Did the UK just leave the EU? Bilderberg decided six months ago that she’s in forever By Richard Cottrell

21 December 2011 — End the Lie

[I see from my log that this essay, written in 2011, is getting some readership. He didn’t get it right, did he? WB, 25/6/16]

One of the things that one learns from any deep immersion in the affairs of the European Union is the power of theatrics.

Margaret Thatcher used to play them marvelously. ‘I want my money back,’ she would holler back in the early 1980s, on the grounds that the UK overpaid for membership of the Euro Club, compared to the other big shots like France and Germany.

She got a long running refund, or rebate as it is formally known, which staggers on to this day.

But it was never about the ‘refund,’ It was all about playing with the anti-EU gallery in the British Conservative Party.

She promised and gave those smelly European garlic eaters a kick in the nether regions. She could have got the same results by taking the perfectly legal option of withdrawing from the infamous and ludicrous (not to say insane) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which was the cause of the said overpayment.

But that would upset Tory-inclined British farmers, and especially the prairie barons of East Anglia and Mid England who were doing quite nicely on the back of fixed and rigged prices that parasitically sucked on the consumer.

It was much more fun to put on those husky whisky laden tones and invoke Churchill and the Battle of Britain, narrowing her eagle eye to the camera like an incoming Spitfire pilot homing on a wounded Messerschmitt.

We have just seen another absurd episode in the same vein.

In the just concluded Euro Do or Die Summit, Nicholas Sarkozy, the Franco-Hungarian president of France, was visibly witnessed turning his extremely sensitive Gallic elbow from the proffered mitten of David Cameron. Angela Merkel glared at the British premier as though he was something the dogs dragged in.

Then, they all got on with doing what they intended in the first place.

Cameron went home with a perfectly useless piece of paper, like his pre-WWII predecessor Neville Chamberlain. He flew back from a summit with Adolf Hitler in 1938, stepping from an airplane at Croydon Airport (by which London was then served), signed by the Fuhrer and promising ‘peace in our time.’

The UK premier wants peace in his time within the Conservative Party and the dominant Euro-skeptic ranks of British public opinion.

He also wants to melt the regal pound sterling into the Euro because that is what the Bilderberg-New World Order Reich wants and intends to get.

Did I say at any price?

Not quite.

The serpentine Cameron has already ensured that there will be no referendum on whether the UK remains glued in the EU. Nor can the British people say if they want to hang on in there but ‘renegotiate’ the terms of membership.

What is probably the single biggest foreign policy issue amusing the British electorate cannot be voted on at all.

Some democracy, eh?

In June this year, the Chancellor of the Exchequer (the fancy 18th century parlance for Minister of Finance), broke bread with the global glitterati at the Bilderberg summit in St. Moritz. You can be sure that ‘Boy George’ Osborne was not there for a traditional Swiss fondue fest.

After this conclave, the legal government of Italy was overthrown and a fake substitute for democratic governance installed in Greece. A forced-forward election in Spain produced the right Bilderberg stooge as premier.

Nothing at all was discussed about the future of the pound sterling, which is like saying that on reading the weather forecasts which informed the five-star Bilderbergers of incoming thunderstorms, they headed for the swimming pool. What otherwise did Boy George have on his mind?

Cameron certainly intends to sink the pound but the only way that he can do it is by the threat of exclusion from the globalist consensus.

He won’t do that. The City of London wants in. Come on, be real.

The Euro Summit achieved its stated aim of uniting the core Eurozone members behind the currency. The wider Twenty Six (including non-zone members but excluding the UK) stepped into line.

So, the fiction that Cameron vetoed a treaty change is nonsense. He did nothing of the kind.

‘The others’ can proceed by an intergovernmental agreement that requires no formal and long winded treaty renegotiations. Cameron’s political Viagra was no more than that. A visible priapic stiffening that quickly subsides.

The UK economy is in serious trouble, far greater than the government admits. There is an establishment media silence on the forthcoming implosion.

The mania to create jobs in ‘service’ industries, ephemeral and easily exported to cheaper climes, has left the UK, alone of the majors in Europe, with no important manufacturing nexus.

The City of London employs no-one of any useful importance. The famous ‘invisibles’ created by some strange process of alchemy within the precincts of the City are exactly that. There is no drip feed to wider employment.

The euro is not dead, or even dying. Reports of its fate are greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mark Twain.

Cameron’s mission to the EU summit was simply to stand as the odd man out before the thunderclap that creates seamless European economic union, which he will then be powerless, along with the ruling party, to prevent.

It is written, as the prophet declared. Or rather, it was written, in St. Moritz this year.

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is coming in January of 2012 from Progressive Press.

Edited by Madison Ruppert

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