Syria Newslinks 22 August 2011

22 August 2011 —

U.N. council to hold special meeting on Syria
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) — The UN Human Rights Council is scheduled to meet Monday in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss allegations of human rights violations in Syria. The special meeting comes after the United Nations sent a humanitarian mission to …

Syria looks over its shoulder
Asia Times Online
True, they hate Gaddafi and long to see his end – but as of Sunday morning
it was no longer Gaddafi that mattered to Libya-observers inside Syria.
Rather, it was Syria itself. Having succeeded in Libya, NATO might now
rethink its options on Syria, …

DFA activates task group to repatriate OFWS in Syria
Philippine Star
By Dennis Carcamo ( Updated August 22, 2011 03:37 PM 0 MANILA,
Philippines – The Philippine embassy in Syria has activated a task group
to facilitate the repatriation of overseas Filipino workers currently based
in the embattled country, …

Syria: Expect the Worst?
Hudson New York
by Mudar Zahran Amid the Arab Spring, the revolution in Syria stands out
after decades of the Syrian regime’s absolute rule as not giving up easily,
not that there have been many serious efforts to stop it. President Bashar
Assad’s pictures, …

Syria’s Assad: ‘I am not worried’ about security
SYRIA’S PRESIDENT SAID yesterday he was “not worried” about security in
his country and warned against any foreign military intervention in a
speech designed to portray confidence as the regime comes under blistering
international condemnation for its …

Foreign funds for Hamas hit by Syria unrest-diplomats
The diplomats cited Iran’s displeasure over Hamas’ refusal to hold rallies
in support of Tehran’s ally, Assad, in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria
after an uprising against his rule. Hamas’ leadership outside the Gaza
Strip is headquartered in …

Turkey most join the demands of US and EU in Syria
Wall Street Journal
Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit___Muja said “Thousands of
innocent man, woman and children killed in Syria. Where is the outrage by
the Muslim world” ? Albanian Minerals President and CEO Sahit___Muja said
“The butcher of Syrian people, …

Assad warns action against Syria would backfire – Arab News
“As for the threat of a military action … any action against Syria will
have greater consequences (on those who carry it out), greater than they
can tolerate,” he said in an interview broadcast on Syrian television.

Don’t meddle with Syria, Al-Assad warns West – News – Mail …
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned the West his nation would not
tolerate any interference, saying that unrest had become more militant.

Syria warns against military intervention | Otago Daily Times …
[image]Syrian President Bashar Assad says his regime is in no danger of
collapse and has warned against any foreign military intervention in his
country as the regime tries to crush a five-month-old popular uprising.

Syria’s Assad Warns Against Foreign Military Intervention | Care2 …
By Kristina C.
In his first televised addressed since June 20, Syrian President Bashar
al-Assad warned foreign powers against military intervention in his

Syria: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rejects calls for ouster …
By najam
Syria: In an interview that was aired live on state TV on Sunday, Syrian
President Bashar Assad repeated promises of reforms and warned of
“repercussions” should the West choose to intervene militarily in the
uprising threatening his …

Civilians ‘shot dead’ at Syria protests – Middle East – Al Jazeera …
At least 23 people reported killed, most in the south, as the EU lays out
plans for possible oil embargo.

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