New at Strategic Culture Foundation 4-11 June 2011

11 June 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

UN – A Peril for World Health

11.06.2011 | 01:20 | Dmitriy SEDOV
The possibility that the UN is used to promote the interests of the drug business cannot be ruled out… The Russian foreign ministry’s calls for an overhaul of the UN acquire a deeper meaning in the context. There is no time to lose as the UN is becoming a peril for the world health…

Let’s Have a Warm Gesture, Mr. Gates!

10.06.2011 | 00:23 | Rafe MAIR (Canada)
Mr. Gates is worth US$48 billion which is 48,000 million. Others have similar wealth – Warren Buffet and George Soros, for example. Like the Russian oil barons they have created nothing. This has largely come about by reason of corporatization of governments by the wealthy who literally buy political influence.Have you not pondered why it costs a candidate for the US Senate several million dollars to get a job that pays $162,000 a year?…

Geopolitical Balance in US-Polish Relations

09.06.2011 | 00:34 | Vladislav GULEVICH (Ukraine)
President Barack Obama’s visit to Poland was a long-awaited event. Washington’s preoccupation with the Middle East and the Arab world at the cost of the East European theme provoked among the Polish elites the fear of being left alone vis-a-vis Russia…

NATO’s “Alternate Universe” in Libya

08.06.2011 | 17:12 | Wayne MADSEN (USA)
The Pentagon and its NATO partners are engaged in one of the most obvious and intensive propaganda ploys in their military operations against Libya since the days leading up to the “Coalition of the Willing” attack on Iraq. Suggestions that the government of Muammar Qaddafi is on its last legs and that life in Tripoli has drawn to a standstill as a result of the NATO bombing campaign are not based on reality, as any unbiased observer who has recently been in Tripoli, has witnessed…

Indian subcontinent and Eurasia’s security

08.06.2011 | 08:58 | Andrei VOLODIN
In mid May the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan A.A. Zardari visited Russia… By 2030 the population of South Asia may reach 2 billion people. Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are the countries with extremely severe economic problems. Since ancient times the Indian subcontinent and the adjacent territories were linked with Central Asia by million of invisible threads and Moscow is very concerned over the situation there especially after “Arab revolutions”…

Caveats in the Yemeni narrative

06.06.2011 | 18:31 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR
Great uncertainties arise. The 24 million people of Yemen possess an estimated 60 million guns… There could be a civil war in Yemen in the ensuing struggle for power, a fragmentation of the country or even a descent into Somalia-type anarchy. What compounds the situation is that there is also large-scale foreign interference… United States is working behind the scenes in tandem with Saudi Arabia…

Obama’s Peace Plans and the Megiddo Valley

06.06.2011 | 14:37 | Alexander LEVCHENKO
From the outset, Obama’s approach to international politics used to be marked with ambiguity and dualism… When the news about the killing of Bin Laden were fed to the media way ahead of the summer-fall, 2012 hot phase of the race for presidency in the US, some of the analysts concluded that Obama and his inner circle were not confident of the incumbent’s chances to even secure his own party’s nomination as a presidential candidate, least of the eventual success of his re-election bid…

Electric cars on German highways

05.06.2011 | 19:29 | Natalia MEDEN
Chancellor Angela Merkel`s cabinet has addressed Germany`s car makers to increase production 400 times by the year 2021… Government officials talk much about Germany`s prestige in global car market: they see the country as a potential car making producer and a pioneer electric car manufacturer. It appears to be a matter of pride for Germany to be not only a country of origin in terms of car industry but also a leader. However, all electric cars sold in Germany in 2011 were imported from the US, Japan, Korea, China and France, where car producers had left Germany far behind in this promising environmentally-friendly industry…

US-Chinese Rivalry Over Africa Gaining Momentum

04.06.2011 | 20:38 | Vladimir NESTEROV
No doubt, the unrest which swept across North Africa’s Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya in 2011 had a lot to do with US-Chinese rivalry over global primacy. Media staples – assessments of the impact of social media on protest activities in the above countries, rape charges against former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, etc. – tend to divert attention from the root cause of what is happening in the world…

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