Syria Newslinks 12-13 March 2012

13 March 2012 22:00:30 —

U.S. Calls Syrian Parliamentary Vote Plans ‘Ridiculous’
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 18:55

Thus spoke Saudi grand Muftitititi
The Angry Arab News Service Today at 18:00
The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the Senior Scholars, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, announced that supporting the Free Syrian Army and strengthening it while weakening the regime is a form of jihad for the sake of God.  …

Unleashing sectarian war
The Angry Arab News Service Today at 18:00
A Shi`ite cleric was killed in Belgium by a man shouting slogans for Syrian revolution. (thanks Electronic Ali)

Obama, Cameron write opinion article on Syria
Voice of Russia, News Today at 17:50
The US and Great Britain will ensure further support to opposition in Syria and will seek President Assad`s resignation, a joint opinion article written by President Barack Obama and Britain`s Prime Minister David Cameron for The Washignton Post says.

Assad’s forces capture Idlib
Morning Star Today at 15:44
Syrian security forces have regained control of the insurgent stronghold of Idlib along the border with Turkey, a major base that army defectors had held for months.

Why the CIA Funds Nonviolence Training
Dissident Voice Today at 15:00
One important aspect of the debate over “diversity of tactics” (i.e. the decision whether to be exclusively nonviolent) in the Occupy movement relates to mounting evidence of the role CIA and Pentagon-funded foundations and think tanks play in funding and promoting nonviolent resistance training. The two major US foundations promoting nonviolence, both overseas and domestically, are the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) and the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC).

Arms for whom? US supporters of Syrian opposition as hostages of their own rhetoric
Voice of Russia, News Today at 14:55
Babich Dmitry The recent appeal of the Syrian National Council for a joint Western-Arab military intervention in Syria puts the United States, NATO and their allies before a very serious dilemma.

The Masters of War
The Wild Wild Left – Front Page Today at 14:52
GorgeousDwight Why Syria? Why Iran? When the French explored the region that is present day Uganda, they found two loosely identified tribal groups there: Hutu and Tutsi. Decades of intermarriage was fast erasing the distinction between the two as well as any practical hierarchy between them.

Lavrov calls for independent monitoring in Syria
Voice of Russia, News Today at 13:45
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called for independent monitoring mechanisms in Syria. He believes that independent monitoring could help bring the conflicting parties to a ceasefire but warned against the danger of arming Syrian rebels as weapons supplied to the opposition might fell into the hands of Al Qaeda operating in Syria.

Syria to elect new parliament on May 7
Voice of Russia, News Today at 13:32
Syria will hold parliamentary elections on May 7 under a decree signed by President Bashar Assad on Tuesday, the Reuters agency reports. The elections will be yet another step forward along the path of reforms.

Foreign countries support militant groups in Syria
Voice of Russia, News Today at 13:19
Yana Alexeyenko The Syrian Minister of Information claims that a number of countries, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are supporting militant groups in Syria and bear responsibility for the bloodshed in the country. And commenting on this today will be our guest Boris Dolgov – senior fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies.

Syria unrest ‘displaces 230,000’
BBC News Today at 13:16
The United Nations reports that 230,000 Syrians have now fled their homes in the year-long uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria – dialogue or confrontation
Voice of Russia, News Today at 12:14
Elena Krylova, Jeremy Zentner Syria – dialogue or confrontation America’s mission in Afghanistan under more pressure US lawmakers push pentagon to halt business with Russia Obama’s approval rating falls

Syrian army recaptures Idlib
Voice of Russia, News Today at Noon 
Syrian military forces have recaptured the rebel stronghold of Idlib, 300 to the north-west of Damascus. A source in the army said that dozens of rebels were detained on charges of robbery and other wrongdoings towards the local population.

The Netizen Prize goes to Syrian bloggers; Homeless people volunteer to become mobile hotspots
Voice of Russia, News Today at 11:52
Peter Lekarev Yesterday the Internet has celebrated World Day Against Cyber Censorship. Well, I guess it’s a strong world – the day is only 3 years old and is not much hyped.

Washington Plans War on Syria Today at 11:51
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

John Pilger: The dirty war on WikiLeaks
Green Left Weekly issue #782 Today at 10:46
War by media, says current military doctrine, is as important as the battlefield. This is because the real enemy is the public at home, whose manipulation and deception is essential for starting an unpopular colonial war.

West Sees Need for Joint Syria Settlement – Lavrov
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 10:37

Annan says expects Syria response to proposals on Tuesday
Voice of Russia, News Today at 10:06
U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan said he was expecting to hear on Tuesday from the Syrian government on “concrete proposals” which he made to end nearly a year of violence during his weekend talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Annan has not disclosed what those proposals entailed.

Syria: military intervention possible
Voice of Russia, News Today at 09:38
Kim Brown Diplomacy efforts are on overdrive in attempts to quell the violence that has been gripping a country of Syria over the past year and that has caused thousands of Syrians their lives.

Absolute priority for Syria is to end violence – Lavrov
Voice of Russia, News Today at 08:15
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov feels that an absolute priority for Syria is to end violence and work out a mechanism of cease-fire monitoring that would prove acceptable both to the government in Damascus and the opposition.

Syria ‘laying border landmines’
BBC News Today at 08:10
Human Rights Watch says Syria has laid hundreds of landmines on its borders with Lebanon and Turkey, along routes used by refugees.

Russia’s Lavrov says Syria meeting was ‘useful’
Voice of Russia, News Today at 07:28
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that yesterday’s UN Security Council meeting in New York had served the useful purpose of settling the Syrian crisis.

US lawmakers urge Pentagon to stop business with Russian arms exporter
Voice of Russia, News Today at 06:39
The Defense Department should stop doing business with a Russian arms exporter that is providing weapons to a Syrian government killing its citizens, a bipartisan group of 17 senators said Monday.

UNSC should focus on ending bloodshed in Syria – Lavrov
Voice of Russia, News Today at 05:39
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that the UN Security Council should focus on ending the bloodshed in Syria, rather than on putting the blame for all the developments in the Arab country on President Bashar al-Assad.


WAR PROPAGANDA: Staged Media Reporting from Syria: Fabricating the News Yesterday at 23:42
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

VIDEO: US urges ‘united voice’ on Syria
BBC News Yesterday at 23:10
The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, and the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have urged the international community to speak with one voice on Syria.

CSTO, Russia Oppose Foreign Military Aggression In Syria
Stop NATO Yesterday at 22:04
CSTO Sec-Gen considers inexpedient to interfere in Syrian events
YEREVAN: Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation Nikolai Bordyuzha said it is inexpedient to interfere in the events in Syria.

Many Syria solutions but little agreement in out-of-sync UN Yesterday at 20:05
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has pleaded for a divided Security Council to “pull back from the brink of a deeper catastrophe” over Syria. But as war continues to tear apart the Middle Eastern country, diplomatic…

Free Syrian Army kills 250 Shabbihah
The Angry Arab News Service Yesterday at 19:40
So the Free Syrian Army admits (or brags about) killing 250 “Shabbihah” (goons of the regime).  Now, many in the opposition refer to `Alawites as Shabbihah in order to justify killing them, as has happened in Homs.  So do those people get reg…

Middle East: It’s time to search for solutions
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 17:59
Denisova Olga Russia is prepared to approve the UN Security Council resolution on Syria. This was announced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a speech at a Security Council meeting on Monday.

SYRIA:Terrorist Groups Committed Atrocious Massacre in Homs to Elicit International Support against Syrian Government Yesterday at 17:58
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Lavrov: Syria is Confronting Armed Gangs, al-Qaeda Members that Commited Horrible Crimes Yesterday at 17:51
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

A new step to reconciliation in Syria
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 17:46
Lada Korotun The Syrian government has agreed to the suggestions of a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis put forward by Russia and the League of Arab States, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad has declared in Moscow. He said that official Damascus had no objections to the plan consisting of five paragraphs.

State and rebels trade blame over latest deaths
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:25
Syria opposition activists claimed today that pro-government gunmen killed at least a dozen people in Homs over the weekend.

Kofi Annan calls for end to Syrian bloodshed
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 16:38
UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan has called on the Syrian government to halt the bloodshed in Syria. It’s important to stop the killings of civilians, Mr. Annan said addressing journalists at the Ankara airport. The world must tell the Syrian authorities that the current situation is unacceptable, he stressed.

Homs massacre ‘work of foreign-backed terrorists’ – Damascus
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 16:20
Syria has blamed the latest massacre of civilians in Homs on armed terrorists backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. A statement issued by its Information Ministry Monday said the killings were part of a design to give a bad international name to Syria. The victims of Sunday’s massacre numbered 47, including 21 women and 26 children.

US urges ‘united voice’ on Syria
BBC News Yesterday at 16:06
The US secretary of state and the UN secretary general urge the international community to stand united on Syria, as violence against civilians continues.

Pressure on Syria ‘counterproductive’ – Lavrov
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 15:16
Russia believes that making Syria another ‘Arab Spring’ nation by imposing sanctions on it and pressing its regime to go can only make the Syrian crisis worse and may also create a situation in which yet another Arab country becomes a destabilizing exporter of illegal arms to anywhere in North Africa and the Middle East.

Russia ready to discuss 5-point Syria resolution
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 15:13
Russia is open to negotiating a UN Security Council resolution on Syria if it is backing the five-point formula offered by the Arab League, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the Security Council meeting Monday. On March 10, the Russian and Arab League foreign ministers agreed on a five-point initiative to settle the Syrian crisis.

Calls for regime change deepen Syrian crisis – Lavrov
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 14:58
Ill-judged demands for a regime change in Syria, backing-up of the opposition and calls for foreign interference are only deepening the conflict in the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, addressing the UN Security Council on Monday.

Russia’s Lavrov to meet Clinton over Syria
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 14:30
The US State Department has confirmed that the meeting between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, will take place in the UN headquarters in New York later today.

Russia helps Syria in trouble
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 14:21
Chernitsa Polina Russia is sending humanitarian aid to Syria. On Monday, two aircraft of Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry carrying special cargoes arrived in Damascus from Moscow.

Nada Bakri on covering Syria for the New York Times
The Angry Arab News Service Yesterday at 14:14
But, you know, Syria was very interesting to cover, and it’s still very interesting to cover. It has been very hard to cover it, because you’re covering it by remote, and you’re relying on activists’ accounts, activists that you’ve never met…

UN estimates of dead in Syria
The Angry Arab News Service Yesterday at 14:14
From the New York Times:  “adding to the United Nations estimate of some 7,500”.  This is a common myth: US media now casually attribute the estimate of dead in Syria to the UN.  The UN admitted that it does not have personnel to conduct…

Syria agrees to 5-point plan
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 14:13

US troops involved in bloody scandal
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 13:44
US troops involved in bloody scandal NATO holds naval games in the Arctic Sources claim US is ready to attack Syria

Syria agrees to UN suggestions
Voice of Russia, News Yesterday at 13:07
Syria agrees to special UN and League Of Arab States envoy Kofi Annan’s suggestions about the settlement of the country’s internal crisis, Syrian Ambassador to Moscow Riyad Mohammad Haddad has declared.

Military Attack Against Syria Without Congressional Approval Could Lead To Obama’s Impeachment
Stop NATO Yesterday at 12:47
‘Impeach Obama’ Bill: Use of military without Congress approval ‘high crime’
An American military attack on Syria could effectively lead to the impeachment of President Barack Obama. Congressmen say that any war without congressional authorization would be “unconstitutional”

U.S. Breaks Self-Made Rules Of Global Order
Stop NATO Yesterday at 12:30
US breaks self-made rules of global order By Nima Khorrami Assl*
[T]he idea of a rules-based international system was first coined in US strategic circles in the aftermath of World War I as the most effective way to ensure a perpetual global role for the US, if Washington defined and then institutionalized the rules of the game.

Sources Claim U.S. Ready To Attack Syria
Stop NATO Yesterday at 12:23
Sources claim U.S. ready to attack Syria Konstantin Garibov
Washington and its allies have been considering a plan to attack Syria, the U.S. media reported quoting several anonymous sources. The reports claim that a planned military operation will be aimed at protecting civilians, including refugees. Actually, it will offer support to armed opposition forces in their attempt to topple Bashar Assad.”

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