Syria Newslinks 13 July 2011

13 July 2011 —

Activist: Bomb hits gas pipeline in eastern Syria
The Associated Press
BEIRUT (AP) — A human rights activist says a bomb has damaged a natural gas pipeline in eastern Syria. It’s the first attack on the country’s oil industry amid a monthslong uprising against the regime. Rami Abdul-Rahman from the London-based Syrian …

Residents say bombs damage 2 gas pipelines in Syria
AMMAN (Reuters) – Residents said bomb explosions damaged two minor gas pipelines in eastern Syria on Wednesday, adding that it was the first attack on oil infrastructure since a four-month uprising against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad. …

Life Among Syria’s Not-So-Secret Police
Wall Street Journal
By JONATHAN G. PANTER One day, when there is peace and freedom in Syria, travel to its northern city of Aleppo. Take a service taxi from the southern outskirts into neighboring Idlib, before driving east through the hills and olive groves. …

West ups pressure for UN action on Syria
Khaleej Times
DAMASCUS — Western governments ratcheted up the pressure for UN Security Council action against Syria on Wednesday with France branding blocking moves by China and Russia ‘indecent.’ US President Barack Obama said Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad had no …

Reaction to McConnell’s Speech and Pro-Government Protests in Syria: Today’s …
ABC News (blog)
TAPPER: Also, I’m not sure if I missed this, but have you guys at the White House reacted at all to what’s been going on at the US embassy in Syria, the demonstrations and the violence? CARNEY: Yes, and — we have, and the Secretary of State has. …

Cypriots wake up to hard facts after naval base blast
People’s Daily Online
A total of 98 containers packed with confiscated military explosives and munitions destined for Syria exploded at dawn on Monday at Mari Naval Base on the south coast of Cyprus. The blast killed Cyprus’ navy chief, the base commander and four other …

First Read – U.S. shifts policy on Syria
By First Read
While peaceful anti-government protests continue to be repressed by Syrian security forces, anti-American mobs wreaked havoc on the U.S. embassy in Damascus yesterday.

Syria: Clinton Comments Are A ‘Provocative Reaction’
By The Huffington Post News Editors
BEIRUT — Syria accused Washington of provocation Tuesday after the U.S. said President Bashar Assad had lost legitimacy and the American administration had nothing invested in him remaining in power. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary …

SA on Syria: Erring on the side of caution? – News – Mail …
Syrian activists spent last week trying in vain to persuade the South African government to condemn the Syria’s military crackdown on protesters.

Eunomia » Turkey and Syria
By Daniel Larison
But neither applies in Syria. This is an easy call: We have a chance to eliminate one of America’s worst enemies in the region—the linchpin of Iran’s alliances and terrorist apparatus. We have a chance to traumatize Tehran: The world …

Capture the Flag: U.S. envoy in Syria gets stolen flag back after …
ABC News’ Kirit Radia (@kiritradia_abc) reports: The US Embassy in Damascus was open for business today, just a day after an unruly mob stormed the gates and made it to the top of the building before Marine guards chased them.

US, France Confront Syria Over Embassy Protests | Middle East …
They accuse Damascus of organizing angry demonstrations outside their
missions in Syria.

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