Gaza Island — new video about flotilla and boycott

17 June 2011

Hi all —
Here’s a new video I just finished this morning — about the music boycott of Israel, and the freedom flotilla of 12+ boats/1000+ people sailing to Gaza later this month, trying to open up the port and help end the illegal Israeli seige of Gaza.

And… I’ll be leaving on Sunday to travel on the Canadian boat, one of 32 Canadians contributing to this global effort. Rest assured, despite all the hysteria and misinfo in the press, our boat is carrying nothing but medical aid, and we’re 100% committed to peaceful, non-violent action. Sure I’m nervous — we all remember what happened with the Mavi Marmara last year, when nine Turkish activists were killed by Israeli commandos — but I feel very honoured (and safe), travelling with an incredible, diverse group of longtime peace activists from across the country — some of whom are featured in the video.

I’ll be pretty hard to reach in the days and weeks to come — but there will be regular daily (sometimes hourly) updates on our website: — it’ll probably prove to be an indispensible counter-balance to the no-doubt hysterical and innaccurate info that’s gonna get published in the mainstream press.

(and… I definitely encourage you to donate to this good cause — check out the donate tab!)

Also — check out this endorsement of the flotilla by four women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize:

best John

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