Wikileaks Newslinks 29 July 2011

29 July 2011 —

Anonymous Fantasizes it was Responsible for EBay Stock Drop
(Source: Wikimedia Commons) Anonymous calls Paypal “corrupt” for refusing to support Wikileaks and cooperating with the FBI in arresting members associated with the attacks. (Source: Furious Fanboys) Anonymous takes credit for an eBay stock drop, …

Navy admiral denies allegations in WikiLeaks cable
Dominican Today
Rear admiral Jose Roberto Muñoz Moncion, who according to a WikiLeaks cable was objected for the top Navy post by the US embassy, said Wednesday that he’ll start legal proceedings with the State Department and will defend his honor until death. …

Splendour in the Grassange
Sydney Morning Herald
Photo: Michelle Smith Wikileaks founder Julian Assange delivered a rallying
cry to Splendour in the Grass attendees today as his mother called people
to pressure Australian politicians into preventing any extradition to the
US. …

WikiLeaks: Ex Dominican president’s “saber-rattling” didn’t control dollar rate
Dominican Today
The most recent WikiLeaks cable confirms that the US embassy had stated its
concern to then president Hipólito Mejía in 2003 on the negotiations with
the International Monetary Fund, and called the former chief executive’s
effort to control the …

Assange speaks to music festival goers
Sydney Morning Herald
By Petrina Berry BRISBANE, July 29 AAP – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
says this generation is “burning the mass media to the ground” in a special
video address to Splendour in the Grass festival goers. The major music
festival opened its gates at …

US Ambassador at the Capital Jewish Forum
J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
Indeed, the theft of electronic communications is at the heart of scandals
like “News of the World” and “Wikileaks.” And so this brave new
world raises questions about how we manage our messages in an electronic
age, and how we ensure that we are truly …

Ebay and Paypal Wuz Robbed 1.3 Billion
Rapid News Network
They blamed paypal for closing the Wikileaks paypal where thousands of
people donated as a show of either appreciation or support for a free no
censorship internet policy. Nasdaq today reported the drop of 1.3 billion,
a result of Anonymous and …

Peace talks key to Irish priest’s release
Foreign Undersecretary Rafael Seguis had interceded with the Moro Islamic
Liberation Front (MILF) for the release of kidnapped Irish priest Michael
Sinnott in 2009, according to a confidential US Embassy cable released by
WikiLeaks, the online …

Scotland Yard claims to have arrested LulzSec spokesman
Times of India
In one of its last messages, LulzSec said it was working with unnamed media
outlets on a WikiLeaks-style release of emails it claimed to have stolen
from the tabloid. Topiary’s once-plentiful Twitter feed was practically
wiped clean Wednesday. …

Assange: ‘This generation is burning the mass media to the ground’
Green Left Weekly
WikiLeaks editor in chief Julian Assange delivered a video address to a
forum at the Splendour in the Grass music festival on July 29. The
transcript and video of his speech appears below. When I was 12, my family
and I lived in Bryon Bay. …

Speed of info sharing more important than ever: Burgess
Defense Systems
By Defense Systems Staff The value of information sharing transcends the
temporary damage caused by pitfalls in the process such as the WikiLeaks
publication of classified material, said Army Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess,
director of the Defense …

Julian Assange Splendour Forum Address 2011
In his first-ever public address at a music festival, the Australian
WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange has made an address to the
SPLENDOUR FORUM audience as part of a discussion panel that lifts the lid
on the powers struggling for control of …

‘Anonymous’ calls for PayPal boycott
The Hindu
Anonymous members are charged with organizing that attack in retaliation
for Paypal cutting its ties with whistle—blower website Wikileaks. But
its new campaign relies more on the old—fashioned boycott rather than
new—fangled cyber—attacks. …

The Week in Europe
3News NZ
Police say Breivik has made several requests from jail – including asking
for access to Twitter and Wikileaks – but these have been denied. The man
accused of murdering New Zealand teenager Emily Longley has appeared in
court for a second time in …

A blog post about a movie about a newspaper
They report on phenomena like Wikileaks, Twitter, news bloggers, and mobile
devices, even as they participate in them. As a result, they’re an
extremely self-aware group of reporters. When one reporter, David Carr,
looks into a bag containing a new …

Accused rapists don’t need more protections
Anonymous is a loosely organized group of hackers sympathetic to WikiLeaks.
It has claimed responsibility for attacks against corporate and government
websites worldwide. The group also claims credit for disrupting the
websites of Visa and MasterCard …

Miyamae Gives Her Version of TSA Incident
The Rafu Shimpo
One of them, Davide Andrea, wrote that Miyamae is a Japanese-English
translator who translated Greg Mitchell’s book “The Age of WikiLeaks”
into Japanese and traveled to London and Reykjavik to interview Julian
Assange. She is also a radio DJ at KGNU. …

PayPal boycott called by Hackers
Boosh Articles (press release)
Now, two hacking organisations have joined together in order to form a
petition to boycott PayPal following their recent refusal to release and of
the funds that WikiLeaks had in their account or allow them to accept
donations. …

Anonymous and LulzSec’s presumed spokesperson arrested
Generation NT (US)
At the end of 2010, Anonymous were behind attacks against Web sites like
PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, with their reasons being to support WikiLeaks
after this organisations donations accounts were closed. LulzSec conducted
attacks against the American …

Carbon cops get riding orders
The Australian
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will address Splendour Forum at Woodford
via a recorded message. Kevin Rudd will address a networking function in
Brisbane, in what’s expected to be his last public appearance before
undergoing heart surgery. …

Alec Baldwin Moderates Media Panel at Guild Hall
Director Andrew Rossi offered an intimate look into the Times newsroom,
focusing on the relationship between editors and reporters and the new
world versus the old school as journalists chased stories involving
WikiLeaks, a media mogul merger, …

VIEW: Sacrificing for judiciary —Malik Muhammad Ashraf
Pakistan Daily Times
The WikiLeaks has also amply revealed the mindset of Shahbaz Sharif about
the judiciary and the CJ. Viewed in the backdrop of the foregoing, the
concern shown by Shahbaz Sharif over the non-implementation of the SC
decision by the government seems mere …

Zuckerberg tops media power list
The Daily Star
Wikileaks’ Julian Assange rose from 58th position in 2010 to 32nd in 2011.
His profile was dramatically elevated following the release of leaked US
diplomatic cables last November. Spotify founder Daniel Ek arrived at 40th
place, as his music streaming …

Norway massacre suspect Anders Behring Breivik says he bought part of his …
New York Daily News
He wants a copy of his manifesto and access to the Wikileaks web site. Each
request has been turned down, Norwegian police honcho Johan Fredriksen said
Thursday. Breivik will have “no contact with the outside world” while in
solitary and will only be …

AR Newsline Report 1772 — July 29, 2011:
According to the indictment unsealed by a Federal court in San Jose,
California, the 14 individuals who were arrested were all members of
Anonymous who conspired to attack PayPal last December in retaliation for
its perceived opposition to WikiLeaks. …

LulzSec spokesman “Topiary” nabbed, says Scotland Yard
CBS News
Last week, the FBI, British and Dutch officials carried out 21 arrests,
many of them related to the group’s attacks on Internet payment provider
PayPal Inc., which has been targeted over its refusal to process donations
to WikiLeaks.

Having a splendid time in a corporatised commune
Sydney Morning Herald
Meanwhile, government threats to privacy were being discussed on the forum
stage, which hosted speakers such as Christine Assange and a video message
from her son Julian, the founder of WikiLeaks. World’s End Press have the
crowd lightly dancing along …

Splendour a corporatised commune
Sydney Morning Herald
While corporate influence and government threats to privacy was discussed
on the forum stage, including speakers such as Christian Assange and a
video message from her son Julian, the founder of Wikileaks. World’s End
Press have the crowd lightly …

Avast, ye scurvy hackers!
Squamish Chief
Many of those have evolved into so-called “hacktivists” who steal
sensitive info that they deem should be shared (a la WikiLeaks). These
hacktivists also delight in causing cyber mischief to big corporations as
punishment for perceived wrongs to …

Editorial: Russia Is Not Our Friend
Investor’s Business Daily
At the same time, we know from WikiLeaks that the US has suspected that
Russia’s Federal Security Service is “waging an intimidation campaign
against an official at the National Democratic Institute,” a US government
foreign aid program. …

Pwned HBGary boss cancels public debate after legal threats
The hack revealed emails that detailed plans by HBGary to stage a dirty
tricks campaign against WikiLeaks on behalf of the Bank of America. Even
worse, leaked emails outed Morgan Stanley as a victim of the Operation
Aurora attacks in 2009. …

Norway reveals the West’s violence problem
Green Left Weekly
However, advocating violence against non-Westerners, and Western dissidents
such as WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange, has become par for the
course from this type of Western conservative. The influence of the
Geller’s Tea Party Movement over …

Generation Why South Korean youth question unification.
The Plank on (blog)
Last year, per WikiLeaks, President Lee Myung-bak’s national security
adviser, Chun Yung-woo, predicted that North Korea “would collapse
politically two to three years after the death of Kim Jong-il.” Park
In-ho, president of The Daily NK—a Seoul …

KI Media: Aust backed opposition, anti-corruption in Cambodia …
By (KI Media)
With the recent release of hundreds of cables from the US embassy in Phnom
Penh, the WikiLeaks spotlight turns to Cambodia, a fast growing country of
15 million people and number seven on the list of recipient countries of
Australian …

The Week in Europe | WikiLeaks News
By WLNews
3 News Europe correspondent Melissa Davies updates the week’s news in
Europe – Anders Breivik, the Emily Longley trial and Hayley Westenra’s
photoshoot with the English rugby team.

Hacker group gears up for annual ‘Oscars’ – Computer Business Review
Anonymous, LulzSec and WikiLeaks up for Pwnies.

The Update – Wikileaks and the whistleblowers | 89.3 KPCC
Today, AirTalk kicks off a new series, cleverly titled: The Update. Much of
the time media outlets focus on the latest analysis and the news of the

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