Murdoch’s News Corp Newslinks 14-15 July 2011

15 July 2011 —

15 July 2011

Murdoch outfoxed in UK as trouble brews across the pond Today at 06:50 RT
Rupert Murdoch’s disgraced media empire is now under FBI investigation over the possibility that the voicemails of 9/11 victims and their families were intercepted.”

Gordon Brown a hacking target as Murdoch delays BSkyB bid
Mathaba News Briefing (Alerts) Today at 02:00
Gordon Brown a hacking target as Murdoch delays BSkyB bid
Former prime British minister Gordon Brown was a target of illegal data gathering by Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers. more…”

Rupert breaks his silence to defend himself, his son and his embattled empire
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
Since his arrival in Britain to manage the phone-hacking crisis, just two words have been uttered in public by Rupert Murdoch.”

No escape as Murdoch faces date with phone-hacking victims
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
Rupert Murdoch will come face to face with victims of his employees’ systematic phone hacking next week after the media mogul gave way and agreed to give evidence on the scandal to Parliament.”

Murdoch hit by FBI 9/11 hacking inquiry
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
The investigation into criminal behaviour by journalists at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp crossed the Atlantic yesterday as the FBI opened an inquiry into claims that the News of the World tried to hack the phones of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.”

James Murdoch paid £100,000 to meet Pope
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
The Catholic Church has been criticised for accepting a six-figure donation from James Murdoch ahead of him being given a personal audience with Pope Benedict during last year’s papal visit. Mr Murdoch was among major donors who were invited to personally greet Pope Benedict after a special mass at Westminster Cathedral during the pontiff’s visit last September. It is believed that the Murdoch family paid a contribution towards the Papal visit of around £100,000.”

Disgraced minister’s partner recruited to the Murdoch PR team
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
News International has taken on a former speechwriter for Paddy Ashdown and press secretary to Charles Kennedy in a fresh bid to cope with the deluge of global media coverage that has engulfed the company over the phone-hacking scandal.”

14 July 2011

Murdoch rejects ex-PM’s attacks
BBC News Yesterday at 22:41
Rupert Murdoch says Gordon Brown was ‘entirely wrong’ to accuse his UK newspapers of widespread law-breaking as the tycoon defends the firm’s handling of the phone hacking crisis.”

FBI opens probe of News Corp. over alleged 9/11 hacks Yesterday at 22:17 RT
As allegations escalate about even more wrong doings carried out by the staff of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, the FBI formally opened up an investigation in the US today on possible hacks carried out by News Corp. in…”

Murdoch defends hacking handling
BBC News Yesterday at 21:58
News Corporation’s chairman Rupert Murdoch says his company has handled the phone-hacking crisis ‘extremely well’ and will recover.”

William Yesterday at 20:21 InI
Rupert Murdoch withdrew his bid for British broadcaster BSkyB on Wednesday in the face of cross-party hostility in parliament following allegations of widespread criminality at one of his tabloid newspapers.”

Murdoch Media Empire: A Journalistic Travesty
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 20:10 GREANVILLEPOST
July 14, 2011By Karl Grossman
The scandal shaking Rupert Murdoch’s media holdings in Britain could be expected of a global media empire intoxicated with power and lacking any ethical base.”

Murdoch & News Corps — The cancer eating the heart out of our democracy
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 19:33 GREANVILLE POST
July 14, 2011
By Ted Newcomen
Credit: News Corps – Worse than cancer by Workshy
Recent coverage of the trials & tribulations of Rupert Murdoch and his New Corps group has largely been confined to the UK — but similar, if not worse problems, are being totally overlooked here in the United States. The game may yet be up for Murdoch in London but his grip on US news and politics is even more powerful and insidious, as he gets a free ride from America’s ‘lamestream’ media and support from his corrupt lick-spittle lackeys in Washington and Wall Street.”

Olbermann: O’Reilly’s Hacking Hypocrisy
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Yesterday at 19:23 Peter Hart
On Tuesday FAIR documented that Fox host Bill O’Reilly called for the prosecution of media outlets that published Sarah Palin’s hacked emails in 2008– which might mean, if he were at all consistent, that O’Reilly wants to see his boss Rupert Murdoch do some hard time over the far more serious News Corp. hacking scandal.”

Death in Wapping
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 18:47 GREANVILLEPOST
Weekly Worker 874 Thursday July 14 2011
The News of the World scandal has revealed the true relationship between the media and politicians, writes James Turle”

Why I had to leave The Times
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 18:37 GREANVILLEPOST
Print Friendly
I don’t believe Murdoch personally interfered in any of the above events. He didn’t need to. He had turned The Times into a tame, pro-Tory, pro-Israeli paper shorn of all editorial independence. (Ambitious politicians and media careerists learn their masters likes and dislikes at the outset, hence they don’t need explicit orders or guidelines to do their master’s bidding. What Fisk describes about the Middle East obtains throughout the world, and most definitely throughout the American media.—Eds)”

People power vs Murdoch
William Yesterday at 17:57 InI
Since November we’ve led the fight against Murdoch’s media takeover! Through almost 1 million actions, 7 campaigns, 30,000 phone calls, investigations and countless stunts and legal tactics, we’ve blocked Murdoch’s BSkyB deal! Jeremy Hunt twice said our 200,000 submissions and threat to sue delayed the government’s sign-off on the deal.”

News Corporation: crime, corruption and class rule
Socialist Resistance Yesterday at 17:49 Administrator

On Sunday, that bastion of scandal-mongering populist reaction, the News of the World (NOTW), departed this earth writes Piers Mostyn.”

Shameless Murdochs told to face the public
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:57
Furious MPs demanded today that disgraced media mogul Rupert Murdoch faces the wrath of the British people.”

News Corp hacking scandal goes global
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:51
The phone-hacking scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp media empire was going global today as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she was ‘open’ to the idea of an inquiry into media practices – just a day after senior US politicians demanded an FBI probe into the company.”

Scarred but not out
Morning Star Yesterday at 15:57
Amid all the shocking revelations about the Murdoch crew, one piece of good news stands out: Rebekah Brook’s former husband Ross Kemp turns out to be one of the minor heroes of the News International scandal which is good news for fans of his Eastenders performances.”

Murdoch drops BSkyB bid as PM flounders in House By Roger Bagley
William Yesterday at 14:04InI
News Corporation announced abandonment of the bid just minutes after Mr Cameron’s sheepish Commons announcement of an inquiry into phone-hacking plus links between politicians, the media and the police.”

The Murdoch News Corp Scandal Yesterday at 13:49
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.”

Freedom Rider: Rupert Murdoch and Media Corruption By Margaret Kimberley
William Yesterday at 13:44 InI
The bottomless cesspool that was Rupert Murdoch’s London tabloid News of the World is gone, but the ruthless corporate politics of its master still hold sway in the U.S. and Britain. Murdoch is the great vampire of media corruption and consolidation on both sides of the Atlantic. But he is not a solitary villain. ‘Murdoch was not the only media beneficiary when the FCC allowed him and others to consolidate their power and influence.’ All corporate media are truth thieves.”

Murdoch’s flagship company—Newscorp— made money on taxes
The Greanville Post Yesterday at 13:41 Posted by Addison dePitt
Murdoch: Like many zillionaires—the real rulers of the world—he pays ludicrous taxes, or none at all.”

Murdoch’s empire expansion halts as British probe brings more arrests — RT
William Yesterday at 13:40InI
Britain wants Rupert Murdoch to testify before parliament over the wiretapping scandal. Earlier, the media mogul was pressured out of a deal with the UK’s largest satellite broadcaster.”

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