VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 16 June, 2011: Israeli Arms Companies Report $7.2 Billion In Exports for 2010

16 June, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Worker Seriously Wounded After Being stabbed By Israeli Assailant
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 17:52, A Palestinian worker was seriously injured on Thursday after being attacked and stabbed by an Israeli man in Netanya, north of the country.

Freedom Flotilla 2 To Sail Irrespective Of IHH Participation, Claims Organisers
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 16:06, The organizers of the “Freedom Flotilla 2” have said they intend to sail irrespective of Turkish organization IHH’s participation, according to Haaretz.

Israeli Arms Companies Report $7.2 Billion In Exports for 2010
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 15:04, JPost reports that Israeli military companies sold a total of $7.2 billion worth of military hardware abroad and a further $2.4 billion to the IDF in 2010, according to the Israeli Defense Ministry.

Hamas Detain Fatah Official In Gaza
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 14:39, Fatah have complained that one of its officials in Gaza, Abu A’itah, was detained in Gaza by Hamas security forces, according to Maan.

Jordan’s King Abdullah Pessimistic About Peace Talks. Netanyahu Claims Conflict Is Unsolvable.
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 12:50, Jordan’s King Abdullah has stated in an interview with the Washington Post that he is pessimistic that there will be progress on Israeli Palestinian peace talks in 2011.

Army Kidnaps Palestinian Legislator In Hebron
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 12:16, Israeli soldiers kidnapped on Thursday at dawn legislator Dr. Samir Al Qadi, 55, after breaking into his home in Surif town, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and took him to an unknown destination.

Settlers Torch Olive Orchards Near Ramallah
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 11:24, A number of armed extremist Israeli settlers torched on Wednesday at night dozens of olive trees that belong to villagers of Bil’in village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah. The trees are located in Palestinian orchards isolated behind the Annexation Wall.

Limited Numbers Of Cars, Food and Construction Materials To Be Allowed Into Gaza Thursday
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 10:57, The Israeli Authorities decided to partially open the Kerem Shalom Crossing (Karem Abu Salem) on Thursday in order to allow into the Gaza Strip a limited number of cars, food supplies, and construction materials used by the by the United Nations Work and Relief Agency (UNRWA), and other internationally-funded projects.

Settler Who Killed Palestinian Youth Apprehended
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 10:25, The undercover forces of the Israeli Police stated that one of its units managed to apprehend an Israeli settler who shot and killed a Palestinian youth in January this year.

Detainees Torch Mattresses In Protest To Detaining Mother
IMEMC – Thursday June 16, 2011 – 06:27, Palestinian political detainees at the Israeli Eshil detention center torched their mattresses in protest to detaining a mother of one of them under the pretext of carrying “unpermitted luggage” for her detained son.

Ma’an News

Israeli court dismisses petition to re-open Hebron road
6/17/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israel’s High Court threw out a petition seeking the re-opening of a market street in Hebron’s city center, which would have overturned 21 military orders mandating the closure of the area for “security reasons.”Judge Dorit Beinisch presided over the case, which was submitted in 2004, and….

PA official: Settlers burn farmland near Nablus
6/16/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian farmland south of the West Bank city of Nablus on Thursday, a Palestinian official said. Ghassan Doughlas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors settlement affairs in the northern West Bank, said the incident occurrednear the illegal settlement of Itamar, south of Nablus. The settlers burned….

Another Hamas leader detained by Israeli forces
6/17/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) —Samir Al-Qadi, elected Palestinian legislator with the Hamas bloc, was taken from his home during a military raid on Thursday morning. The official, who had been detained and kept under administrative detention without charge from 2006-2009, was taken from his home in the village of Surif, northwest of Hebron in….

Mavi Marmara may skip next Gaza mission
6/17/2011 – ANKARA (AFP) — The Turkish ship that became famous after it was raided by Israeli troops while en route to Gaza may not join an upcoming aid mission to the Palestinian territory, a mission organizer said on Thursday. Israeli marines killed nine Turkish activists in May 2010 when they stormed the Mavi Marmara in international waters….

Settlers harass, stone Hebron residents
6/16/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers threw stones on homes in the area of the closed down Ash-Shuhada Street on Tuesday night, terrorizing families in the neighborhood. The street, closed by military order in the 1990s, is a local flashpoint, divided in the center with half designated by the military for exclusively settler use, and….

Palestinians say gas canisters set fire to village land
6/16/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters that started a fire Wednesday and burned acres of olive trees in the occupied West Bank, witnesses said. Soldiers also fired stun grenades toward fields near the village of Bil’in, near Ramallah, locals said. Villagers tried to put off the fires, but soldiers….

Miles of Smiles convoy en route to Gaza cargo delivery
6/16/2011 – EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Preparations to receive the humanitarian aid ship Miles of Smiles have been completed, head of the Red Crescent society in the Egyptian Sinai told Ma’an on Thursday. The ship is set to arrive in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria on Friday, after leaving from Venice, the RC….

Factions say ‘no way’ to settler visits in Nablus
6/17/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — A committee in Nablus have said they “refuse and condemn” Palestinian Authority dialogue with settler groups who wish to visit Joseph’s Tomb, a holy site in the city where biblical figure Joseph is thought to be buried. In a statement released on Thursday, the Factional Coordination Committee, including six….

Overnight detentions bring town total to 10 in June
6/16/2011 – QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained two from the town of Azzun, east of Qalqiliya, during raids overnight, local sources told Ma’an. Locals say the detentions are just the latest in a string if night raids targeting residents, and have seen ten of Azzun’s men and teenagers detained since the….

Free speech advocates meet UN commissioner
6/16/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The coalition to defend freedom of opinion and expression met Thursday with Matthias Behnke, head of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Palestine. The meeting in Ramallah was held to discuss options for future cooperation between OHCHR and the coalition, a statement from the Palestinian…. Related: Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA)

Civil defense responder ‘arrested’ near Nablus
6/16/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Palestinians said Thursday that Israel’s army arrested a civil defense worker after a traffic accident in the West Bank. Mus’ab Abed Al-Qader Al-Dumeidi, 30, was en route to an accident in Huwwara, a Palestinian village near Nablus, witnesses said. Al-Dumeidi was taken to an interrogation center in….

Settler arrested for killing Palestinian
6/16/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Wednesday arrested an Israeli settler for the murder of a Palestinian man near Nablus nearly five months ago, Israel’s daily news site Ynet reported. According to the report, Israeli police arrested a man residing in Jerusalem, who admitted to shooting an Iraq Burin shepherd….

Fatah says party spokesman detained in Gaza
6/16/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Fatah officials in the West Bank said Wednesday that the party’s spokesman in the Gaza Strip was detained by Hamas government security forces, and called the detention a violation of the conciliation agreement between the factions. Fayez Abu A’itah’s detention “harms the basic rights of….

Medications to arrive in Gaza Monday, PA says
6/16/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Ten truckloads of medicine will enter the Gaza Strip on Sunday, officials in the coastal enclave told Ma’an on Thursday. Nazmi Muhanna, head of the crossings committee in Gaza, said that instructions from President Mahmoud Abbas were handed down and necessary arrangements with Israel’s Civil Administration….

Limited supplies enter Gaza via Israel crossing
6/16/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Palestinian officials were notified Thursday morning that 320-330 truckloads of goods would be permitted to enter the Gaza Strip. Palestinian liaison official Raed Fattouh said he was informed that the goods would include 20 motor vehicles, three loads of equipment for the Energy Authority, ten loads of iron pipes….

PETA urges rabbis to overturn dog’s death sentence
6/17/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A leading US animal rights organization is urging rabbinical authorities in Jerusalem to overturn a “death sentence” by stoning of a dog alleged to be a reincarnated lawyer. The sentence stems from the suspicion that the spirit of a secular lawyer, said to have insulted the court’s judges decades….

Archbishop comments on Christians criticized
6/16/2011 – LONDON (Ma’an) — The Palestine Solidarity Campaign issued a statement Wednesday criticizing the Archbishop of Canterbury calling Bethlehem Christians a “marginalized minority.”The Archbishop told the BBC that the Arab Spring had led to a “very anxious time” for Christians in the Middle East. He noted an increase in attacks against Christian populations in….

Barghouti arrives in Gaza to meet factions
6/17/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Palestinian lawmaker Mustafa Barghouti arrived in Gaza late Thursday to meet with factions on ways to overcome obstacles to a Palestinian reconciliation agreement. Barghouti said his visit to Gaza “is to communicate with the Palestinians and take a firsthand look at all the issues and to improve the situation for….

UNRWA summer camps kick off in Gaza
6/17/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Children in Gaza attending UNRWA summer camps this year will attempt to break four world records in July, in an effort to top the two records smashed the year before. An Olympic-style torch relay through the Gaza Strip kicked off the summer camps, known as the UNRWA Summer Games, which….

Police: 3 dead in Israel blast
6/17/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — A gas explosion in the Israeli town of Netanya, north of Tel Aviv, killed at least three people and injured others overnight Thursday, an Israeli police spokesman said.” An explosion occurred in a four-storey building in Netanya, killing at least three people and injuring others,” Micky Rosenfeld said.” We have clearly determined after….

Bedouins in Egypt demanding equal citizenship rights
6/16/2011 – SINAI DESERT (IRIN) — Moussa Al Dalah, a 35-year-old tribal leader from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, knew it would be a risky step to try and take his employer to court over alleged discrimination: He could easily end up in prison.”I had to tell the employer that the Bedouins won’t be….

Palestinian worker stabbed in northern Israel
6/16/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — A Palestinian worker suffered injuries Thursday after being stabbed in northern Israel, officials and relatives said. Ruslan Daoud, 37, was stabbed several times in the chest and back on his way out of a store in Netanya, his brother said. Ghaleb Daoud told Ma’an that Ruslan was transferred to….

Spain wants Mideast talks to resume this year
6/17/2011 – MADRID, Spain (AFP) — Spain supports a two-state solution and wants the Israelis and Palestinians to resume peace talks this year, the country’s foreign ministry said Wednesday. Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez met with her Palestinian counterpart Riyad Al-Malki on Wednesday, during an official visit which ends on Friday. Jimenez “reiterated Spain’s….

Analysis: And what about statehood?
6/16/2011 – Daoud Kuttab – The Palestinian strategy to achieve statehood is making significance progress among certain international political circles, but it is still lacking the necessary coordination and cohesion to bear the desired results. President Mahmoud Abbas and his West Bank Prime Minister Salam Fayyad have succeeded in detonating the familiar anti-Palestinian arsenal that Israel’s….

Egypt says would-be migrants to Israel thwarted
6/16/2011 – El-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Egyptian security forces said officers thwarted the attempt of African migrants to enter Israel from Egypt on Thursday morning. Border guards detained 21 Sudanese nationals officials said were attempting to illegally enter Israel for work. Upon questioning, security officials said, the men said they had each paid $1,000 to be….

Egypt bans Mubarak daughters-in-law from travel
6/16/2011 – CAIRO (AFP) — The Egyptian justice ministry’s fraud unit on Thursday slapped a travel ban on ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s two daughters-in-law and their children, a judicial official told AFP. Assem al-Gohari, who heads the Illicit Gains Authority, ordered the ban on Heidi Rasekh and Khadiga al-Gammal, the wives of Mubarak’….

Activist: Syrian tanks swoop on another town
6/16/2011 – DAMASCUS (AFP) — Tanks swooped on another northern town Thursday as Syria’s army pressed its crackdown on dissent and the United States condemned the “outrageous use of violence” to quell a popular uprising. And as the European Union began work to toughen sanctions against Syria, the presidents of Russia and China said they opposed….

French minister urges patience in Lebanon kidnapping case
6/16/2011 – TALLINN (AFP) — France is committed to helping Estonia free its seven citizens kidnapped in Lebanon but patience is required to solve the sensitive case, France’s European affairs minister said Thursday in Tallinn.” France as the country that knows Lebanon better than any other country in Europe has assisted and is assisting Estonia with….


Palestine Note

Settler arrested for killing Palestinian
Palestine Note 16 Jun 2011 – Ma’an- Israeli forces on Wednesday arrested an Israeli settler for the murder of a Palestinian man near Nablus nearly five months ago, Israel’s daily news site Ynet reported. According to the report, Israeli police arrested a man residing in Jerusalem,…

Gaza suffers gas shortage after pump breaks at crossing
Palestine Note 16 Jun 2011 – Ma’an- The Gaza Strip has been suffering from shortages of domestic-use gas for three days due to a technical fault in the gas pump at the Kerem Shalom crossing. Mahmoud Ash-Shawwa, head of the association of gas station owners, said…

Arab kings: How to keep your crown
Palestine Note 16 Jun 2011 – Economist- There are two kinds of Arab sovereign: those who rule from behind a veil of constitutional niceties and those who dispense with the veils. Both are meeting the challenges of the Arab spring better than the region’s fallen or…

Detaining Palestinian Children
Palestine Note 16 Jun 2011 – Lawyer Gerard Horton from Defence for Children International describes a pattern of abuse Gerard Horton – Last month, a 13-year-old boy from a small village in the occupied West Bank woke up to the sound of loud banging on the…

Israel’s Systematic Ill Treatment and Punishment of Palestinian Children
Palestine Note 16 Jun 2011 – Gerard Horton – Last month, a 13-year-old boy from a small village in the occupied West Bank woke up to the sound of loud banging on the front door of his family home – it was 3:00 am. Omar’s father…


Deaths in Israeli coastal city blast
AlJazeera 16 Jun 2011 – At least four people are killed and 30 injured by gas explosion in building in the coastal city of Netanya.

Libyan rebels reject election offer
AlJazeera 16 Jun 2011 – Anti-government forces and the United States quickly dismiss offer by Gaddafi’s son to hold elections within months.

Close Mubarak associate held in Spain
AlJazeera 16 Jun 2011 – Egyptian officials say Hussein Salam will be bought back to Egypt to face a number of charges.

Greek PM talks tough amid worsening crisis
AlJazeera 16 Jun 2011 – George Papandreou vows to stay the course and pursue reforms amid growing resentment over austerity measures.

Syrian tanks ring restive northern towns
AlJazeera 16 Jun 2011 – Residents continue to flee as tanks and armoured vehicles deploy around Maarat al-Numan and Khan Sheikhun towns.

Anti-government protests continue in Yemen
AlJazeera 16 Jun 2011 – Protesters say they are not against continued GCC mediation and insist their primary goal is President Saleh’s removal.

Bahrain frees activists held after UN sit-in
AlJazeera 16 Jun 2011 – Authorities free three women who staged a sit-in at UN offices in Mamana amid calls from the US for dialogue.

Palestine News Network

Little Chance for Peace, Says King Abdullah
PNN – Amman – PNN – Jordan’s King Abdullah II told the Washington Post that the chances for peace between Israel and Palestine are low after various peace initiatives taken over the past month…

Palestinian Stargazers Treated to a Lunar Eclipse
PNN – Bethlehem — PNN — Throughout Palestine, avid astronomers, both amateur and professional, watched in awe from their roofs, terraces, and porches the longest lunar eclipse in 11 years overnight on Wednesday. Palestinians…

Netanyahu Concerned over Possible Third Intifada
PNN – Jerusalem — PNN — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has concerns over a possible third intifada this summer before the planned Palestinians declaration of statehood at the UN in September, Israeli officials…

Livni Chides Netanyahu for Calling Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ‘Insoluble’
PNN – Jerusalem – PNN – Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni has rejected Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s statement to Haaretz in which he said that there is no solution to the conflict. Speaking to…

International Solidarity Movement

Popular Committee leader of Ni’lin arrested and two protesters injured by live ammo in Deir Qaddis
6/16/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 15 June 2011, Ni’lin – Demonstrators disrupted new construction in the Israeli colony of Nili. Israeli soldiers responded with baton charges, tear-gas, rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition. One organizer was arrested and many olive trees were burned. Two Palestinian youths in their twenties were hit by live ammunition today, during a demo against illegal….

European Union expresses concern over persecution of West Bank protest organizer, Bassem Tamimi
6/16/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – Popular Struggle Coordination Committee – EU representative to UN Human Rights Council stated on Tuesday that “The rights of Israeli and Palestinian Human Rights Defenders protesting peacefully [. . . ] are severely curtailed”, mentioning Tamimi’s case explicitly. The European Union expressed its concern last Tuesday that Palestinian “human rights defenders continue to be detained for their non…. Related: Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and Full Statement

Alternative Information Center

Israel Displaces 67 Palestinian Children from Their Homes in May 2011
Alternative Information Center – The most recent monthly report of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) concerning home demolitions and forced displacement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem notes that in May 2011 there was an increase…

Relief Web

With an Olympic torch, Gaza Summer Games kick off for fifth year
Relief Web 16 Jun 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory 16 June 2011 Gaza City This year’s Gaza Summer Games have officially opened with an Olympic-style torch relay through the Strip. The annual…

Marka girls visit Al-Hakika TV
Relief Web 16 Jun 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory Thirty girls from UNRWA Marka Preparatory Girls School visited Al-Hakika TV headquarters on 19 May. The visit was to celebrate the success of…

Palestine Telegraph

Eichel prisoners go on hunger strike
16 Jun 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Eichel detention announced Thursday a hunger strike to protest illegal policy by the Israeli prison administration.

Israel detains Palestinian legislator in Hebron
16 Jun 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces detained Thursday a Palestinian legislator from his house in the West of Hebron.

Settlers burn olive trees in Bil’in
16 Jun 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli settlers burnt yesterday dozens of olive trees planted in the territories of Bil’in village located behind the Apartheid Wall in the West of Ramallah.

Israeli soldiers injure nonviolent protestors near Ramallah
16 Jun 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Seven Palestinians were injured yesterday during violent clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths in the west of Ramallah.

The National

Ayman al Zawahri appointed al Qa’eda leader
The National 16 Jun 2011 – Zawahri, Bin Laden’s lieutenant and the brains behind much of al Qa’eda’s strategy, promised this month to press ahead with al Qa’eda’s campaign against the United States and its allies.

Reality check cools the initial heat of the Arab Spring
The National 16 Jun 2011 – Much has changed in six months, both politically and psychologically, as a new political consciousness has taken hold, sweeping away countless stereotypes of Arabs and the region as a whole.

The Arab Spring country by country
The National 16 Jun 2011 – Much has changed in six months, both politically and psychologically, as a new political consciousness has taken hold, sweeping away countless stereotypes of Arabs and the region as a whole.

Al Qa’eda expected to focus regionally with al Zawahiri as chief
The National 16 Jun 2011 – New chief of al Qa’eda will probably focus more on Middle East as he seeks to revive the influence of the group in the aftermath of bin Laden’s death, a leading former prison-mate says.

Kuwait faces new political turmoil over fate of prime minister
The National 16 Jun 2011 – The prime minister will need support from 25 of 49 eligible MPs in a vote of non-cooperation on June 23, or the emir will face the difficult choice of sacking him or calling an early election.

Syrian violence turns border with Turkey into tent city
The National 16 Jun 2011 – Fears grow as Turkey braces for fresh flood of 10,000 refugees from Syria scared of the violence unleashed in recent weeks by their country’s army.

Is the global economy back on an even keel?
The National 16 Jun 2011 – Day rates for the movement of goods around the world hit their peak in early 2008, a few months before the global financial crisis. Which direction are these same prices heading in now, and can the shipping industry help predict the direction of the global economy?


4 dead, dozens injured in Netanya building explosion
Ha’aretz – Initial investigation reveals explosion likely the result of a gas tank explosion.

AG to Netanyahu: Stop bill giving preference to IDF veterans
Ha’aretz – Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein tells Prime Minister that the bill, which gives preference to applicants for government jobs who are veterans of Israel Defense Forces, is discriminatory.

Watch: Video shows IDF preparing for next Gaza flotilla
Ha’aretz – The naval exercise includes intercepting ships of various sizes and handling both non-violent and violent passengers.

Israel won’t investigate IDF soldier photographed next to bound Palestinians
Ha’aretz – While the deputy state prosecutor says Eden Aberjil’s actions do not justify criminal proceedings, he will launch criminal investigations into two other IDF soldiers over footage of controversial behavior.

Jordan’s Abdullah: Israel is not interested in peace
Ha’aretz – In interview with Washington Post, Jordan King Abdullah laments Israeli public’s gravitation toward the right, rejection of 1967 borders, saying prospects for Middle East peace are grim.

Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns over Twitter scandal
Ha’aretz – Embattled U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner bows to Democratic leadership pressure, after he sent sexually charged photos and messages online to several women.

A Special Place in Hell / Jewish leftists need to have the Talk
Ha’aretz – Why bother bringing up the right of return now? Why should Jewish leftists go out of their way to discuss ROR in depth with one another, with other Jews, other leftists, and, if possible, with Palestinians as well?

Israeli investigated on his Jewish status after Haaretz interview
Ha’aretz – Kibbutz resident Itai Bar believes a Family Affair article is to blame for his case being ‘blocked’ at the population registrar office; in the article, Bar is quoted as calling himself a ‘Shabbes goy.’

Israeli medical resident arrested for Naksa Day violence
Ha’aretz –

Negotiations fail as doctors storm out of meeting with Finance Ministry
Ha’aretz – Finance Ministry tells doctors they will shorten shifts to 22 hours and add 160 shifts, but doctors say this move is just the implementation of a program already agreed upon last year.

Olmert denies receiving cash-filled envelopes from Jewish American businessman
Ha’aretz – Former PM starts second part of testimony in his corruption trial, denies Morris Talansky’s allegations against him.

Man killed in suspected criminal Acre shooting
Ha’aretz – Man in his 50’s found dead in his car in east part of Acre; victim known by police who believe his death the result of dispute between criminals.

Mexican police arrest drug boss ‘El Brad Pitt’
Ha’aretz – Thirty-four-year-old Marco Guzman is a leader of the cartel’s armed wing, La Linea, who had a 500,000 peso ($42,000) reward on his head.

Report: Syria troops arrest thousands of demonstrators in country’s northwest
Ha’aretz – Syrian activist tell DPA the army is preparing to take over Hama; Hollywood star and UN goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie expected to travel to Turkey to visit displaced Syrians.

Al-Zawahri named new al-Qaida chief, vows to continue jihad against Israel
Ha’aretz – Al-Qaida’s longtime No. 2 replaces Osama bin Laden, swears to target Israel and U.S., in ‘jihad against the apostate invaders.’

Lessin: Food prices will continue to rise
Ha’aretz – Food prices expected to increase due to rising price of raw materials and macroeconomic forecasts of future shortages.

Cottage cheese furor reaches Knesset as boycott spreads
Ha’aretz – Israel may begin allowing parallel imports of dairy products and cheeses.

Kibbutz Sdot Yam: From bankruptcy to Nasdaq
Ha’aretz – Bad management and a gamble on untried technology nearly killed it, yet like a phoenix, it rose from ashes.

‘Suspected Israeli spy declared himself Muslim to get Egypt visa’
Ha’aretz – Ilan Grapel, a Jewish American citizen detained in Egypt, may face trial next week on suspicion of espionage, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reports.

Report: Egypt’s al-Karama party wants to cancel peace treaty with Israel
Ha’aretz – Two countries signed peace agreement in 1979; party says peace with Israel is not in national interest, according to Egyptian newspaper.

Jerusalem Post

The Egyptian doctor who globalized his caliphate crusade
Jeruslalem Post 17 Jun 2011 – Background: Osama bin Laden replacement Ayman al-Zawahri’s life story contains within it the story of how the modern al-Qaida network was formed.

Light rail’s start may be delayed by 3 months
Jeruslalem Post 17 Jun 2011 – Derailment, infighting lead to another round of delays.

As food prices rise, NGOs say gov’t war on poverty failing
Jeruslalem Post 17 Jun 2011 – Gov’t initiative “not even a drop in the ocean” says Leket CEO Gidi Kroch.

‘Gas explosion’ rocks building in Netanya; 4 dead, 50 hurt
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Police say blast at 4-story building caused by gas tank; MDA paramedics search for trapped people; report leak may have been caused by thief stealing gas pipes to sell metal parts, suspect in custody.

Turkey calls for immediate end to Assad’s crackdown
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – “Serious rupture” between Ankara and Damascus over continued violence and refugees fleeing across border.

After 2 months of quiet, Kassam rocket fired from Gaza
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Rocket falls in open field in Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel; no injuries or damage reported in the attack.

‘Accused Mossad spy could face charges in 1 week’
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – ‘Al-Ahram’ claims Ilan Grapel confessed to working for Mossad to foment Egypt unrest, recruit citizens to help him in his espionage campaign.

A-G asks PM to block ‘discriminatory’ Israel Beiteinu bill
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Bill would give preference to those who served in the IDF, completed national service in being hired to the civil service.

King’s snail’s pace reforms angers Jordanians
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Jordan’s monarchy comes under unprecedented criticism, spurring fears of wider unrest; anger builds over corruption-plagued housing projects.

Doctors, nurses team up for sanctions after talks fail
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Negotiations break down after Treasury claims agreement on shifts can be reached; MK Adatto calls on Litzman to retract statements or resign.

State to prosecute soldiers in prisoner abuse photos
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Prosecution says it won’t prosecute Eden Abergil because she’s no longer in IDF; cases involve soldiers pointing guns at blindfolded detainees.

Yishai calls on A-G to investigate price fixing claims
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – As Facebook consumer boycott gains steam, interior minister calls to probe “if business leaders are conspiring behind backs of citizens.”

State won’t prosecute Eden Abergil for Facebook photos
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Soldier shown in video dancing with blindfolded, bound female Palestinian will face charges, deputy state prosecutor announces.

Olmert: Talansky’s testimony is nothing but fantasy
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – On 7th day in the witness box, ex-PM denies he took cash bribes from US philanthropist, responding to allegations he hid the money.

‘Iran says it will send monkey into space this summer’
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Iranian Space Agency plans to launch rocket this summer with monkey on board; plans to send man to space in near future.

Palestinians no longer welcome, says Lebanese Mufti
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – “You’re trash, you’ll never be victorious,” Sheikh Qabbani tells stunned Palestinians reps.

Turkish FM calls for immediate end to Syrian crackdown
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Davutoglu meets with top Syrian envoy, calls for reforms and stop to violence in Syria after saying he “saw the fear in the eyes of the people.”

Jordan’s Abdullah: 2011 will be very bad year for peace
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – In interview with the ‘Washington Post,’ Hashemite ruler lauds Arab Spring, warns of diminishing chances for a two-state solution.

Olmert: Talansky’s testimony is make-believe, nonsense
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Ex-prime minister denies he took cash donations from US philanthropist, responding to allegations he stashed the money in his safe.

‘Assad forces make sweeping arrests in Syria’s northwest’
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Rights activist says at least 300 people arrested daily, troops open fire on crowds at Maarat al-Numaan.

Bin Laden’s right-hand man Zawahri named al-Qaida chief ‚Äé
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Ayman al-Zawahri takes command of al-Qaida; vows to continue to fight to “expel invaders from the land of Muslims and to purify it from injustice.”

Analysis: Arab spring likely to leave oil firms unscathed
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Some operations suspended in Libya; French oil major loses production at Yemen oil field, BP chief exec: “I wouldn’t describe us as worried.”

Eritrean man reportedly kills wife, son, then hangs himself
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Man’s body found in forest outside Ashkelon; in a separate incident, a 49-year-old man from Acre was shot to death while driving in his car.

Sides argue over Kamm sentencing behind closed doors
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Sentencing hearing for Anat Kamm, convicted of possessing, distributing secret info on state security, begins behind closed doors in TA court.

‘Ilan Grapel claimed he is Muslim in visa request to Egypt’
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – Probe on alleged Mossad spy reveals he tried to get info on Hamas-Fatah unity deal and how Egyptian public feels about it, ‘al-Ahram’ reports.

Jordan’s Abdullah ‘pessimistic’ about peace prospects
Jeruslalem Post 16 Jun 2011 – In ‘Washington Post’ interview Jordanian king discusses positive role of Jordan in peace process but says 2011 will be “a very bad year for peace.”

The Guardian

Israel blast leaves three dead
The Guardian 16 Jun 2011 – Police say cause of explosion in coastal city of Netanya unclear — but reports claim gas leak to blame At least three people have been killed and about 15 injured in an explosion in the Israeli…

Inter Press Service

Al-Zawahiri Named New Al-Qaeda Chief
IPS Al-Qaeda has named Ayman al-Zawahiri as its new chief following the killing of Osama bin Laden, the group has said in a statement issued in the name of the group’s general command.

Palestinian Children Targeted as Israel Crushes Unrest
IPS “Father please help me! Don’t let them take me away,” screamed 12-year-old Ahmed Siyam as approximately 50 heavily armed Israeli soldiers and police dragged the handcuffed and blindfolded boy away.

MIDEAST: Politics Triumphs Over Reason
IPS “The heart has it reasons, of which reason knows nothing of,” wrote 15th- century French philosopher Blaise Pascal. Apply the words of wisdom to the prospective U.N.-endorsed recognition of Palestinian statehood, but replace “the heart” with ‘politics’.

SYRIA: Humanitarian Crisis Intensifies as Security Council Remains Idle
IPS When reports of protests and subsequent civilian deaths as security forces fired on protestors began filtering in from the southern Syrian city of Dera’a in March, many wondered what turn events would take in both Syria and the international community in the wake of earlier uprisings during the ‘Arab Spring’….


Revisiting “The Honor of Being Human,” or: Don’t Be a Pigfucker
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – …Note that Smith doesn’t claim that Obama and the Democrats won’t harm you. He claims only that they’ll harm you less than the Republicans. Also note why the argument so obviously fails: when Obama is determined to destroy you, either quickly (remember that Obama claims the “right” and power to murder anyone in the…

Dismissively Ignoring Hard Times
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – Despite a deepening global depression, Washington, Wall Street and America’s media remain largely in denial, for how much longer isn’t certain as hard times get tougher for growing millions worldwide. Tough enough, in fact, for angry demonstrators to strike and protest austerity measures across Europe in Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Britain, France, Germany, Italy,…

Israel plans to forcibly transfer 40,000 Bedouin citizens
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – A new Israeli proposal that would forcibly transfer more than 40,000 Bedouin citizens into government-planned townships in the Negev (Naqab) desert has raised the ire of Bedouin communities and their supporters, who say that the plan is both discriminatory and ignores the Bedouins’ historic connection to the land. “[The Israeli government thinks] that the…

Syria: Humanitarian Crisis Intensifies as Security Council Remains Idle
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – – When reports of protests and subsequent civilian deaths as security forces fired on protestors began filtering in from the southern Syrian city of Dera’a in March, many wondered what turn events would take in both Syria and the international community in the wake of earlier uprisings during the ‘Arab Spring’. Since then, events…

Palestinian Children Targeted as Israel Crushes Unrest
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – “Father please help me! Don’t let them take me away,” screamed 12-year-old Ahmed Siyam as approximately 50 heavily armed Israeli soldiers and police dragged the handcuffed and blindfolded boy away. Last month Ahmed was pulled out of his bed at 4am by Israeli security forces led by Shin Bet agents from Israel’s domestic intelligence…

Statement from the Freedom Flotilla II -Stay Human Steering Committee to the UN Human Rights Council
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – In September 2010 the international Fact-Finding Mission to investigate violations of international law resulting from the Israeli attacks on the Freedom Flotilla I concluded that the conduct of the Israeli military towards its passengers, when it was unlawfully intercepted on the way to Gaza on 31 May 2001, “demonstrated levels of totally unnecessary and…

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (09- 15 June 2011)
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – …Summary: Israeli violations of international law and humanitarian law in the OPT continued during the reporting period (09 – 15 June 2011): Shooting: During the reporting period, a Palestinian died of wounds he had sustained during the wide scale Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip. Two Palestinian civilians were also wounded by IOF and…

Obama defends Libya war, rejects need for Congress vote
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – The Obama administration argued Wednesday that the War Powers Act, requiring congressional approval for undeclared US wars, does not apply to the nearly three-month-old war against Libya. In a letter to Congress, the White House revealed that US operations in Libya have already cost $716 million and will top $1.1 billion by the end…

A Pathetic Exile…
Uruknet June 16, 2011 – There is a turning point when the dramatic becomes pathetic…am not quite sure when that happens, but I know it does… It’s more like one’s pathetic attempts to re-capture what was lost…and each attempt becomes even more derisory than the previous one…one becomes pathetic in one’s exile. These pathetic attempts to re-capture what was…

The West’s Obscene Demonization of Gaddafi
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – …The invasion of Iraq was launched by lies about weapons of mass destruction. When the lies fell apart, American politicians justified the war by saying it was worth it to get rid of the monster, Saddam Hussein. Saddam was so thoroughly demonized that any amount of maiming and death would be acceptable to erase…

Facing the Bombs of America and NATO in the Libya Jamahariya
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – Just back from a fact-finding mission to Libya, the author reports that Moammar Gaddafi enjoys widespread support among the people. “All along the roads, people were chanting to those in their cars driving east to Tripoli and west to Tunisia that they supported the Jamahariya government.” Poor Black Libyans have a huge stake in…

PCHR Is Concerned over the Running out of Medications and Contraction of Health services in the Gaza Strip
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is deeply concerned over the cancellation of dozens of surgeries at hospitals in the Gaza Strip and postponement of others to unknown periods, due to the serious shortages in medications and medical supplies, as the Gaza Strip has not been supplied with medications and medical needs since…

Arab League should expel Assad regime
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – …One human rights activist in the occupied Palestinian territories intimated to this writer that in 44 years of ruthless Israeli military occupation he never witnessed even a semblance of the barbarianism and sadism displayed by the Syrian regime against its own people… The Syrian regime seems to have exhausted its inventory of shameless disinformation…

Iraq snapshot – June 15, 2011
Uruknet June 15, 2011. Chaos and violence continue, wheeling and dealing continues in Iraq, today was Press Day in Iraq, Robert Gates celebrated by getting bitchy with a US Senator in Congress today, USA Today takes a stand on veterans issues, and more…. At the start of this month, Reporters Without Borders was noting, “Reporters and cameramen from local…

Nato refuses to rule out bombing ancient ruins in air strikes aimed at taking out Gaddafi
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – Nato has refused to rule out bombing Libya’s ancient Roman ruins if Colonel Gaddafi is using them to hide military equipment. Rebels in the divided country claim the under-pressure Libyan leader could be hiding rocket launchers at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Leptis Magna – which is between the capital Tripoli and rebel-held…

Returning to Jerusalem
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – Izzat Aziz Maswadeh was among the thousands of Palestinians who on Nakba commemoration day, 15.05.2011, continued the collective march of return to Palestine and to Palestinian homes and villages. Izzat was one of the thousands of Palestinian refugees who continued the march that is as old as the Nakba itself, the march of return…

Activism News US citizen in Jerusalem arrest video speaks to EI
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – American Jewish activist and university student Lucas Koerner was arrested in Jerusalem on 1 June – when thousands of right-wing Israelis, including settlers, marked “Jerusalem Day” by provocatively marching through Palestinian East Jerusalem to celebrate the “unification” of the city. Koerner’s violent arrest by Israeli police was captured on video and has been viewed…

Syria: Massacres Galore, But Who’s Watching? Does Anyone Give a Damn?
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – 6 civilians reported dead in Arihaa in northwestern Syria, as government death squads continue their crackdown against unarmed civilians protesting Assad authoritarian rule. Military operations continue in Jisr Ashoughour as more protesters say that the mass graves uncovered by Syrian TV actually host bodies of protesters not security officers. Defecting Colonel Hussein Harmoush says…

NATO air strike reportedly kills 12 in Libya: State TV
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – – NATO airstrike hit a bus loaded with passengers Wednesday evening in Kikla city, 120 km southwest of the capital Tripoli, killing 12 and wounding two others, Libyan state TV reported. The strikes hit the bus at the entrance of the city in the mountainous region southwest of Tripoli, Libyan state TV quoted military…

Israeli troops attack anti-Wall protest near Ramallah, injuring seven
Uruknet June 15, 2011 – According to local sources, Israeli forces attacked a non-violent action by Palestinian men, women and children trying to block Israeli bulldozers from bulldozing their farmland and orchards on Wednesday. Eyewitnesses reported that the injured protesters were beaten by the soldiers with clubs and rifle butts, knocking two young men unconscious and sending seven to…

Daily Star

Syrian tycoon quits business, takes up charity
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Syrian tycoon Rami Makhlouf, cousin of President Bashar Assad, is quitting business and moving to charity work, state television said Thursday, a move that would meet a demand of protesters seeking an end to Assad’s rule.

Iraqi court sentences 15 to death for wedding party massacre
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 An Iraqi court Thursday sentenced 15 alleged Al-Qaeda members to death for their role in the 2006 wedding party massacre of 70 people, considered one of the most horrific attacks carried out by Sunni-led militants during…

Russian envoy visits Libya as Gadhafi digs in heels
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi is willing to hold elections and step aside if he lost, his son said Thursday, an offer unlikely to placate his opponents but which could test the unity of the Western alliance trying…

Bahrain’s dialogue with opposition groups met with skepticism
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Bahrain’s ruler has canceled all vacations for top officials next month and a special center and mediator have been named for talks with opposition groups, proposed to open on July 1.Now the question is whether anyone…

Mubarak probe very difficult: investigator
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 A judicial official investigating the wealth of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Thursday the job was proving extremely difficult, describing the strongman as a master of the art of evasion.

Palestinians to press for a seat at the U.N.
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Palestinians will seek U.N. recognition and membership regardless of whether there is a resumption of peace talks, negotiator Mohammad Shtayeh said Thursday.

Dozens dead in new North-South Sudan fighting
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Fighting has erupted along a new front near the internal border between North and South Sudan with dozens of people reported killed, aid workers and a U.N. report said.

Syrian security forces conduct mass arrests in troubled north
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Syrian security forces fanned out through villages and towns in the northern province of Idlib Thursday, randomly hauling in males over age 16 as the regime worked to silence a center of anti-regime protest.

Jordan’s king fears very bad year for Middle East peace
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Jordan’s King Abdullah II expressed pessimism about the prospects of Middle East peace in an interview published Thursday, speaking openly about a one-state solution to the conflict.

Saudi women plan to defy kingdom’s driving ban today
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 A group of Saudi women are preparing to defy a ban on women’s driving today in a series of staged demonstrations across the kingdom.

Saleh tells Bahraini king: I will fight on
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 President Ali Abdullah Saleh vowed Thursday to overcome Yemen’s crisis, signalling once again he has no plans to quit, and in the latest in a wave of raids, gunmen attacked government buildings and a checkpoint.

Gas explosion kills 3 in Israeli city
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 At least 15 other people were injured in the explosion, which caused the first floor of a four-story residential building to collapse.

Syrian tycoon Makhlouf, Assad cousin, to quit business-state TV
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Makhlouf, a hate figure among protesters, owns Syria’s largest mobile phone company, Syriatel, and several large construction and oil firms.

Ukraine professors defend Palestinian engineer
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Former professors of a Palestinian engineer captured in Ukraine and sent to Israel to face charges he built missiles for the militant group Hamas refute allegations in his indictment that he was taught weapons systems.

Jordanians condemn ‘troubling’ attack on AFP
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Dozens of journalists, trade unionists and politicians demonstrated Thursday outside AFP’s Amman bureau in support of the news agency after a gang broke into its office and destroyed equipment.

Reactions to Zawahri as new Qaeda chief
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Veteran militant Ayman al-Zawahri has taken command of Al-Qaeda after the killing of Osama bin Laden, an Islamist website said Thursday, a move that had been expected after his many years as second in command.

Obama report on Libya fails to appease lawmakers
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 The White House is vigorously defending President Barack Obama’s right to keep the U.S. military engaged in Libya without congressional approval, but its arguments aren’t soothing the anger among Republican lawmakers and anti-war Democrats.

Turkey calls for immediate crackdown end to Syrian crackdown
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Turkey called for Syria to immediately halt a violent crackdown on protesters and pass democratic reforms, in a meeting Thursday between Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and a top Syrian envoy.

Russia, China express concern over Libya, call for dialogue with Iran
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Russia and China expressed concern about the situation in war-torn Libya Thursday and urged strict adherence to U.N. Security Council resolutions, signaling dissatisfaction with Western airstrikes.

Dutch envoy plays down kidnapping of 2 diplomats
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 An official at the Netherlands Embassy in Beirut Thursday confirmed that two Dutch diplomats were last month snatched and driven to Syria before being released.

China invites Omar al-Bashir for a visit
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 China says Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir will visit the country in a little over a week, despite the fact he’s wanted by an international court on war crimes charges.

Wahhab denies ‘Israeli spy’ is personal bodyguard
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Head of the Arab Tawheed Party Wiam Wahhab denied Thursday that a man charged with spying for Israel was his personal bodyguard.

Mikati embarks upon duties, policy statement in the works
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 Najib Mikati assumed his duties as Prime Minister Thursday after holding a meeting of the ministerial committee, tasked with drafting a policy statement.

Dutch military attach?© briefly kidnapped in Baalbek
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 A Dutch diplomat had been kidnapped in east Lebanon’s city of Baalbek and taken to Damascus, where he was released soon after documents revealed his identity, Al-Markazia news agency reported.

Suspected Lebanese crime ring members arrested in Europe
Daily Star 16 Jun 2011 European police Tuesday arrested six suspected members of a multi-national drug trafficking and money laundering network and confiscated millions in cash, two police agencies said here.

Israel warns Lebanon against violating 1701
Daily Star 15 Jun 2011 Israel warned Lebanon’s new Cabinet Wednesday to respect its international legal and border agreements, including the cessation of hostilities between the two one-time belligerents.

Sleiman insists Cabinet made in Lebanon
Daily Star 15 Jun 2011 President Michel Sleiman said Wednesday Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s Cabinet was 100 percent Lebanese, indirectly rejecting March 14 claims that the government had been formed under Syrian pressure.

Tripoli clash leaves man in critical condition
Daily Star 15 Jun 2011 One man was shot after a dispute between two families in Tripoli that began overnight escalated Wednesday.

Adnan Mansour vows to enhance Foreign Ministry
Daily Star 15 Jun 2011 Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour vowed Wednesday to work on enhancing his ministry on the administrative and diplomatic levels.

Constructive opposition natural: Nazim Khoury
Daily Star 15 Jun 2011 The newly appointed environment minister said Wednesday that constructive opposition was natural in a democracy, as he called for giving the Cabinet some time and for judging it by its actions.

March 14 intensifies its opposition stance
Daily Star 15 Jun 2011 March 14 groups blasted Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government for the second consecutive day, warning that Hezbollah and its allies in the Cabinet would seek a confrontation with the international community, leading to Lebanon’s isolation.

YNet News

Naksa Day: Did Arab intern assault police?
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Medical intern at Israeli hospital charged with hurling stones at police during….

Peres: Palestinians’ UN move ‘an illusion’
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – President tells AP differences with Palestinians ‘psychological rather than….

‘Facebook soldier’ won’t be probed
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Soldier who posted photos of herself next to blindfolded Palestinians won’t face….

Organizers: Flotilla no threat to Israel
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Free Gaza ‘determined to sail to Gaza’; meanwhile, Israel allows Turkish aid….

Russia, China defend Iran’s right to nuclear power
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Tehran has right to peaceful program, but should end defiance by cooperating….

Settler placed under house arrest in Palestinian murder case
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – ‘Police wasting their time,’ says attorney defending man who says shot….

Turkey to vote for PA recognition in UN
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Ankara’s Abdullah G?ºl tells Japanese publication his country will support….

Olmert: Talansky fantasizing
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Former PM takes testifies on ‘cash envelopes’ scandal for first time. Denied….

Life partner of Carmel fire victim to receive pension
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Treasury deems lesbian life partner of IPS Lt.-Col. Pabiola Buhadana, who was….

Major League footballer suspected of sexual assault
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Soccer player denies allegations, says relations were consensual; placed under….

Al-Qaeda names al-Zawahri new leader
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Osama bin Laden’s longtime deputy to become terror group’s front-man. Zawahiri….

Egypt wants expedited trial for Israeli ‘spy’
YNet News, 16 Jun 2011 – Cairo dailies say Egypt’s authorities are determined to see Ilan Grapel….

WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Egyptian Foreign Minister Supports Recognition of Palestinian State

Gaza Summer Games Kick Off for Fifth Year

Agreement to Teach French in Palestinian Schools

Israeli Municipality Gives Jewish Names to East Jerusalem Locations

Netanyahu: Resolving Refugee Issue to be Outside Israel’s Borders

Newspapers Review: Confrontations Over Land Grab at Deir Qaddis

EU Foreign Policy Chief to Visit Region

Israeli Court Cancels Eviction Orders in Dahmash Village

Intifada Palestine

Israel: an Impediment to Nuclear-Free Middle East
Intifada-Palestine: 16 Jun 2011 – Kourosh Ziabari You might have frequently heard of the Western mainstream media’s claims that Iran is pursuing a military nuclear program which is aimed at developing atomic weapons. Actually, spreading falsehood and untruth about the nature of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program… more

Hypocrisy and Western-centric Human Rights
Intifada-Palestine: 16 Jun 2011 – Jamal Kanj — Intifada Palestine France is leading the way to censure the Syrian regime for violations of human rights. Obama and Secretary Clinton spoke profusely of the Syrian regime’s culpability in shooting and killing civilians in the cities and suburbia… more

Los Angeles Times

Egyptian revolution’s unsung heroes languish in hospitals
LA Times 16 Jun 2011 – An estimated 11,000 people were injured in protests that toppled Hosni Mubarak. But months later, as many still undergo costly treatment, officials have done little to compensate their families or prosecute their attackers. When Rahma Mohamed steps out of her son’s line of sight, he…

Bin Laden’s No. 2 is Al Qaeda’s new chief
LA Times 16 Jun 2011 – Egyptian doctor Ayman Zawahiri lacks Osama bin Laden’s charisma and may find Al Qaeda even tougher to manage. These factors may make him all the more eager to launch a major attack and prove himself, analysts warn. In July 2005, Al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman Zawahiri…

No breakthrough in Russian envoy’s trip to Libya
LA Times 16 Jun 2011 – Russia’s special envoy, Mikhail Margelov, meets with government officials in Tripoli, but there is no progress on the key sticking point — Moammar Kadafi’s future. Officials insist he will remain in the country; rebels say they will not talk until he leaves. A Russian envoy’s…

Turkey breaks with Syria over crackdown
LA Times 16 Jun 2011 – Turkey, in a shift against its longtime ally, welcomes defecting Syrian officers. It also announces plans to deliver aid across the border to those displaced by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s deadly crackdown on antigovernment protesters. Turkey on Thursday signaled a diplomatic shift to further distance…

Syrian crackdown fans sectarian flames
LA Times 15 Jun 2011 – The Alawite-dominated Syrian regime’s assault on mostly Sunni and ethnic Kurdish protesters has sharpened sectarian and ethnic divisions that may spill, along with refugees, into neighboring countries. President Bashar Assad’s intensifying crackdown against a three-month-long democratic uprising has become more than a question of who…

World leaders look for way out of Libya
LA Times 15 Jun 2011 – Russia and Turkey join the discussion as concerns about the NATO campaign’s sustainability and a pending ruling by the International Criminal Court add to the urgency. With questions growing about NATO’s air war and international arrest warrants threatening to close off a diplomatic solution, new…

Libya operation will proceed despite pressure from Congress, Obama aide says
LA Times 15 Jun 2011 – The administration plans to keep running military operations in Libya even if Congress doesn’t approve, saying the U.S. role is limited and does not violate the War Powers Act. The Obama administration made clear Wednesday that it will keep running military operations in Libya even…

New York Times

Reviled Tycoon, Assad’s Cousin, Resigns in Syria
New York Times 16 Jun 2011 – Rami Makhlouf, a cousin of President Bashar al-Assad, said he was quitting business, a move seen as a major concession to antigovernment protesters.

Clans and Tribes Forge New Yemen Unity
New York Times 16 Jun 2011 – The very length of Yemen’s protests ‚Äî far longer than the 18 days of Egypt’s Tahrir Square uprising ‚Äî may be helping to overcome the country’s deep fissures.

Social Media Help Keep the Door Open to Sustained Dissent Inside Saudi Arabia
New York Times 16 Jun 2011 – Virtually any issue that contradicts official Saudi policy now pops up online, including more than 30,000 comments about a female driver’s arrest.

The Spanish Police Arrest a Mubarak Associate
New York Times 16 Jun 2011 – Hussein Salem, a close associate of former President Hosni Mubarak, was arrested on charges of money laundering, a Spanish news agency reported.

News Office in Jordan Is Damaged in an Attack
New York Times 16 Jun 2011 – The bureau chief of Agence France-Presse in Amman had received threats after the agency reported two days earlier of an assault on the king’s convoy.

Israel Warns Of Using Force If New Flotilla Heads to Gaza
New York Times 16 Jun 2011 – Israel made clear that if a new flotilla of pro-Palestinian activists sought to break its naval blockade of Gaza, the Israeli military would use force as it did a year ago.

Qaeda Selection of Its Chief Is Said to Reflect Its Flaws
New York Times 16 Jun 2011 – U.S. officials argued that the deep flaws of Ayman al-Zawahri are likely to weaken the terrorist network.


Israeli Violations of Human Rights of Lebanese Civilians
B’tselem 16 Jun 2011 – Comprehensive report, January 2000 Israel’s war against various armed groups, waged along its northern border and in Lebanese territory, has continued for more than twenty years. Some of this period has been relatively quiet. However, there have also been particularly violent periods, the most violent being Operation Litani (1978), the Lebanon War (1982), Operation Accountability (1993), and Operation Grapes of Wrath (1996).

Investigation into Border Police violence against protesters
B’tselem 16 Jun 2011 – On Friday, 13.5.2011, Border Police officers dispersed the protesters with severe violence even though the protesters did not throw stones or endanger the security forces in any way. The breaking up of the protest was documented by B’Tselem volunteers.

15 June ’11: Investigation into Border Police violence against protesters in a-Nabi Saleh
B’tselem 15 Jun 2011 – Residents of the village a-Nabi Saleh, north-west of Ramallah, hold weekly popular protests against the takeover of the village’s land by settlers. On Friday, 13.5.2011, Border Police officers dispersed the protesters with severe violence even though the protesters did not throw stones or endanger the security forces in any way. During the breaking up of the protest, documented by B’Tselem volunteers Bilal Tamimi and Nariman Tamimi, Border Police officers beat protesters with their hands and with clubs, kicked them, swore at them, sprayed several people with pepper spray and arrested three female protesters using disproportionate force.

US talks peace and prepares for war in Sudan
WSWS – Washington has intervened in Libya with bombing raids aimed at overthrowing the Gaddafi regime. Now it is preparing another African intervention and has Sudan in his sights.

JVP Rabbinical Council’s Brant Rosen on Tamimi case
Jewish Voice for Peace –

After ‘Amina’: Thoughts from Cairo
Mondoweiss – Amina Arraf fooled me. I share this with plenty of others, but it’s still embarrassing. Now, as other straight men start to appear from behind their lesbian masks (“Oh, but I’m a very good man . I’m just a very bad wizard,” they’ll all say), we’re going…

Matan Ofan — in Israeli military uniform — threatens mutiny, indiscriminate shooting to prevent ‘Sudanis or Syrians’ from reaching Tel Aviv
Mondoweiss – The man in the video is Matanya Ofan, co-founder of Hakol Hayehudi, a Jewish-supremacist hate-speech radio station based in Izhar (recently investigated by Israel’s police due to suspicions of being involved in making the military look stupid – and not due to their explicit involvement in “…

Elbit, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell — worst threesome ever
Neged Neshek – Elbit Systems is in talks with Honeywell and Rockwell Collins about future cooperation for next-generation avionics. Elbit is seeking partners for its CockpitNG system. Elbit’s avionics systems are helping to bomb Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in addition to Gaza.

Uzbek Defense Minister visits ADS plant in Azerbaijan
Neged Neshek – A military delegation from Uzkbekistan recently visited Aeronautics Defense Systems’ Azad factory in Baku, Azerbaijan. The factory, built by ADS and which produces Aerostar and Orbiter UAV models under license, began production earlier this year. This might lead to be the first Azerbaijani exports of Israeli…

Bahraini blogger on State Dep’t tour says Hillary Clinton ‘betrayed’ and ‘crushed’ Bahrain democracy movement
Mondoweiss – I came to Netroots Nation with a keen sense that I’d be disappointed by what the progressive base of the Democratic Party has to say about the Middle East, but a Bahraini writer who is on a State Department-sponsored tour and is afraid to publish in…

When the Obama administration seeks to establish its pro-Israel bona fides, it’s no critics allowed
Mondoweiss – Assistant Secretary of State Esther Brimmer, who heads the department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, delivered a humdinger of a speech yesterday to the AIPAC derivative “think tank” Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). During her speech , Brimmer recounted the Obama Administration’s multi-pronged efforts to…

Fighter jet engines stolen! Kol hakavod!
Neged Neshek – In what is probably the best arms industry news I’ve heard recently, eight F-15 and F-16 engines were recently stolen from from the Tel Nof air base and were most likely sold for scrap metal. Kol hakavod thieves! Keep up the good work! This might not…

SIBAT reports records arms exports in 2010
Neged Neshek – Shmaya Avieli, head of SIBAT, announced on Wednesday a new record for Israeli exports of weaponry. The article notes his distress and the potential ending of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Exports amounted to $7.2 billion for the year, compared to $6.9 billion in 2010 and $…

UC Santa Cruz students denounce anti-Palestinian hate message posted on pro-Israel student group Facebook page
Mondoweiss – We’ve been following the story of the U.S. Department of Education’s investigation into charges of anti-Semitism at UC Santa Cruz following a series of events critical of the Israeli occupation. The issue has been contentious on campus, and Rebecca Pierce, a Jewish student at UC Santa…

ADS exports first Orbiter 3 UAVs
Neged Neshek – Aeronautics has exported its first Orbiter 3 tactical drones. Ran Carmeli, division head at Aeronautics, said the systems “brings to the unmanned systems market capabilities that did not exist previously. A field deployed, 25 kg, electric powered UAS, can now deliver the same [intelligence, surveillance, target…

CIA Participated in Smear Campaign Against Juan Cole
Tikun Olam – Glenn Carle, former CIA officer, resisted White House efforts to investigate Juan Cole (Stephen Crowley/NYT) In 2006, I wrote about a nasty smear campaign mounted against Juan Cole , who’d been nominated for a prestigious endowed chair in history at Yale. Jewish pro-Israel alumni and right-wing blogs…

Misc 2

Top 10 Reasons why Rafah opening doesn’t cut it
The Only Democracy? JVP2 16 Jun 2011 – From Gisha’s Gaza Gateway, more on the inadequacy of the new Rafah Crossing rules on the Egypt-Gaza border. The top 10 reasons why the opening of Rafah Crossing just doesn’t cut it In no particular order of importance, we thought we’d list some of the reasons…

Cost of crime in Israel is $4 billion a year
Middle East Monitor 16 Jun 2011 – An Israeli government report has revealed that the cost of crime in the country is more than $4 billion a year. The report by the Ministry of Public Security says that the financial toll is calculated according to how much crimes cost the government, in relation…

The Right of Return and the Right to Break the Fence
Middle East Monitor 16 Jun 2011 – When the 12-year-old ‘Imad saw his mother prepare some sandwiches, which they can have during the march on 15/5/2011 to the southern Lebanese borders with Palestine, he wondered in surprise, “What is the food for? Will we have the time to eat it? Aren’t we going…

Syria army enters towns in north
BBC 16 Jun 2011 – Syrian security forces move on two northern towns as one of the key members of the country’s inner circle relinquishes his business interests.

Clinton ‘concern’ at rape reports
BBC 16 Jun 2011 – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accuses forces loyal to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi of using rape as a weapon of war.

Three dead in Israel flat blast
BBC 16 Jun 2011 – Three people die after a gas leak sparks a huge explosion at a block of flats in the Israeli city of Netanya.

Inside Syria
BBC 16 Jun 2011 – Watch secretly filmed videos of protests across the country


The Right of Return and the Right to Break the Fence
Dr. Mohsen M. Saleh, Middle East Monitor (MEMO)6/16/2011
When the 12-year-old ‘Imad saw his mother prepare some sandwiches, which they can have during the march on 15/5/2011 to the southern Lebanese borders with Palestine, he wondered in surprise, “What is the food for? Will we have the time to eat it? Aren’t we going today to the borders of Palestine to fight the Israelis?”
The message which this kid and his peers have conveyed gave that event another dimension. These marches of return that headed towards the borders with Palestine, which was occupied in 1948 and became known as Israel, turned into a landmark in the Palestinian approach to the right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland.
The Return Marches: A Turning Point
The crowds that participated in the marches in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, West Bank and the Gaza Strip in addition to those killed while trying to penetrate the border fence represented three important indicators:
First: Transforming the right of return from a theoretical framework or a nostalgic wish to a practical program. This indicates that Palestinian refugees are adherent to their land and that their stay in host countries depends on their ability to return. Thus, this indicator sends a reassuring message to the host countries which are concerned about naturalization.
Second: The strong transition of the issue of return to the third generation. This proves that the owners of this right have not forgotten it but rather became more ready to die for it. They are ready to use new, effective, and even costly methods which have not been used by their fathers or grandfathers. The vast majority of participants were the youth and almost all of those who were killed and wounded were the young also. This conveys an important and decisive message in this respect and proves that the Israeli hope “The old will die and the young will forget” did not come true. Hence, the hopes of those concerned about the right of return were boosted as much as the Israeli side was frustrated. more.. e-mail


Drone Diplomacy
Geoff Simons, Americans for Middle East Understanding – AMEU6/15/2011
April – May 2011, Volume 44, Issue 2
There are many types of international diplomacy intended to protect and further the interests of nation states. When Hillary Clinton, U.S. secretary of state, says that the United States will continue to fund the Palestinian Authority only if Mahmoud Abbas remains its leader, we witness a classic case of dollar diplomacy. And yet despite the U.S. funding of Israel and Egypt to the tune of billions of dollars per year, Washington was mysteriously unable to use dollar diplomacy to end the excesses of the Mubarak dictatorship, and still can’t end the many Israeli violations of international law. Of course, behind the diplomatic options that economic dominance provides, there is also the unassailable diplomatic power facilitated by military muscle. The international diplomat, when able to speak for a superpower, can both bribe and bully.
It’s called gunboat diplomacy, and it’s as old as the conflict between nations.
The term originated in the era of European imperialism, when a show of military might off the coast was often sufficient to intimidate other states into granting trade or territorial concessions. The United States has long practiced gunboat diplomacy as an exercise of hegemony. Theodore Roosevelt favored “big stick” diplomacy, and Woodrow Wilson is judged to have practiced conventional gunboat diplomacy in 1914 when the rebel C?°ndido Agular occupied Veracruz during the Mexican revolution (countless earlier examples could be given from the 19th century).
The most dramatic example of American gunboat diplomacy was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki–not to impress Japan, since the war was already won, but to intimidate the Soviet Union. In March 1944 the Nobel laureate Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat was shocked to hear General Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Project, say: “You realize of course that the real purpose of making the bomb is to subdue our chief enemy, the Russians.” more.. e-mail

Analysis: And what about statehood?
Daoud Kuttab, Ma’an News Agency6/16/2011
The Palestinian strategy to achieve statehood is making significance progress among certain international political circles, but it is still lacking the necessary coordination and cohesion to bear the desired results.
President Mahmoud Abbas and his West Bank Prime Minister Salam Fayyad have succeeded in detonating the familiar anti-Palestinian arsenal that Israel’s public relations teams have employed against Palestinian aspirations.
The rejection by the Palestinian leadership of any form of military resistance, and the focus on building the infrastructure of a state rather than cursing the Israelis, has placed Israel in a difficult position internationally.
However, it is unlikely that Palestinian statehood can be achieved simply by following this course of action.
It is sad to admit, but US President Barack Obama is right about one thing: Going to the United Nations General Assembly and extracting a majority vote will not, by itself, end the Israeli occupation.
A UN vote, however, could be key to statehood if it is part of a wider strategy. But as this moment no such coherent and well-coordinated strategy exists.
What should such a strategy look like?
Naturally, seeking national liberation requires a united domestic front. The most prominent Palestinian factions have taken an important step in this direction by signing the reconciliation accords in Cairo in May, but it doesn’t appear that there is serious, continuous and concerted effort to unify the Palestinian people. more.. e-mail

Interview: Mazin Qumsiyeh on popular resistance and breaking the spell of fear
Electronic Intifada: 16 Jun 2011 – David Cronin The Electronic Intifada David Cronin interviews Palestinian activist Mazin Qumsiyeh, author of the new book Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment , on the popular struggle in the occupied West Bank and his experience being arrested and detained by Israeli forces.more

Israel plans to forcibly transfer 40,000 Bedouin citizens
Electronic Intifada: 16 Jun 2011 – Jillian Kestler-D’Amours The Electronic Intifada A new Israeli proposal that would forcibly transfer more than 40,000 Bedouin citizens into government-planned townships in the Negev (Naqab) desert has raised the ire of Bedouin communities and their supporters, who say that the plan is both discriminatory and ignores the Bedouins’ historic connection to the land.more

“Permanent” Despair: Did Egypt Really Open Rafah Crossing?
Dissident Voice: 16 Jun 2011 – For most Palestinians, leaving Gaza through Egypt is as exasperating a process as entering it. Governed by political and cultural sensitivities, most Palestinian officials and public figures refrain from criticizing the way Palestinians are treated at the Rafah border. However, there is really no diplomatic language to describe the relationship between desperate Palestinians — some literally fighting for their lives — and Egyptian officials at the crossing which separates Gaza from Egypt. “Gazans are treated like animals at the border,” a friend of mine told me. She was afraid that her fiancé would not be allowed to leave Gaza, despite the fact that his papers were in order. Having crossed the border myself just a few days ago, I could not disagree with her statement. The New York Times reported on June 8: “After days of acrimony between Hamas and Egypt over limitations on who could pass through the Rafah…more

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