Lebanese Assafir Daily: Friends of Israel assume identity of Syrian opposition in Paris meeting

6 July 2011 — Champress

assafir.jpgBEIRUT- Lebanese Assafir Daily on Wednesday said that Friends of Israel in France assumed the identity of Syrian opposition members under a cover of the Muslim Brotherhood and some Antalya Conference members during a meeting held in Paris yesterday titled ‘Supporting Syrian Movement’.

The meeting was organized by La Regle du Jeu (The Rule of the Game) magazine and website which is headed by Bernard-Henri Levy, one of the staunchest defenders of Israel along with other French figures that can only be described as Israel’s friends in France.

The newspaper added that security members at Cinema St. Germaine arrested a young girl named Thurraya before she ended her speech and dragged her out of the hall as she was saying, ‘There is no one Syrian person in this hall; I can only see Zionists’.

Another Syrian guy rose from among the 200 participants to say that he also could not see any Syrian opposition member at Paris meeting, which included unknown faces from Antalya opposition and the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper cited among the names whose flagrant Zionism did not disturb those Syrians who resorted to them the former Israeli Knesset member Alex Goldfarb, whose acting as a Syrian opposition member and speaking in the name of ‘Democratic Change in Syria’ association did not arouse any questions by any of the participants in the meeting.

Among the participants also were Bernard Kouchner, the staunchest among the advocates of the war on Iraq and the most silent on Gaza massacres, and Andre Glucksmann, a hard line right-wing anti-Arabs philosopher.

The newspaper said it was strange that the participants in the meeting did not care about the occupied Syrian Golan, while they were enthusiastic to annexing it to Israel and building new settlements.

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