Mainstream media are waging a Psychological War on People of Tripoli

22 August 2011 — Mathaba

The mainstream media are working with NATO to spread disinformation and waging a psychological war on the people of Tripoli. Watch the real report directly from Tripoli.

Mahdi Nazemrova, a reporter and political analyst in Tripoli, says that what the world is witnessing is NATO’s war against Libya. NATO is in control and the ‘rebels’ follow NATO’s lead. The ‘rebels’ sporadic attacks in Tripoli have been aimed to break down the morale and cause panic in NATO’s psychological war.

The mainstream media are an arm of NATO to spread disinformation. NATO has been bombing the civilian security checkpoints guarded by volunteers with the help of the mainstream media reporters locating them in Tripoli. The role of the mainstream media is to spread lies, acting as part of the NATO’s war machine.

The truth reporters, most independent reporters, are now being shot at and hunted by the snipers.

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