NATO Newslinks for 13 June 2011

13 June 2011 —

Beginning of the End for NATO?
New York Times
In a speech on Friday in Brussels, his last in Europe before he leaves office, Mr. Gates lambasted NATO. Mr. Gates warned the Europeans that unless they improved their military capabilities, spent more on defense and pooled resources, NATO faced “the …

Serb nationalists burn NATO flag
Sacramento Bee
AP BELGRADE, Serbia — Serb nationalists – furious over the holding of a
NATO conference in Serbia – have burned a NATO flag and put up a huge
banner at a Belgrade bridge denouncing the Western military alliance. About
200 ultranationalists gathered …

Gadhafi Plays Chess With Russian Visitor
ABC News
Gadhafi made his first TV appearance since a NATO air-strike on his
residential compound killed one of his sons on April 30, 2011. (Mahmud
Turkia/AFP/Getty Images) As the world awaits Moammar Gadhafi’s next move,
the Libyan leader has been playing …

Canadian directing war in Libya calls it ‘a knife-fight in a phone booth’
Globe and Mail
For the self-effacing helicopter pilot from Chicoutimi, the deputy
commander’s office in the prestigious but hardly over-worked NATO’s
regional command in Naples could have been a very pleasant last posting, a
fitting swan song to a stellar …

NATO: Service member killed in south Afghanistan
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By JON GAMBRELL AP KABUL, Afghanistan — The international coalition says
a NATO service member has been killed in an insurgent attack in southern
Afghanistan. Afghan presidential spokesman Waheed Omar takes a question
during a press conference with …

Gaddafi regime “weakening all the time” in wake of NATO airstrikes: Hague
London, June 13: British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said that
Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime is “weakening all the
time” in the wake of NATO’s military campaign. “Time is on our side, not
on his side. …

Is a European missile shield worth it?
DoD Buzz
By Philip Ewing Monday, June 13th, 2011 9:18 am Secretary Gates tells NATO
that Washington won’t stand defense freeloading for much longer. He says he
believes Russia is serious about an eventual missile defense system for the
Continent — although he …

Secretary Information to visit NATO HQs on Tuesday
Associated Press of Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, June 13 (APP): A 10-member delegation of spokespersons, pubic
relations and communication experts headed by Secretary Information and
Broadcasting Taimur Azmat Osman will visit NATO Headquarters in Brussels on
Tuesday. …

Jets to return from Libya in August
Views and News from Norway
Norwegian government officials have decided to extend Norway’s contribution
to the NATO-led bombings of Libya until August 1, when the country’s
remaining fighter jets assigned to the operation will be brought home.
Politicians called the decision “a …

Work is conducted at NATO PA regarding Nagorno-Karabakh
Trend News Agency
Work is conducted at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on adoption of a
document regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, a member of Azerbaijani
delegation to NATO PA, MP Malahat Ibrahimgizi told Trend. “At the end of
November 2010 at the Lisbon summit, …

PTI stages sit-in against drone attacks, Nato supplies
QUETTA: A demonstration by the Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (PTI) (Balochistan)
was held here at Khezi Chowk western bypass here on Sunday to protest
against the drone attacks and continued supplies to Nato. Addressing
telephonically the participants of the …

Permanent NATO detachment in Poland from 2012?
The US Air Force base is to be the first NATO detachment to be stationed in
Poland, as when the country became a member of the pact in 1997, the North
Atlantic Council issued a statement that there was no need to station large
NATO detachments in new …,Permanent-NATO-detachment-in-Poland-from-2012

Nato ‘taking action’ to protect Libyans west of Tripoli
Reuters (File Photo) BRUSSELS: Nato said Sunday it was taking “necessary
action” to protect civilians west of Tripoli because they were under
threat of attacks for openly challenging the regime. “Nato is monitoring
the situation closely and is taking …

Giedrius Apuokas: Lack of trust hampers the Karabakh conflict settlement
Public Radio of Armenia
NATO supports not only the countries that want to join the Alliance, but
also the partner states, including Armenia, Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary of Lithuania to Armenia Giedrius Apuokas told reporters in
Yerevan. He says NATO should …

NATO’s Tactical Nuclear Dilemmas
Second Line of Defense
By Richard Weitz 06/12/2011 – The role of nuclear weapons in NATO’s defense
and deterrence policies is clearly declining. The alliance’s Strategic
Concept adopted last November clearly states that NATO will retain nuclear
weapons as long as they exist, …

Obama has to reassess Afghanistan goals
Financial Times
The US has 100000 soldiers in Afghanistan; other Nato and non-Nato
countries have more than 40000 between them, and the bill for the US
taxpayer stands at $100bn a year. No wonder the White House has signalled
in recent days that President Barack Obama …

Fools Rush into Tripoli
The National Interest Online
Now NATO is locked in a bizarre stalemate in North Africa, with alliance
aircraft, missiles and drones killing Libyans and wasting money, doing just
enough to prolong a civil war that has killed 10000 to 15000 Libyans. And
there is no light at the end …

Belgrade Sounds Air Strike Alarm over NATO Meeting
Air strike sirens resounded in some parts of Belgrade Monday during a NATO
meeting hosted by the Serbian capital. Although not a member of the
Alliance, Serbia agreed to host the meeting to stress its desire for
rapprochement and integration. …

UN: May Deadliest For Civilians In Afghan War
Vermont Public Radio
US-led NATO soldiers say they have driven the Taliban out of key
territories in the south of Afghanistan, and that insurgents are
desperately fighting to win it back. Taliban spokesmen say they are
targeting the Afghan government, foreign soldiers and …

Bunyoro king condemns Nato attacks on Libya
Daily Monitor
By Francis Mugerwa (email the author) Ongoing Nato air strikes against
embattled Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi is simply another form of
colonising Africa by western powers, the King of Bunyoro, Solomon Gafabusa
Iguru has said. …

Naked imperialism in Libya
Pakistan Observer
The powers game the NATO countries who have ganged up in war on Libya, are
playing in Libya has very sinister pointers for the entire region. It means
the NATO gang has assumed unto themselves the powers of regime change in
the Oil rich Middle East and …

Serbia as a centre of the global security policy
While “NATO Conference”, as this conference is called in a simplified
manner, causes controversy in the local political scene, the Ministry of
Defence is confident that Serbia, as the host of the Conference, will have
great benefit in political, …

The Leader Newspaper Online
The 12 day NATO exercise, code-named Bold Monarch 11, is held every three
years and is the world’s largest submarine rescue exercise, involving
submarines, ships and aircraft from both NATO and non-NATO countries,
including Russia. …

Cables from Kabul by Sherard Cowper-Coles: review
The ability of the current Afghan “government” to step in after Nato
departs remains doubtful. Security is the first requirement of any society
but desertion rates of 60 per cent are common in the Afghan army once the
soldiers learn they are to be sent …

Mali president wants end to Libya assault
Bamako – Mali’s president Amadou Toumani Toure said on Sunday he wanted to
see a halt to Nato’s bombardment of Libya and the start of talks to lift
the battle-worn country out of its months-long crisis. “Like the African
Union, we wish for the …

NATO continues pounding military targets of pro-Gaddafi forces
Kuwait News Agency
BRUSSELS, June 13 (KUNA) — In the last 24 hours, NATO warplanes destroyed
three anti-aircraft artillery pieces, one surface-to-air missile launcher
and one grenade launcher in the vicinity of Tripoli. Further, one
ammunition storage facility near …

Europe Faces No Iranian Missile Danger: Russian Official
Global Security Newswire
Russia has voiced concern over US and NATO plans over coming years to
deploy and enhance missile defenses around Europe as a declared hedge
against possible Iranian missile attacks (see related GSN story, today;
Interfax, June 11).

Defense League Joins NATO Crisis Training in Lithuania
ERR News
The aim of the exercise is to streamline interaction between the military
units of the NATO member states and the countries participating in the
Partnership for Peace Program. Units complete a spectrum of crisis response
operations through an …

BBC accused of broadcasting “lies”
Press TV
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been deplored for spreading
lies over its claims that the NATO was conducting “precision bombing”
in Libya. Campaigners attending the annual conference of Stop the War
Coalition, including anti-poverty …

Anonymous: Don’t Challenge Us NATO
Hard OCP
In a response to a NATO communiqué, the hactivist group Anonymous laid
down the gauntlet telling NATO in no certain terms not to mess with them.
In the beginning, Anonymous was making a social statement and was
tolerated, but the group is now going way …

BBC Monitoring quotes from China, Taiwan press 13 Jun 11
American Chronicle
As NATO missiles continue to create huge craters on the ground, the major
Western players in the Libyan political game need to reflect seriously on
who or what will fill the vacuum left after Gaddafi leaves, and shoulder
the responsibility for the …

Hill wants Libya deal, or else
Washington Examiner (blog)
If he is still standing then, those unhappy with the president’s refusal to
explain his rationale and military strategy (even those who know the WPR’s
withdrawal provision is unconstitutional and don’t want to abandon NATO
allies on the battlefield) …

NATO actions should be a wake-up call – political scientist — RT
Adrian Salbuchi, a Buenos Aires-based author and political researcher, says
that the West is trying to turn the UN into an instrument to implement its
own agenda, with Syria being the latest example.

NATO at the crossroads after Gates speech – Army News | News from …
By The Associated Press
PARIS — Created as a bulwark against Soviet expansion, NATO is facing an
identity crisis as its members grapple with just how much its long and
often-unpopular mission in Afghanistan and its new air campaign in Libya
size up as national …

Will Gates’s Comments Convince NATO Members to Reverse Defense …
Defense Secretary Robert Gates used his final European trip to issue a
blunt warning: NATO, the military alliance which the U.S. founded and has
largely underwritten for the past 60 years, faces a “dim, if not dismal”
future because of …

NATO: 2 service members killed in Afghanistan | The Associated …
By The Associated Press
NATO says two of its service members have been killed in insurgent attacks
in southern Afghanistan. The alliance says both deaths occurred on Sunday.
The international coalition released no other details about the attacks and
didn’t …

PTI blocks NATO supplies in Quetta – The Express Tribune
Imran Khan is expected to address the gathering via telephone.

Is NATO Being Misused? Or is it being transformed to something …
By WOTN Editor
The NATO operation in Libya has been causing questions from the very
beginning, but in reviewing the most recent NATO Briefing on the operation
and recent comments by SecDef Gates, SecState Clinton, and high level
officials of NATO …

NATO: Service member killed in south Afghanistan | Home » Other …
The international coalition says a NATO service member has been killed in
an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan.

NATO at the crossroads after Gates speech – WSFA 12 News …
“There’s no doubt that militarily, NATO is approaching something of a
crossroads – it’s been approaching this crossroads for some time,” he said.
Gates, he said, expressed publicly what was long said private: “that NATO’s
capabilities …

Weekend Wars: USA vs. NATO |
By Midas Mulligan Magoo
With all 26 of NATO’s European members spending a total of $220 billion on
defense that leaves the U.S. fronting $700 billion or almost 3/4ths of
NATO’s budget. For years America has been the military force behind this
military alliance …

Gisti Calls for NATO to Use Its Surveillance Capabilities to …
By Niels Frenzen
[***] But things have changed since an international coalition and NATO
forces intervened in Libya. Today, AWACS, drones, planes, helicopters,
radar, and warships watch everything that moves in the Mediterranean. …

Nato ‘taking action’ to protect Libyans west of Tripoli @ Current …
By admin
BRUSSELS: Nato said Sunday it was taking “necessary action” to protect
civilians west of Tripoli because they were under threat of attacks for
openly challenging the regime. “Nato is monitoring the situation closely
and is taking …

NATO: Free Africa from the Africans! | Libya |
South African President Jacob Zuma made a second trip to Libya this week,
on behalf of the African Union, seeking a diplomatic end to NATO’s war
against Mouammar Gaddafi’s government. Just as with a previous African
Union peace keeping …

Canadian Firm Offers ISR Services to NATO in Afghanistan – David …
By Dave Pugliese
The most news and entertainment portal from a Canadian perspective.
Television, major newspapers across Canada, health, sport, entertainment,
lifestyle, free email and more.

NATO at the crossroads after Gates speech « Artesia News
By admin
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, left, sits with former NATO Secretary
General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer prior to making the opening address during a
Security and Defense Agenda event at the Biblioteque Solvay in Brussels on
Friday, …

Gates credits Morocco, Jordan, UAE for roles in NATO’s Libya …
By Yoots
WASHINGTON — Jordan and Morocco have been identified as participants in
the NATO mission in Libya.Defense Secretary Robert Gates said several
Middle East states have joined the NATO mission against Libyan Col. Moammar
Gadhafi. …

May was deadliest month for civilians in Afghanistan (and US-NATO …
By Martin Iqbal
This piece was posted at Martin Iqbal’s Empirestrikesblack: A 11 June press
statement from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan slates
May 2011 as the deadliest month for Afghan civilians since at least 2007.

Press Round-up of Secretary Gates Criticism of NATO – Atlantic …
By (Joerg Wolf)
I have already commented on Secretary Gates farewell message about NATO’s
“dim, if not dismal” future, if European NATO members do not share more of
the burden.

Slain Writer’s Book Says US-NATO War Served Al-Qaeda Strategy …
Al-Qaeda strategists have been assisting the Taliban fight against
U.S.-NATO forces in Afghanistan because they believe that foreign
occupation has been the …

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