Housmans Radical Books – Events Newsletter January 2012

28 December 2011 — Housmans

1. January sale, with an additional 10% discount to all supporters
2. Announcing Housmans Virtual Book Club – moderators needed

3. Peace News present: ‘From Hastings To Kabul – A voyage of peace and nonviolence’ with Maya Evans
4. Art Not Oil, Liberate Tate, Platform present: ‘Culture Beyond Oil’
5. ‘A Wave of Dreams’ with Alex Walker, Tymon Dogg, Alex Thomas

1. January sale, with an additional 10% discount to all supporters

This January we’ll be having an extensive in-store sale: there’ll be lots of new books at greatly reduced prices, as well as some special £1 books that we have been keeping aside. We have also been in touch with publishers Phoenix, Freedom, Bone and Tangent and will have a wider range of their anarchist titles at greatly reduced prices.

On top of that, by way of saying thank you for all your continued support, we’d like to offer you an additional 10% off any purchases throughout January. To get the discount just say ask for a “supporters discount” when you get to the till.

The sale will start on January 3rd, and will run till the end of the month.

2. Housmans Virtual Book Club

I’m really happy to announce a new initiative for 2012: an online book club forum we’re calling ‘Housmans’ Reading Rooms’. It will work much like a normal book club, with a new book up for discussion each month, the difference being that instead of coming together in the shop to talk about it, discussions can take place over a longer period of time, and from the comfort of your home (or internet café). Hopefully it will also allow people from across the country, if not the world, to join in. What’s more, we will also try to arrange for the author of the book to join in the discussion.

If you’re not familiar with forums, don’t worry as it’s very simple, so please don’t be put off by the technology. Go to the Reading Rooms here: http://www.housmans.com/bookclub and register yourself. You’ll be asked to create a Username (we would encourage using your real name) for which you need to have an active email address. Once that’s done you’re up and running and will be able to post comments on ‘threads’ as they arise. Give it a try and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

We’re hoping to kick off the book club proper in March, with Mark Fisher’s thought-provoking book ‘Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?’ Mark will be giving a talk at Housmans, as well as joining in the discussion online.

But rather than wait until March to get involved, you can sign up and now and talk about any book you like, for example in the ‘Your best read of 2011’ thread
…or start a thread on a book of your choice.


In order to make the book club a success we need a small group of individuals to help in its running, by being a Mod on the forum, choosing books, and most importantly reading the books and stimulating discussion. If this is something you think you might be interested in, please email me: nik[at]housmans.com

Full listings information can be found at http://www.housmans.com/events.php

3. ‘Peace News presents: ‘From Hastings To Kabul – A voyage of peace and nonviolence’ with Maya Evans

Activist Maya Evans is currently on a visit to the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. She will be meeting with Afghanis committed to nonviolence and working to end the conflict in Afghanistan. When she returns she’ll be giving a talk at Housmans, to discuss the continuing conflict across Afghanistan, and will be reporting back from the human rights workers and other activists she met.

Unfortunately, due to travel difficulties in getting back from Afghanistan, this event has been postponed, but will hopefully be rescheduled as soon as possible.

4. Art Not Oil, Liberate Tate, Platform presents: ‘Culture Beyond Oil’
 Wednesday 25th January, 7pm
£3, redeemable against any purchase

Activists expose, and discuss responses to, the sponsoring of the art world by oil companies.
click here for more info

5. ‘A Wave of Dreams’ with Alex Walker, Tymon Dogg, Alex Thomas
Wednesday 1st February, 7pm
£3, redeemable against any purchase

Spoken word and music performance of Louis Aragon’s 1924 surrealist classic prose-poem, driven by themes of drug-induced transcendental exploration.
click here for more info


Don’t forget to check out our online bookshop at http://www.housmans.com with over 500,000 titles available!

5 Caledonian Road
King’s Cross
London N1 9DX
t: 020 7837 4473
e: shop@housmans.com

To subscribe to the newsletter please email nik(at)housmans.com with ‘subscribe newsletter’ in the subject field.

“Support the shop that supports your campaigns!”

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