to police, the NATO oil tanker was on its
way to Karachi from …

Plan to levy transit fee on NATO tankers
Pakistan Daily Times
By Sajid Chaudhry ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan has decided to
impose transit fee in US dollars on transit containers of the NATO forces
operating in Afghanistan as well as Afghan containers imported under
transit agreement. …

Turkey Offers Libyan Leader Exit Deal; Still Awaiting Reply
Tripoli Post
“Depending on the reply we will get from him, we will take up the issue
with our (NATO) allies, but unfortunately we have received no reply so
far.” Erdogan’s comments came after a day of deadly fighting near the port
city of Misurata, the rebels’ most …

Comment / Nathaniel Sheppard Jr: Why is the US dirtying its hands in Libya?
Two US F-16s made emergency stopovers in Malta after running low on fuel
while taking part in NATO operations over Libya. (File Photo) By NATHANIEL
SHEPPARD JR. Why is the US committing military might to regime change in
Libya? …

Should NATO Have a Future?
Kansas City infoZine
Background: “In February 1990, after talks with West Germany’s foreign
minister, Secretary of State James Baker had assured Mikhail Gorbachev and
[then Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard] Shevardnadze that ‘NATO’s
jurisdiction would not shift one inch …

Should the US scale down its commitment to NATO?
Wall Street Journal
We should withdraw entirely from NATO. The organization has long outlived
its original purpose and there is no reason American troops should be
protecting foreign countries capable of defending themselves. We have
wasted trillions of dollars since WW …

George Jonas: The humanitarian handicap
National Post (blog)
In his Brussels farewell address this week, Gates used words such as
“dim, if not dismal” to describe the future of NATO, an organization
that “despite [having] more than 2-million troops in uniform, not
counting the US military,” has trouble …

Russia, NATO should build missile shield against short and medium-range …
Kyiv Post
Russia and NATO should jointly build a system in Europe against short- and
medium-range missiles, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly
Antonov. “If we say that there is a potential threat from the proliferation
of short- and medium-range …

In a pure coincidence, Gaddafi impeded US oil interests
This no-fly zone was created in the first week, yet now, almost three
months later, the war drags on without any end in sight, and NATO is no
longer even hiding what has long been obvious: that its real goal is
exactly the one Obama vowed would not be …

‘West violates UN resolution on Libya’
Press TV
While the US and NATO and the Libyan opposition are chasing an all out win
in the civil war in Libya, Russia says ceasefire and negotiation is the
only way to peace. Press TV talks with Dmitry Babich, chief editor of
Russia Profile magazine from Moscow …

NATO warplanes attack targets in Tripoli: state TV
RABAT (Reuters) – Libyan state television reported on Friday that warplanes
from the NATO-led military alliance had attacked targets in the
neighborhood of Ain Zara in the southeast of the capital Tripoli. We
welcome comments that advance the story …

No More NATO Reckless Attacks, Karzai
Bakhtar News Agency
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai met with the
family members of those killed recently during a NATO air strike in Nawzad
district southern Helmand province. The elders of Nawzad district first
details about the incident …

Khost Governor Asks Further Cooperation Of NATO
Bakhtar News Agency
Saturday, June 11, 2011 Kabul (BIA) Governor of Khost province asked
further cooperation of NATO in fundamental projects in that province.
Governor of Khost province asked further cooperation of NATO in fundamental
projects in that province. …

NATO Reaches A Draw In Libya
by NPR Staff Audio for this story from Weekend Edition Saturday will be
available at approx. 12:00 pm ET.

Gates questions NATO resolve as Misrata pounded
Jerusalem Post
By REUTERS MISRATA – The United States accused some NATO allies on Friday
of failing to pull their weight in the campaign against Muammar Gaddafi’s
forces, as the Libyan leader kept up shelling of the rebel-held town of
Misrata. …

Canada to quit air surveillance
Vancouver Sun
Canadian Forces will soon announce their withdrawal from a key NATO air
surveillance program as part of cost-cutting measures, an official
requesting anonymity said Thursday. The NATO Airborne Warning and Control
System is widely used by the alliance …

Grace under fire
This past week, I have taken part in a passionate discussion with top Nato
and EU officials on the future of Afghanistan, met Syrian opposition
representatives, kept track of Nato defence ministers’ decisions on Libya
— and tried to get serious about …

NATO: Oh, by the way, we’re trying to kill Qaddafi now « Hot Air
By Allahpundit
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Wednesday it is time to
start planning for what to do in Libya after Gadhafi’s departure “because
Gadhafi’s reign of terror is coming to an end.” That’s actually worse
than the War …

World Blog – Russia and NATO hold ‘unprecedented’ joint exercises
By World Blog
By Yonatan Pomrenze, NBC News Producer MOSCOW – Depending on how you want
to look at it, it was either a glass half-full or a glass half-empty week
for Russian-NATO relations.The two sides held their most advanced joint air
exercises …

NATO: Gaddafi is legitimate target — RT
NATO is deliberately targeting Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, media
reports have quoted a senior military alliance official as saying.
Previously NATO had said that it did not target individuals in its military
campaign in …

Has NATO Outlived Its Usefulness? | Mother Jones
By Kevin Drum
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates bluntly criticized NATO nations on Friday
for what he said were shortages in military spending and political will,
warning of “a dim if not dismal future” unless more member nations
scaled up their …

RealClearWorld – NATO Has Become a Two-Tiered Alliance
By Robert Gates
When NATO agreed at Riga in 2006 to take the lead for security across the
country, I suspect many allies assumed that the mission would be primarily
peacekeeping, reconstruction, and development assistance – more akin to the
Balkans. …

Gates to Europe/NATO: Pull it together, people – By David Kenner …
By David Kenner
Defense Secretary Robert Gates’s gloomy remarks about the future of NATO
represent a parting shot in his long-running struggle to convince Europe to
increase military spending and assume a greater role in conflicts such as
Afghanistan …

NATO should be disbanded | Too lib·er·al [adj.]
By danielfurr
In the 21st Century, does the European Union really need to rely on
American deployments to protect us, or can we defend ourselves? The answer
is quite conclusive. We don’t need NATO anymore. …

FAIR Blog » Blog Archive » Anonymous NATO: We Don’t Know Who …
By Peter Hart
A NATO official reached in Naples, Italy, late Wednesday emphasized that
the Western alliance does not target people for killings, and the official
would not confirm that North Atlantic Treaty Organization warplanes had
even struck the …

Gates Says NATO Is Heading Toward “Collective Military Irrelevance”
By Robert Johnson
And calls out Germany and Poland for doing nothing.

Gates Slams NATO, Reveals Growing Strains — News from
By Jason Ditz
Speaking today in his final policy speech, Secretary of Defense Robert
Gates blasted NATO, predicting a “dim if not dismal” future if the
other member nations didn’t become dramatically more hawkish and commit
more money and troops to … How NATO is Like A Boyfriend/Girlfriend That …
By Michael Cohen
So you ever know those couples where one of the two really wants to get
married, settle down and have kids and the other one just refuses to commit
and is evasive about the future of the relationship . ….

Diplomats, businessmen flee Libya amid intensified NATO air raids …
More and more foreign diplomats and businessmen are fleeing Libya to
neighboring Tunisia amid intensified NATO bombardment to expedite defiant
leader Muammar Gaddafi’s demise.

Gates: Current state of Nato is ‘unacceptable’ | The Spectator
By James Forsyth
The outgoing US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has delivered a remarkably
frank warning to the European members of Nato that if they do not spend
more on defence, the United.

Gates criticizes NATO; How much does U.S. pay? | Atlantic Council
By Jorge Benitez
America’s contribution to NATO’s military budget – provided through the
Department of the Army’s Operations and Maintenance account – is under 23
percent. The U.S. contributed $408.051 million and $430.381 million,
respectively, …

Gates: NATO alliance future could be ‘dim, dismal’ – World news
In a stern rebuke, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned Friday that
the future of the historic NATO military alliance is at risk…

US Defense Chief Gates Tells NATO Allies in Europe: Spend and Fight
By Ton
Speaking before NATO officials at the alliance headquarters in Brussels,
Belgium yesterday, Gates who is on his final European tour prior to his
retirement sometime this month, said European penny-pinching and distaste
for front-line …

Gates: NATO alliance future could be ‘dim, dismal’
Gates’ assessment Friday that NATO could face “a dim if not dismal” future
echoes long-standing concern of U.S. policymakers about European defense
spending. But rarely, if ever, has it been stated so directly by such a
powerful …
Las Vegas News from

My Way News – Gates blasts NATO, questions future of alliance
In his final policy speech as Pentagon chief, Gates questioned the
viability of NATO, saying its members’ penny-pinching and lack of political
will could …

Renewed NATO air strikes rock Tripoli – Africa – Al Jazeera English
Military alliance pounds Libyan capital a day after US secretary of state
says Gaddafi’s days are “numbered”.

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