5 Videos: Black Agenda Video Update — Eyewitness Libya, Confronting the Black Caucus on Libya

8 July 2011 — Black Agenda Report – News, commentary and analysis from the black left

We usually send weekly updates on Wednesday. But events are moving quickly and the tide of corporate media disinformation is rising. The illegal and unjust war in Libya, along with similar adventures in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan grind on. A handful of US citizens, among them former GA congresswoman Cynthia McKinney have gone to Libya and returned to bear witness. Their message is important.

We urgently request that you forward this email and pass the four links to these YouTube videos containing their testimony, along with the first YouTube video which records what happened when a delegation of people in Atlanta confronted their congressman John Lewis, reportedly a man of peace and nonviolence, for voting to fund the bombing of Libya. Atlanta activists have promised to carry their concerns to other members of the Congressional Black Caucus in their state in the coming weeks.

Atlanta Citizens Confront Rep. John Lewis Over Votes
to Fund the Bombing of Africans in Libya
EYEWITNESS LIBYA: Harlem Report Back, Part 1
EYEWITNESS LIBYA: Harlem Report Back, Part 2
EYEWITNESS LIBYA: Harlem Report Back, Part 3, Q & A
EYEWITNESS LIBYA:  Houston TX Presentation

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