Economic Abyss and Empire Run Amok: Selected Articles

12 July 2011 — Global Research

The Global Economic Abyss

Big Banks Waging Warfare Against the People of the World

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-07-12
Memo to Obama: “Create more jobs or resign”

– by Mike Whitney – 2011-07-11
Deficit Reduction Versus Democracy

– by Shamus Cooke – 2011-07-11
Geithner: “It’s Going to Feel Very Hard, Harder than Anything They’ve Experienced in Their Lifetime, For a Long Time to Come”

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-07-11
Imperial Decline: Multi-Billion-Dollar Terrorists and the Disappearing Middle Class

– by James Petras – 2011-07-10
The crumbling empire has depleted the US treasury. The cost of war erodes any possibility of maintaining stable living standards for the American middle and working classes…
  Of Course Unemployment Is Rising … Government Policy Is GUARANTEEING It

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-07-10
Mounting Public Debt. The Looting of Federal Pensions, Social Security and Medicare

– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-09
  Rising Unemployment in America: US jobs report points to renewed downturn

– by Andre Damon – 2011-07-09
Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore

– by Ellen Brown – 2011-07-09
World Bank Told to Stop Lending to Land Grabbers – Like Calyx Agro

– 2011-07-07
  Egypt vs IMF: Time to Default?

– by Eric Walberg – 2011-07-07
Killing Old People Is Fiscally Responsible

– by David Swanson – 2011-07-07
  Famine Threat In The Horn Of Africa

– by Barry Mason – 2011-07-06
  The Economy Cannot Recover As Long As Inequality Continues to Skyrocket … But Government Policy Is INCREASING Inequality

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-07-06
VIDEO: Debtocracy: Exposing the Greek Debt Crisis

Full-length documentary now on GRTV
– 2011-07-06
“Debtocracy” seeks the causes of the debt crisis and proposes solutions, hidden by the government and the dominant media.
How to Save the U.S. Labor Movement

– by Shamus Cooke – 2011-07-05
CEO Pay in US Soared 23 Percent in 2010

– by Barry Grey – 2011-07-05
No Solution to the Global Credit Crisis

Rising Gold and Silver Prices
– by Bob Chapman – 2011-07-03
The Real Cause of the U.S. Debt Crisis: Spiralling Defense Spending

– by Bruce Arnold – 2011-07-03
Economic Crisis and “Social Explosion”

– by Global Research – 2011-07-02
The Greatest Depression Has Only Begun

– by Global Research – 2011-07-02
Originating in 2008, the global economic crisis took the world by storm: banks collapsed, the “too big to fail” became bigger…
VIDEO: The End of the American Dream?

Find out what happened on GRTV
– 2011-07-01

The Empire Run Amok

  The US missile defense shield will cover the entire territory of Europe

– 2011-07-12
Israeli Flags at South Sudan Independence Celebrations

– 2011-07-12
Protecting Israeli war crimes. Nuggets from a Nut House: From Netanyahu to Mladic

– by Prof Edward S. Herman – 2011-07-12

The True Costs of America’s Wars

– by Jack A. Smith – 2011-07-11
France Says NATO Bombing Has Failed

– by Dr. Franklin P. Lamb – 2011-07-11
  Syrian protesters attack US, French embassies after ambassadors visited opposition stronghold

– by Bassem Mroue – 2011-07-11
VIDEO: Drone Wars: US Ramping Up Unmanned Air Strikes and Domestic Surveillance

New Sunday Report now on GRTV
– by James Corbett, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-07-10
VIDEO: West Funnels Illegal Weapons Into Libya

On-the-ground report from Tripoli now on GRTV
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-07-09
  Moscow Confronts US-NATO on Syria. West’s Unilateral Pressure On Syria is Inadmissable

– 2011-07-09
  US House votes against aid for Libya’s rebels

– 2011-07-08
  U.S. Wants Gaddafi Toppled By September

– by Paul Joseph Watson – 2011-07-08
The Militarization of the Arctic.

– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-07-08
Interviews from Libya: What is Happening on the Ground

From Global Research’s Special Correspondent
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-07-08
Dissecting a global empire and the US ‘war on terror”

The International Festival for People’s Rights and Struggles
– by Marya Salamat – 2011-07-08
Palestine’s ‘last village’ faces the bulldozers

Lifta to make way for Jewish vacation homes
– by Jonathan Cook – 2011-07-08

Global Research report from Tripoli
– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-07-07
VIDEO: Operation Libya: Insurrection and Military Intervention

Hear the latest interview on GlobalResearchTV
– by Prof Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-07-07
Risk-Free And Above The Law: U.S. Globalizes Drone Warfare

– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-07-07
Unmanned aerial vehicles have no pilots on board, so the lives of U.S. service members are safe as Pakistanis, Afghans, Libyans, Iraqis, Yemenis and Somalis are torn to shreds by U.S. strikes.
The “War On Terror” Is A $6 Trillion Racket, Exceeding The Total Cost Of World War II

– by David DeGraw – 2011-07-06
  Rejection by African Union of ICC’s Qaddafi arrest warrant reveals ICC as hoax

It’s Official: International Criminal Court has ZERO Mandate
– by Tony Cartalucci – 2011-07-06
  NATO War Crimes: Red Cross alarmed by Libya situation, fears worse

– by Stephanie Nebehay – 2011-07-06
  Yemen Continues to Inspire Amid Great Odds

– by Ramzy Baroud – 2011-07-06
  Report: Ground Invasion of Libya Within Two Weeks

– by Paul Joseph Watson – 2011-07-05
NATO War Crimes: Depleted Uranium Found in Libya by Scientists

– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-07-05
France arms anti-Gaddafi forces

– by Julie Hyland – 2011-07-03
War Propaganda: Western Media Promotes NATO Terror Bombing of Libya

– by Stephen Lendman – 2011-07-03
Libya: Unending American Hostility

– by William Blum – 2011-07-03
Canadian military bases on foreign soil

– by Canadian Peace Congress – 2011-07-02
The Powers of Manipulation: Islam as a Geopolitical Tool to Control the Middle East

– by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 2011-07-02
Creating Political and Social Chaos. The New Model of “Calvinist Islam”
America: An Empire in Decline Part 1: Dawn of a New Century – by Devon DB – 2011-07-02 America: An Empire in Decline

Part 1: Dawn of a New Century
– by Devon DB – 2011-07-02


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