Video: NATO War Crimes In Libya

22 August 2011

There seems to be some question over the authenticity of the date of this video, with a comment suggesting that it’s actually the 22 August, not the 25th and I just checked with the source and it is the 22nd! I don’t know who changed the date, certainly not me! But it means whatever she says about the situation is meaningless! It’s four days old. Disinfo indeed! It’ll teach me to check the source first!

4 thoughts on “Video: NATO War Crimes In Libya

  1. InI says:

    Hang on a minute… are you suggesting that Phelan altered the date of the video? Look, whatever she said on the 22nd might or might not have been true, at that time and we’ll never know now, but it doesn’t automatically make her a ‘creature’ of Gaddafi.

    Can provide proof of your allegations concerning Phelan? They’re pretty serious.


  2. JOXA TONI says:

    She is totally delusional, her contact across Tripoli is a Libyan agent from Gaddafi of course and she has been paid to spread these lies… the recent facts trashed her credibility down the drain, what a low life,


    • InI says:

      I think I’ve explained it above. And apparently, the original on Youtube also had the 25th August and apparently was first shown on RT on the 23rd. Now whether a typo or intentional, it definitely adds confusion to an already confused situation.


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