Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 26, 2011

26 June 2011 — Stop Nato

  • Libya Seeks Nigeria’s Aid To End NATO Bombardments
  • U.S. Troops Deploy With Polish Counterparts For Afghan War
  • NATO To Keep Slovak Troops In Afghanistan
  • NATO Tanker Set On Fire In Pakistan
  • U.S., German Troops In ‘Unparalleled’ Czech Border Exercise

Libya Seeks Nigeria’s Aid To End NATO Bombardments

Press Trust of India
June 26, 2011

Libya seeks Nigeria’s help to end NATO bombardments
From Paul Ohia

Abuja: Libya has sought Nigeria’s help to halt the air attacks by NATO forces which seeks to force the embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to quit.

Libyan Foreign minister Abdullahi Oubaidi met President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday and said he extracted a promise from the Nigerian leader to take up the issue at the forthcoming meeting of the African Union in Equatorial Guinea.

‘The action of NATO is a strict violation of the sovereignty of Libya. The matter ought to have been allowed for internal resolution but has been blown out of control by NATO which has been bombing and killing innocent civilians’, Oubaidi said adding that infrastructure in the country was totally being destroyed.

Initial missile bombardments led by France was followed by a combination of attacks by other world powers with war planes trailed by combat helicopters.

The African Union has sent several emissaries including South African President Jacob Zuma to the country to seek a peaceful solution to the civil war.

During the India-Africa Forum Summit held recently in Addis Ababa, President Teodore Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea and the Chairman of the African Union lamented the backseat given to Africa in tackling such problems.


U.S. Troops Deploy With Polish Counterparts For Afghan War

State Journal-Register
June 21, 2011

18 Illinois Guard members to join Polish forces in Afghanistan

Sgt. David Sworobowicz soon will be putting his Polish language skills to good use in Afghanistan.

Sworobowicz, a Springfield resident who grew up near Chicago, is one of 18 Illinois National Guard soldiers who are deploying to Afghanistan with a Polish army unit…

As part of his duties, Sworobowicz will translate between the Polish soldiers and Illinois Guard personnel.

While in Afghanistan, the Guard members will be working with the Poles on a variety of missions, including security operations.

The Illinois National Guard has had a partnership with Poland since 1993. Since then, the Illinois Army National Guard has participated in more than 30 exercises with Polish land forces.

Purple’s team represents the 14th rotation of Illinois Guard personnel supporting operations in either Afghanistan or Iraq.

The team will leave Thursday for two weeks of training at Camp Atterbury, near Edinburgh, Ind. They will then head to Poland where they will train with Polish forces for about two months and should arrive in Afghanistan in the fall for a six-month deployment.


NATO To Keep Slovak Troops In Afghanistan

Voice of Russia
June 25, 2011

Slovakia not withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

Slovakia does not plan to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by 2014 said the Press-Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Slovakia, Ivan Rudolph.

‘The armed forces of Slovakia will be in Afghanistan until the end of the process of transferring responsibility for security to local authorities in 2014. Gradually we will move to aiding in the training of Afghan security forces, ‘- he said.

Currently Slovakia has 323 troops in Afghanistan.


NATO Tanker Set On Fire In Pakistan

Associated Press of Pakistan
June 26, 2011

NATO container set ablaze

MASTUNG: Unidentified gunmen set ablaze a NATO container in Mastung on Saturday.

A police official said that a container carrying supplies for the NATO forces was on its way to Afghanistan from Karachi when unidentified armed men intercepted it and opened indiscriminate fire at it.

Resultantly, the container caught fire and was gutted, however, the driver and cleaner remained unhurt. Police have cordoned off the area and started search operation.


U.S., German Troops In ‘Unparalleled’ Czech Border Exercise

Czech News Agency
June 21, 2011

Czech, US, German soldiers to join unique border exercise

Plzen, West Bohemia: Some 60 professional soldiers and military reserves from the Czech Republic, Germany and the United States will take part in the 12th border exercise in Plzen and Gare, Germany, this week, Plzen Regional Military Command chief Roman Kucera told reporters Monday.

The Patrouille-Hlidka-Euregio-Egrensis exercise, which is unparalleled in the Czech Republic, will focus on military tasks and rescue operations, Kucera said.

Soldiers will be divided into mixed international teams to fulfil several tasks…

The exercise is to extend cooperation of border regions and improve soldiers’ military and non-military skills, Kucera pointed out.

After the Czech part of the exercise ends and is assessed, the event will move to Germany where soldiers are to fulfill other tasks, Slavomir Tomcak, from the Regional Military Command, said.

The team competitions in the complex of the miliary shooting range in Plzen-Lobzy will be open to the public.…

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