NATO Newslinks for 16 June 2011 NATO Continues airstrikes

NATO Newslinks for 16 June 2011 —

NATO Continues Airstrikes Near Qaddafi’s Compound
Fox News
TRIPOLI, Libya — Hours after NATO airstrikes pounded the area near Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi’s compound again before dawn Thursday, Russia’s envoy to Libya turned up at a bombing site while on a visit to Tripoli for talks on ending the civil …

NATO head calls for more European defense spending
The Associated Press
MADRID (AP) — NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday
he was worried about the low level of defense spending among European
allies and called on members to work together to reduce the reliance on the
United States for high-tech …

NATO hits Gadhafi compound, diplomacy heats up
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By ADAM SCHRECK AP TRIPOLI, Libya — Hours after NATO airstrikes pounded
the area near Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s compound again before dawn
Thursday, Russia’s envoy to Libya turned up at a bombing site while on a
visit to Tripoli for talks on …

Senators question Pentagon cuts amid doubts on NATO
Kansas City Star
By NANCY A. YOUSSEF Senate lawmakers on Wednesday questioned the wisdom of
steep US military budget cuts at a time when top Defense Department
officials warn the NATO alliance is weakening due to spending cuts by
several European allies. …

UK leader Cameron says time favors NATO in Libya
Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain can sustain its part in NATO
operations in Libya as long as necessary, and time is running out for
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Cameron responded Wednesday to a statement
by Britain’s Navy chief Mark Stanhope …

South African President Speaks Out Against NATO Bombings In Libya
The president pointed out that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO), which is at the helm of bombings in Libya, was pursuing regime
change and political assassination in Libya, instead of sticking to a UN
resolution to protect civilians. …

Is Nato too slow?
BBC News
There’s a joke going around the frontlines here in Misrata – one borne of
growing frustration with Nato. When the rebels see jets overhead failing to
attack any of the rocket launchers pounding their positions they shrug and
say: “It must be Canada’s …

NATO and the new Turkey
China Daily
By Sinan Ulgen ( ISTANBUL – Turkey joined NATO at the
beginning of the Cold War to gain United States protection in the event of
a Soviet attack. Back then, Turkey was clearly on the frontline; today,
however, its leaders are …

Kremlin to NATO: Russia decides what weapons it needs, not Brussels
Monsters and
Moscow – A suggestion by NATO’s secretary general that Russia should avoid
improving its nuclear weapons arsenal drew an sharp response from the
Kremlin on Thursday, with a senior official declaring Moscow would build
whatever missiles it liked. …

Shanghai Cooperation Organization not Asia’s NATO
People’s Daily Online
The Christian Science Monitor even questioned whether Russia and China
intended to form the “NATO of the East” to rival NATO. Some American
scholars on the Central Asia issue also believed that the Shanghai
Cooperation Organization is attempting to …

A closer look: President Obama, the War Powers Act, NATO and the military …
Plain Dealer
NATO’s military campaign in Libya is making things tough for leader Moammar
Gadhafi, but it’s also putting pressure on President Obama. Earlier this
week, House Speaker John Boehner warned the Obama administration that it
would be in violation of the …

NATO hits Gadhafi compound, diplomacy heats up
Seattle Post Intelligencer
In recent days rebel forces have advanced along the Mediterranean coast
toward Zlitan, but say they have been instructed by NATO to withdraw _
ahead of expected bombing runs _ to old front lines in Dafniya, 16 miles
(25 kilometers) west of Misrata. …

NATO respects Serbia’s military neutrality
China Daily
BELGRADE – Admiral Giampaolo di Paolo, Chairman of the NATO Military
Committee, said here Wednesday that the military alliance would accept
Serbia’s stated position of military neutrality. “NATO fully respects
Serbia’s decision to be militarily neutral …

Attack breaks up unveiling of Afghan police training center
Boston Globe
No one was hurt, but the attack pointed to the serious gaps in security as
NATO spends billions to build a modern police force out of a recruitment
pool that is almost entirely illiterate and remains terrified of Taliban
attacks even after graduation. …

World leaders look for way out of Libya
Los Angeles Times
Russia and Turkey join the discussion as concerns about the NATO campaign’s
sustainability and a pending ruling by the International Criminal Court add
to the urgency. During a Libyan government organized tour, Libyan officials
walk by a damaged …,0,3225195.story

Why are the Serbians protesting?
The Voice of Russia
Belgrade is hosting a NATO conference amid nationalist protests against the
alliance. Why are the Serbians protesting? It’s the anniversary of the end
of the NATO-Serbian war, and there are people in Serbia who don’t want to
become members to NATO, …

Qaddafi’s Options Narrow As Libyan Stalemate Continues
By Hossein Aryan Four months after the uprising against Libyan leader
Muammar Qaddafi began, and three months after the first NATO air strikes,
the situation on the ground has reached a stalemate. In an attempt to end
the impasse, NATO has resorted to …

Czechs, Disliking Role, Pull Out of US Missile Defense Project
New York Times
But at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels last week, Mr.
Vondra dismissed the revamped Czech role as “a consolation prize.”
“Our ideas about the future cooperation are more colorful than just a
room or two with some screens there,” he said …

NATO counterintelligence services in exercises in Poland
WARSAW, June 15 (Xinhua) — Almost 200 persons from 25 NATO member states
and eight world’s most important international counterintelligence
organisations took part in exercises which ended in Krakow of southern
Poland on Wednesday. …

Gates gives NATO a lesson on carrying a fair share
St. George Daily Spectrum
Did you catch his speech last Friday blasting NATO? Gates was in Brussels,
the site of NATO Headquarters and a veritable symbol of high-brow European
cosmo- politanism. He was addressing the Alliance’s Secretary General and
other high muckety-mucks, …

Reserve Airmen fuel up NATO forces in Iceland exercise
Media Newswire (press release)
6/14/2011 – KELAVIK , Iceland (AFNS) — Air Force Reserve Airmen and KC-135
Stratotankers from the 459th Air Refueling Wing, Joint Base Andrews, Md.,
took part in Northern Viking 11, a biennial NATO air-space and maritime
protection exercise here June …

Libya: Motives and the Politics of Pretexts
The ferocious NATO bombings descending on Tripoli today may be coming in
the name of the doubtlessly discredited UN Resolution 1973, and as such may
seem to be adequately camouflaged under the doctrine of the so-called
“responsibility to protect”. …

NATO head calls for more European defense spending
AP , 06.16.11, 05:55 AM EDT MADRID — NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh
Rasmussen says he is worried about the low level of defense spending among
European allies and called on members to work together to reduce the
reliance on the United States for …

President Obama’s Letter to Congress on the War Powers Resolution and the U.S. …
Fox News
The total number of US forces in Afghanistan is approximately 99000, of
which more than 83000 are assigned to the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO)-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in
Afghanistan. The UN Security Council most …

EU seeks unified cybersecurity regime
The European Security Round Table, described as a “neutral platform between
the EU Institutions, NATO and other relevant actors to discuss European
security and defense issues,” took up the topic of cybersecurity Tuesday in
Brussels at a conference led …

Video: Gates: NATO’s Future ‘Dim’
Gamut News
This US News video “Gates: NATO’s Future ‘Dim’” is copyright by Newsy
and brought to you by Gamut News. Feel free to share or embed this video
but this video may not be broadcast, redistributed or rewritten in whole or
part without express written …

Top Afghan officials unhurt in attack on police academy
Maidan Wardak province, which is about 25 miles west of Kabul, is the site
of regular Taliban attacks on NATO supply convoys on the highway from Kabul
to southwest Afghanistan. In recent weeks, the Taliban have targeted top
government officials and …

B61 LEP: Increasing NATO Nuclear Capability and Precision Low-Yield Strikes
FAS Strategic Security Project (blog)
By Hans M. Kristensen A modified US nuclear bomb currently under design
will have improved military capabilities compared with older weapons and
increase the targeting capability of NATO’s nuclear arsenal. The B61-12,
the product of a planned 30-year …

Italy minister frets about Libya effect
Italy’s interior minister is pressing his party’s worry that NATO’s bombing
of Libya will drive even more refugees to Italian shores. Roberto Maroni’s
Northern League party is becoming a restless ally for Premier Silvio
Berlusconi, who supports NATO’s …,7340,L-4082858,00.html
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UV Europe 2011: NATO concern over airborne surveillance capability
Shephard Group (press release)
NATO is threatened with a substantial shortfall in airborne surveillance
should the UK retire its Sentinel Airborne Stand-Off Reconnaissance (ASTOR)
fleet in 2013, a senior officer in the organisation has warned. Referring
to the forthcoming Alliance …

Netherlands to deploy 545 troops in Afghanistan
Pakistan Observer
The NATO is contemplating to shift the supply chain from Pakistan to
Tajikistan via Kunduz. Therefore Kunduz would provoke more violence from
Taliban and other groups. Earlier, 1950 Dutch troops were stationed in
Uruzgan, where opium production is high …

US NATO Promise of Protecting Women In Afghanistan Unfulfilled
By Robert Weller Although the US and NATO have sought to defend their role
in Afghanistan as the prime means of protecting women, a new report
indicates they have failed. A survey by TrustLaw found that Afghanistan is
the most dangerous country in the …

Libyan operation starts NATO’s southward enlargement – Russia’s …
The Western military alliance is dragging itself into preparations for a
ground operation in Libya and gradual expansion to the south, Russia’s
ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin believes.

NATO using Twitter to crowdsource Libyan missile strike locations …
By Raymond Wong
It’s just that there’s so much more going on in the Twitterverse than there
was through clicks that it’s pretty incredible to imagine the scale of
people and tools NATO officials are using to monitor the Libyan situation.

NATO’s stabilising role following the Arab Spring | Left Foot Forward
By Felix Grenfell Bozek
With Gaddafi’s regime on the brink NATO has begun to consider post-conflict
plans for Libya – but what role can the alliance play? Felix Grenfell Bozek

EagleSpeak: “What is NATO for?”
By Eagle1
If you missed our last Midrats show, “Episode 75: From NATO and Russia;
with questions” featuring CAPT Thomas Fedyszyn, (Ph.D.), USN (Ret.) –
Professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Naval War College and
Chair of the …

“NATO is Like A Boyfriend/Girlfriend That Won’t Commit” – Atlantic …
By (Joerg Wolf)
While most US commentators seem to support Secretary Gates criticism of
NATO’s European members, many also express an understanding of Europe’s
position and call upon US policy makers to draw the appropriate conclusions
rather than to …

Nato, Twitter and air strikes in Libya | Help |
By Adam Gabbatt
Nato says it has used information from Twitter to help analysts judge which
sites in Libya should be targeted by air strikes. We are trying to find out
what information it uses, and how. Can you help?

Farrakhan Defends Libya, Lambasts UN, US, NATO
NEW YORK — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is lambasting the U.N.,
the U.S., and the “coalition of demons” that he says makes up NATO,
accusing them of trying to assassinate Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and
promote regime change …

Rebel Leader Appeals To NATO | FrumForum
By Frum Forum Editors
The Guardian reports: The leader of the besieged Libyan rebel city of
Misrata has appealed to Nato to save the inhabitants of a neighbouring town

Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 16, 2011 « Stop NATO
By richardrozoff
African Leaders Demand Halt To NATO Bombing Of Libya. Libyan War Marks
NATO’s Expansion Southward: Russian Envoy. SCO Versus NATO: Neutral
Afghanistan Serves Regional Stability. China, SCO Back Russia Against
U.S.-NATO Global Missile …

To The Point on Syria, Libya, NATO « P U L S E
By Robin Yassin-Kassab
To The Point on Syria, Libya, NATO. leave a comment ». I was interviewed
on KCRW’s To the Point. The programme focuses on Syria, Libya and foreign
intervention. I was in august company – Anthony Shadid, New York Times
correspondent and …

NATO head calls for more European defense spending | The …
By The Associated Press
NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday he was worried
about the low level of defense spending among European allies and called on
members to work together to reduce the reliance on the United States for
high-tech …

Nato first to blink in Gaddafi’s war of nerves | Free Malaysia Today
By fmt
By David Brunnstrom BRUSSELS: For a man who has been under Western
bombardment for more than three months, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has
not appeared u…

wonders of nato: we are now bombing things (and people) completely …
By niqnaq
In the past few days, NATO officials have acknowledged that social media
reports contribute to their targeting process, but only after checking them
against other, more reliable, sources of information. A Twitter account
with apparent …

Is NATO Dead? | Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid
By xbradtc
NATO, of course, was originally formed to defend Western Europe against an
expansionist Soviet Union and its satellite vassals in Eastern Europe. In
the immediate aftermath of WWII, the choice between aligning with the
US/UK, …

Farrakhan defends Libya, lambasts UN, US, NATO – Nation – Wire …
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on Wednesday lambasted the U.N., the
U.S., and the “coalition of demons” that he said makes up NATO, accusing
them of trying to assassinate Moammar Gadhafi and promote regime change in

Gates says NATO alliance in danger of breaking – WSFA 12 News …
Coverage, Community, Commitment… news, weather, sports, severe weather,
live sports webcasts, jobs, entertainment, community events… and more for
Montgomery and all of South and Central Alabama.

Gates says NATO alliance in danger of breaking
Gates said he had no regrets about the blunt message he delivered in
Brussels, which included an explicit warning that the European members of
NATO face the very real possibility of “collective military irrelevance.”
KLAS – National News

Gates Laments NATO’s Military, Political Flaws – Defense News
BRUSSELS – In his last official policy speech at the end of an 11-day tour,
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates lambasted NATO for its shortcomings in
terms …

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