Wikileaks Newslinks 9 July 2011

9 July 2011 —

Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaks
USA Today
By Raphael G. Satter, AP LONDON — Visa said Friday it has closed a donation channel to WikiLeaks after a payment processor briefly accepted money transfers to the anti-secrecy site. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange attends a debate on the subject of …

Musharraf pressed Iran to abandon nuclear program: Wikileaks
The News International
KARACHI: Secret US cables have revealed that the government of president
Musharraf had been discouraging Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The
cables from May 2006 revealed that on several occasions then president
Pervaiz Musharraf, prime minister …

The WikiLeaks Illusion
The Wilson Quarterly
by Alasdair Roberts WikiLeaks’ tsunami of revelations from US government
sources last year did not change the world, but it did change WikiLeaks.
Late last November, the antisecrecy group WikiLeaks achieved the greatest
triumph in its short history. …

Wikileaks’ Leaky Finances
K College Index
First completely artificial windpipe implanted in 36-year-old cancer
patient; pretty cool. Read more here. ‘Flytilla’…not going so well. Read
more here. NFL labor dispute wrapping up after four long months. Read more
here. Welcome to the world, …

Siniora and WikiLeaks
These words have become part of the party’s unwavering daily rhetoric
despite two tough tests they have stood, namely the WikiLeaks test and the
one pertaining to the network of collaborators within the party. The
strangest thing of all is that these …

PNP avoids Peter Phillips WikiLeaks controversy
Go Jamaica
The comments contained in cables released by the whistle-blower
organisation, WikiLeaks, has ignited a firestorm. However, the People’s
National Party(PNP) asserted it will not respond to them. The July 8, 2008
cable charged that Dr Phillips agreed …
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Visa Europe Again Closes Payment Gateway to WikiLeaks
American Banker
By Victoria Johnson WikiLeaks supporters briefly regained access to Visa’s
payment gateway in a series of rapid midweek developments, but by Friday
the gateway closed again… To continue reading, log in, register or
subscribe below.

Shuttle ready; Weather, not so much…House works on defense bill today
LONDON (AP) — Visa says an apparent reopening of donations to WikiLeaks
was accidental and has been stopped. Visa is one of several financial and
Internet service companies that severed ties to WikiLeaks following its
disclosure of thousands of …

High-profile cyberattacks in 2011
Globe and Mail
British police arrested five people on suspicion of involvement in cyber
attacks conducted by an Internet hacking group that has backed WikiLeaks.
The five males, aged from 15 to 26, were arrested during an early morning
raid at their homes across the …

AP Technology NewsBrief at 6:16 pm EDT
APNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaksLONDON (AP) _ Visa said
Friday it has closed a donation channel to WikiLeaks after a payment
processor briefly accepted money transfers to the anti-secrecy site. Visa
and MasterCard were two of several …

Bahamian Government Alarmed by Haitian Birth Rate
Defend Haiti
The Bahamas is concerned about the numbers of children born to Haitian
women at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), the main hospital in the
country, says a US diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks published by the
Nassau Guardian. …

When French Was the Language of Enlightenment
New York Times
By CAROLINE WEBER A few months ago, WikiLeaks’ publication of confidential
cables from American embassies around the world inspired a mock news item
headlined “Sarkozy Admits French Language a Hoax.” According to this
report, France’s diplomatic …

Bootup: How Apple plans to capture your cursive
Financial Post
Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks has undoubtedly lost out on some cash
after major payment processors such as PayPal, Visa and MasterCard decided
to cut ties with the group late last year. Although they did suffer a
series of cyber attacks from …

Police question head of recently-launched “Hungarian WikiLeaks”
The portal has come to be known as Hungary’s answer to WikiLeaks. Police
grilled Bodoky over an article about the hacking of Brokernet’s IT system
last year that the website had published Wednesday. The National Bureau of
Investigation is also looking …

Film Review: Page One: A Year Inside The New York Times (2.5 stars)
National Post
That much is abundantly clear in the new documentary Page One: A Year
Inside The New York Times, Andrew Rossi’s timely peek into the Gray Lady,
covering everything from WikiLeaks to the iPad and The Times’ online
paywall. …

APNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaks
Newsday (subscription)
Click here APNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaks Originally
published: July 7, 2011 3:26 PM Updated: July 8, 2011 7:04 AM By The
Associated Press RAPHAEL G. SATTER (Associated Press) (AP) — Visa said
Friday it has closed a donation …

Top 5 infamous data breaches
Computer Business Review (blog)
Thanks to WikiLeaks and hacktivists Anonymous, data breaches have never
been higher up the agenda. CBR looks at some of the more infamous incidents
of data loss Perhaps the most serious data breach involving UK citizens. A
junior worker at HM Revenue …

Cleveland Police extends outsourcing contract
The extension of the “shared services partnership” will deliver “additional
savings in excess of £9 million”, said Cleveland Police Authority.
Wikileaks – fearless whistleblowers or irresponsible nuisances? Keep up to
date with the latest developments. …

Whistleblower accuses Caterpillar of avoiding taxes: Daily Whistleblower News
Government Accountability Project (blog)
Summary: Wikileaks has released a video parodying popular MasterCard
commercials, to fight back against credit card companies withholding
donations to the organzation. In a related piece, journalist Amy Goodman
argues that WikiLeaks has triumphed over …

53 survive DR. Congo plane crash
The News International
LONDON: Visa Europe said on Friday it has reinstated its block on credit
card donations to whistleblower website WikiLeaks, after discovering it had
been breached, prompting the website to launch legal action. “An acquirer
briefly accepted payments on …

Christina Patterson: Loyalty is a noble thing – and sometimes horribly misplaced
The Independent
First, there was Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the German spokesman for WikiLeaks
(who is, apparently, a real person) who resigned from WikiLeaks in
September. Then there was Nick Davies, the brilliant Guardian journalist
whose brilliant journalism about …

Phone hacking – open thread
The Guardian (blog)
The Guardian with the Wikileaks info, the NoTW with their own dodgy
journo’s doing the dirty work. Can’t say I am especially surprised, and I’m
sure it will happen again. Well done Guardian. Now stop over-egging the
pudding Wapping-gate reminds us that …

Q&A with ForeScout Technologies
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
FT: You are certainly are seeing more security issues and attacks in the
news – from WikiLeaks, espionage and hacktivists to data breaches due to
lost notebooks and smartphones. From our vantage point, our customers are
looking for greater visibility …

Back to the future: Is media returning to the 19th century?
These are all issues that we have written about as well, including the idea
that Wikileaks is a journalistic entity, and that social media makes
journalism more human, whether media outlets like it or not. As The
Economist notes, up until the early …

Visa and MasterCard again suspending donations to WikiLeaks
All information reproduced on the Web pages of (including
articles, images, photographs, and logos) is protected by intellectual
property rights owned by® Inc. or, in certain cases, by its
author. …

Suicide of the Press
New York Sun
But how hypocritical it is that the New York Times can make a business out
of, say, distributing secret American intelligence documents hacked by the
suppliers of Wikileaks only to mount the high horse against the News of the
World for hacking private …

Visa (NYSE:V – Analyst Report) has decided to shut a donation channel to
WikiLeaks after payment processor DataCell that briefly accepted money
transfers to the site. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange claims that the
seven-month-long blockade by Visa, …

ISPA names Andrew Crossley as Internet Villain for 2011
An altogether different lawyer, Mark Stephens, who defended Wikileaks
whistleblower Julian Assange, gave the opening speech at the event, where
he spoke about the importance of freedom of speech on the internet. The
Internet Villain award was won last …

News of the World up there with Wikileaks ‘scandal’
3News NZ
British Prime Minister David Cameron has set up two sweeping inquiries into
the media after his own press secretary was arrested over the News of the
World phone hacking scandal. Andy Coulson, a former editor at the paper,
had resigned from Mr …

Breaking out of Insular Cultures
We must contend with the transparency brought on by e-mail, blogs,
Facebook, YouTube , Twitter, and WikiLeaks. Try as they may, companies can
never again bury their issues in-house for long. With rapidly compounding
breadth and depth of information, …

New World Privacy is over-rated
The New Age Online
I support the efforts of related sites and their contributors such as
Wikileaks – and there are more out there than you might think. That said,
I don’t support the revealing of documents simply because they are
classified. Julian Assange or another …

Q&A: Christian Dawson of ServInt on Public Policy and Hosting
Web Host Industry Review
They will also tackle issues that involve managing customers whose websites
contain controversial content, such as Wikileaks. In an email interview
with the WHIR, Dawson gives prospective attendees an idea of what they can
expect from his upcoming …

News Bites: Twitter valued at $8 billion
The Hill (blog)
Rupert Murdoch is shuttering his British tabloid News of the World after a
scandal involving payments to police. Ars Technica traces the history of
online music licensing. Visa says it’s still not processing payments for

NewsDaily: Exclusive: WikiLeaks loses Icelandic financial lifeline
By Maria Aspan
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lost a financial lifeline. Since
December, bans by the world’s major credit card networks, it has been
difficult for supporters of the controversial whistleblower to send him

Visa again blockades WikiLeaks’ credit card donations | The Raw Story
By Stephen C. Webster
U.S. credit card provider Visa said Thursday that a payment processor in
Iceland briefly opened the floodgates to donations to secrets outlet
WikiLeaks, so they took the necessary steps to close them again. …

WikiLeaks accepting credit card funds again | TG Daily
By David Gomez
WikiLeaks is able to accept credit card donations again. According to the
Associated Press, Andreas Fink, the chief executive of Icelandic payment
processor DataCell, told them Thursday that that Visa and MasterCard were
processing …

Visa Shuts Down DataCell’s Donation Processing for WikiLeaks Again …
By emptywheel
Well, I guess this will add to the evidence that Visa is refusing to accept
donations from DataCell because it works with WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks getting credit card funds again | KBOI 2 – Boise News …
WikiLeaks has again begun accepting credit card donations, a company
affiliated with the secret-spilling site said Thursday.

Visa says it has closed channel to WikiLeaks site after briefly …
LONDON (AP) — Visa says it has closed channel to WikiLeaks site after
briefly accepting donations.

Visa Blocks WikiLeaks Europe Donations | Stock Market News
By edliston
WikiLeaks continues to experience problems despite the fact that they have
not released any secretive information recently. In November of 2010,
WikiLeaks along.

Why Visa and MasterCard Briefly Funnelled Money to Wikileaks …
A corporate hiccup briefly ended Visa and MasterCard’s financial blockade.

APNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaks – WAVE 3 News …
WAVE 3 News – Louisville, KentuckyAPNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for
WikiLeaks. Member Center: Create Account|; Log In; Manage Account|; Log

APNewsBreak: Visa again blocks funds for WikiLeaks
KLAS-TV Channel 8 News Las Vegas. Local News, Weather, Traffic, Sports,
Entertainment for Las Vegas.

“friday-lunch-club”: ‘Hariri-Tribunal’ soon in Wikileaks (Al Akhbar)
By G, M, Z, or B
They won’t get in our way'” Benjamin Netanyahu. “Bandar is a huge asset to
shape Middle East revolts in a direction that serves America!” John Hannah.
Saturday, July 9, 2011. ‘Hariri-Tribunal’ soon in Wikileaks (Al Akhbar) …

Sorry Facebook, Twitter and Wikileaks… | Hyphenated-Republic
By Jaime Omar Yassin
Sorry Facebook, Twitter and Wikileaks… Posted on July 8, 2011 by Jaime
Omar Yassin · Mainstream confirmation of the fact that it was people to
people, real world connections such as the labor movement that were
responsible for Tahrir …

Lebanon news – NOW Lebanon -Siniora and WikiLeaks
These words have become part of the party’s unwavering daily rhetoric
despite two tough tests they have stood, namely the WikiLeaks test and the
one pertaining to the network of collaborators within the party. The
strangest thing of all …

Visa Again Blocks Funds for WikiLeaks –
Visa said Friday it has closed a donation channel to WikiLeaks after a
payment processor briefly accepted money transfers to the anti-secrecy

Wikileaks Can Receive Visa & Mastercard Donations Again… But …
Last week, Wikileaks and Datacell threatened to sue Mastercard, Visa and
Paypal if it didn’t stop blocking payments to Wikileaks. The claims were
basically …

WikiLeaks and other newcomers: Julian Assange and the new wave …
And then there is WikiLeaks. Launched in late 2006, it was intended to be
“an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and
analysis”, …

Exclusive: WikiLeaks loses Icelandic financial lifeline – Yahoo! News
Read ‘Exclusive: WikiLeaks loses Icelandic financial lifeline’ on Yahoo!
News. NEW YORK (Reuters) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lost a
financial …

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