NATO Newslinks 12 June 2011

12 June 2011 —

Does Nato have a purpose any longer?
The Guardian
It is an irony of history that it should be a departing US defence secretary, Robert Gates, who should break a long taboo and pronounce Nato faces a “dim, if not dismal future”, as he did on Friday while delivering a valedictory address. …

Libya rebels say NATO tactics dubious after deaths
Reuters Africa
The rebels say they struggle to fathom why NATO had not struck to limit the shelling, most of it focused on a flat stretch of highway slicing through olive groves and farmland. “We can see the tanks, but there’s no NATO,” said Mohammed Shaban, …

Clinton Backs Gates on NATO Burden-Sharing
Voice of America
Photo: AP US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is backing Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ warning to the NATO alliance that all member states must pay their fair share and participate in their own defense. Secretary Clinton took part in a forum on US …

Russia objects to US warship in Black Sea
Sacramento Bee
The guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey, which is taking part in annual joint military exercises conducted by NATO and Ukraine, is an integral part of US plans to create a missile shield in Europe, which Russia opposes. Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued …

How NATO helped Al-Qaeda
Hindustan Globe
Saleem Shehzad of the Asia Times online has written a book in which he says that the US and NATO have in fact helped Al-Qaeda achieve its goals. Shahzad’s book “Inside al-Qaeda and the Taliban” was published on May 24. Saleem’s book reveals that OBL …

Libya: Gaddafi regime weakening, says William Hague
Foreign Secretary William Hague today insisted that Muammar Gaddafi’s regime was “weakening all the time” in the face of Nato’s military campaign. But he warned it was “impossible to say” how long it would take to unseat the dictator. …

Afghanistan: when the dust settles
This summer will, however, be different to any other that has passed since Nato troops first entered the country in 2001. Within a matter of weeks, Gen David Petraeus, the highly regarded American commander of Nato troops in Afghanistan, …

Gadhafi thanks US lawmakers for challenging Obama on Libya
Bend Bulletin
By New York Times News Service Moammar Gadhafi has written to members of
Congress thanking them for criticizing President Barack Obama last week
over his involvement in the NATO-led military campaign in Libya. “I want
to express my sincere gratitude …

Afghanistan: Pakistan to target insurgents
Taliban fighters and other groups have long used Pakistan’s tribal areas to
launch attacks on NATO troops in neighboring Afghanistan, a point of
contention between the two nations. “The message is that people who want to
take part in the peace process …

No Belgian government for a year
Sydney Morning Herald
The country of 11 million people that hosts the EU and NATO today becomes
the first nation in recent history to remain without a government for a
year – a feat due to a festering language divide splitting the
Dutch-speaking north and French-speaking …

“Upcoming conference military, not NATO summit”
BELGRADE — Defense Ministry State Secretary Tanja Mi??evi? has said
that the upcoming military conference is not a “NATO summit”. She added
that Russia and other countries would take part in it as well.
Representatives of all countries of the region …

Eurasian geopolitics face Astana earthquake
Asian regional power seeks to counter US-NATO military strategy and gain
control of energy flows into Europe and beyond. The stakes couldn’t be
higher. Washington is at a loss, facing regional integration led by Russia
and China. On Wednesday, June 15, …

Wheel jam, shutter down strike paralyses life in Balochistan
Pakistan Observer
The strike adversely affected the routine life and halting trade activities
besides suspending supply of fuel and goods for Nato and Isaf forces in
Afghanistan. According to details, on the call of Pashtoonkhawa Milli wami
Party (PKMAP) , transporters …

Young suicide bomber pushing ice cream cart adds to record Afghanistan death toll
The United Nations estimated 45 of May’s deaths were caused by Nato or
Afghan forces and 301 by insurgents. Georgette Gagnon, director of human
rights for the UN in Afghanistan, said: “We are very concerned that
civilian suffering will increase even …

Libya: 13 Killed In Violent Clash In Zawiyah
Sky News
The latest clashes comes as Foreign Secretary William Hague told Sky News
that Col Gaddafi’s regime was “weakening all the time” in the face of
Nato’s military campaign. But he said it was “impossible to say” how long
it would take to unseat the …

Afghan Taliban Cede Ground in the South, but Fears Linger
New York Times
… is now mostly limited to small groups of local fighters who lay mines
or carry out assassinations or suicide bombings in the cities, attacks that
are more important psychologically than strategically, residents and Afghan
and NATO officials say. …

Doyle McManus: The West is still waiting for its Libya gamble to pay off
Los Angeles Times
The leaders of France, Britain and the United States hoped Moammar Kadafi’s
regime would fall quickly under NATO bombardment. That hasn’t happened. Now
what? NATO stepped up pressure on the Libyan regime of Moammar Kadafi on
June 4, by deploying attack …,0,42667.column

13 NATO trainers and Afghan policemen killed, 18 injured in Khost police …
The Nation, Pakistan
By Zabihullah Mujahid At least 13 NATO invading forces’ trainers and the
trainees of the local police forces were killed and 18 more fatally wounded
in a martyrdom attack aimed at the police headquarter knows as Chatak
Ghabargoon in eastern Khost …

RNoAF F-16s to exit Libya operations
The RNoAF will reduce its F-16 contribution to four jets and will totally
withdraw it forces from the NATO-led operation by August 1st, the
government said Friday. Defense Minister Grete Faremo said she expects
understanding from NATO allies because …

Breaking News: PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE: NATO Bombed Libya’s Nasser University
Center for Research on Globalization
by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya The NATO war against Libya is not a humanitarian
endeavour. It is a blatant war of aggression and a violation of
international law. Hospitals and universities have been bombed. Civilian
infrastructure has been brutally …

NATO Parliamentary Delegation Emphasizes On Continued Cooperation
Bakhtar News Agency
Sunday, June 12, 2011 Kabul (BIA) Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi Speaker of the House
of People and Khalid Pashtoon first secretary of the house met with the
NATO parliamentary delegation yesterday. Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi Speaker of the
House of People and Khalid …

Rebels: Senior Gaddafi aide wounded in NATO strike
A Libyan rebel military spokesman said a senior aide to leader Muammar
Gaddafi was wounded on Saturday in a NATO air strike on a city near Tripoli
and was being treated in hospital. There was no immediate confirmation that
NATO air strikes had taken …,7340,L-4080683,00.html

NATO Plans Libyan Air Raids with Tweet Tips
One unnamed NATO official is quoted as calling Twitter a “great source”
for information. From tweets, NATO has learned of troop movements, tank
columns, and other tidbits of battlefield info. Of course, bombs aren’t
falling out of the sky based on …

Blasts Across Afghanistan Kill 20
Voice of America
Afghan President Hamid Karzai and NATO forces in Afghanistan condemned the
bombings. NATO also reported Saturday that an insurgent attack killed one
member of the international security force fighting in southern
Afghanistan. Some information for this …

Libya downs NATO helicopter Friday
Afrique en Ligue
Tripoli, Libya – The Libyan armed forces on Friday said it shot down a NATO
helicopter off the coasts of Zlitin, 170 km East of Tripoli, according to
Libyan television. Quoting a Libyan military spokesperson, Libyan
television said this was the third …

Three US-led troops die in Afghan war
Press TV
NATO said on Saturday at least one foreign soldier was killed in a militant
attack in southern Afghanistan, without giving further details. Earlier,
two French troops were killed in separate incidents. A French flight
lieutenant was killed after his …

NATO planes destroy 14 tanks of pro-Gaddafi forces near Tripoli
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, June 11 (KUNA) — NATO warplanes in the last 24 hours destroyed
one military camp, one vehicle storage and maintenance facility, 14 tanks
and one military vehicle in the vicinity of Tripoli. Moreover, near Ras
Lanuf one comand and control …

Qadhafi Writes To Congress
U.S. Election News
In a letter to the United States Congress, Muammar Qadhafi implored the
United States to investigate NATO, who he accuses of violating the UN
Security Council Resolution 1973, and to whom he attributes the deaths of
“over 700 Libyan civilians, …

CIA in Afghanistan to stem Taliban threat
Press TV
Gareth Porter: Well, this is clearly a response to really what has become a
crisis in terms of incidents in which people within the police or
particularly the national army of Afghanistan have got shots at close range
by US and NATO soldiers and this …

‘US likely to prevent DU probe in Libya’
Press TV
Elshami: These allegations must be investigated independently by the United
Nations who has authorized the NATO mission in Libya. The NATO mission in
Libya was to protect civilians and not to kill them, and use prohibited
ammunition in which its impact …

Episode 75: From NATO & Russia; with questions
BlogTalkRadio (blog)
by Midrats At a time when already small NATO defense budgets shrink while
it is actively engaged in two combat operations decades after the Soviet
treat faded into history – what is NATO and where does it stand? Is NATO
“transforming” – and if so in to …

NATO’s Afrika Korps Escalates War Of Attrition Against Libya …
By richardrozoff
At the end of last month a Libyan government spokesman announced that NATO
air attacks had killed 718 civilians and wounded 4067 more between March 19
and May 26. In the interim the North Atlantic military alliance has
intensified …

Gates & NATO: Misery Loves Company | Informed Comment
By Juan
Shorter SecDef Robert Gates: European members of NATO need to bankrupt
themselves with military spending and wars just as the United States has
done, or else the US Congress will stop being willing to support NATO’s war
efforts. …

Crucial NATO could be killed by Europeans through neglect …
Planning to step down at the end of this month, Defense Secretary Robert
Gates feels he can speak freely, and speak freely he did in a valedictory
address to NATO at alliance headquarters in Brussels. Speaking to an
audience of European …

Watching America : » NATO Payback
By Ron Argentati
General Secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen spoke of “a highly successful
meeting” of NATO’s 28 ministers of defense. NATO would now be leaner and
more flexible in order to better deal with future challenges. Probably
true, since coming up …

Talking Truth to NATO | Atlantic Council
By Jorge Benitez
During most of the cold war, the United States accounted for 50 percent of
total NATO military spending; today it accounts for 75 percent. Mr. Gates
was right when he warned of America’s dwindling patience with allies
“unwilling to …

Sec. Gates Lectures NATO: Render Unto Caesar . . . | MyFDL
By Scarecrow
Two US Presidents similarly conned NATO and others into occupying and
trying to pacify an ungovernable Afghanistan on the grounds that they need
to help us fight those who dislike us in their countries over there so they
only bomb …

1500+ Migrants Land in Lampedusa / NATO Helicopters Report Migrant …
By Niels Frenzen
According to Maltese news reports, NATO Headquarters in Naples informed
Maltese SAR authorities that a helicopter operating from a NATO vessel had
sighted several of the migrant boats sailing north from Libya and search
operations for …

‘Anonymous’ Warns NATO: ‘This Is No Longer Your World’: Links …
‘Anonymous’ Warns NATO: ‘This Is No Longer Your World’: Careful,
NATO…they’ll leak your credit card number!..

Nato Comes Short in Afghan and Libya Missions: Gates, the most uptodate information and news about Afghanistan.

Clinton Backs Gates on NATO Burden-Sharing | The Lincoln Tribune
By Scott Stearns
Defense Secretary Robert Gates warns to NATO alliance that all member
states must pay fair share, participate in own defense.

Gaddafi Defeats UN and Decomposes NATO! – US Message Board …
By LAfrique
While Muammar Gaddafi is seen as a national tyrant (and the result of
national tradition), Gaddafi is in fact a Freedom Fighter at International
level. It is no secret that our world bullies are in Libya, as if against
the Star Fleet …

UN attempts to whitewash US-NATO civilian killings in Afghanistan …
By nit2am
By nit2am. A 11 June press statement from the United Nations Assistance
Mission in Afghanistan slates May 2011 as the deadliest month for Afghan

Clinton Tells Africans: NATO at Risk – War On Terror News
By WOTN Editor
Clinton Backs Gates on NATO Burden-Sharing Scott Stearns VoA News Lusaka,
Zambia: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is backing Defense
Secretary Robert Gates’ warning to the NATO alliance that all member states
must pay their fair …

“I Saw Americans Fighting” (Or Our Secretary of Defense Wants Our …
By Peter Lawler
The United States accounts for about three-quarters of total military
spending by all NATO countries, and it has in the past taken the lead in
military operations and provided the bulk of the weapons and matériel. …

Lessons From Gates’ NATO Smackdown « Songs of Space & Nuclear War
By Space Farmer
Norway, for example, who has been a major bomb-dropper in the NATO-led
kinetic military operation against Libya, will be calling it a day (so to
speak) in two months, well before the UN’s authorization to strike Libya
expires. Why? …

Senior Gaddafi aide wounded in NATO strike: rebels « Shabab Libya
By om.amer
(Reuters) – A Libyan rebel military spokesman said a senior aide to
leader Muammar Gaddafi was wounded Saturday in a NATO air strike on a city
near Tripoli and was being treated in hospital. There was no immediate
confirmation that NATO …

‘Dim, if not dismal future’: Gates blasts NATO – World news …
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned Friday that the future of the
NATO military alliance is at risk because of European penny-pinching and
distaste …

Anonymous Threat Mentioned in NATO Information Security Report …
The notorious Anonymous hacktivist collective has been described as a
possible threat in a recently published NATO report about information and
national …

NATO Wants to Free Africa From the Africans | Black Agenda Report
NATO orders their Libyan minions around like children. NATO recently
“issued instructions” that the rebels not move beyond certain points in
the desert, …

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