Wikileaks Newslinks 13 March 2012

13 March


Report: US government abused WikiLeaks suspect

TG Daily

The former army analyst – who was recently charged with aiding the enemy – stands accused of downloading thousands of classified documents that ultimately ended up on WikiLeaks. According to Juan Mendez, the US military was at least “culpable” of cruel …


Wikileaks founder’s mother speaks out

ABC Local

Download this mp3 file Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is waiting to find

out whether the British Supreme Court has upheld his appeal against

extradition to Sweden. The one-time Goolmangar primary school student has

been fighting extradition to face …


UN accuses US of cruelty to suspected WikiLeaks source

Irish Times

THE UN special rapporteur on torture has formally accused the US government

of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of Bradley Manning, the US

soldier who was held in solitary confinement for almost a year on suspicion

of being the WikiLeaks source.


US embassy complains in Venezuela: WikiLeaks

According to secret US diplomatic cables recently disclosed by

whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks, the Venezuelan government has subjected

the Americans to a campaign of harassment and intimidation. Feeling snubbed

and smarting under their treatment, …


Inside the Stratfor Attack

New York Times (blog)

Conspiracy theorists across the Internet surmise that federal agents sat

back and let the Stratfor attack occur to collect evidence, or perhaps net

a juicier target — say, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, which

later released the five million …


No harm done but Assange faces real risk in the US

The West Australian (blog)

By Scott Ludlam | View Archive March 13th, 2012, 1:32 pm Last year, I

travelled to London and Sweden at my own expense to improve my

understanding of the situation faced by Wikileaks founder, Australian

Julian Assange. I attended Mr Assange’s High …


Anonymous made fraudulent charges worth $700K in Stratfor attack, number may grow


These emails were subsequently fed to Wikileaks which, with participation

from a number of publications around the world, began publishing the emails

in late February. Some emails held what Wikileaks considered damning

information, including odd …


It’s Time to Take Cybersecurity Seriously

Wired News (blog)

WikiLeaks and Anonymous, once known only to a subset of cyber geeks, are

now household names. The Stratfor hack poured thousands of e-mails into the

public domain. Anonymous listened in on an FBI conference call whose

purpose was to — crack down on …


Application Security in the Cloud

Virtualization Review

Recent high-profile Internet attacks on organizations like HBGary, RSA,

WikiLeaks, Google, Comodo, and others prove that no one is immune. Anyone

could be a target, and perpetrators are extremely organized, skilled, and



Anonymous: Stratfor Attack Led To $700K In Fraudulent Charges


By Zach Walton · 13 hours ago · Leave a Comment As you may recall,

Anonymous hacked Stratfor back in December and fed the resulting emails to

Wikileaks for publication. The group took other information including

credit card info, but claimed they would …


NATO forces already operating in Syria

Party for Socialism and Liberation

By Tayfun Gol Despite Western powers’ denial of military involvement in

Syria, undercover NATO forces are already on the ground, according to

recently leaked WikiLeaks documents. The key document is an e-mail written

by Reva Bhalla, …


The changing face of digital rights activism

Starting, perhaps, with the Iranian uprising of 2009 – during which Iranian

authorities cracked down harder on the internet than ever before – and

hitting full stride in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks diplomatic cables

release, digital rights activism …


What the Sabu revelation means for hackers

New Statesman (blog)

The attack on Stratfor resulted in 75000 credit card numbers being posted

online, with 5.5m of the thinktank’s confidential emails subsequently

passed to WikiLeaks. This trend continued almost right up until 6 March,

the day he was “outed” in an …


Anonymous documentary ‘We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists’ premieres …

Death and Taxes

… behind the veil of state secrecy and national security, that if

information—whether it reveals bankrupt ethics, corruption, or otherwise

bad behavior—finds its way into the hands of WikiLeaks or other

publishers by way of hacking, then so be it.


Is Harper undercutting Obama on Iran?

By Murray Dobbin It might be useful for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to

read a US State Department cable from Israel released by Wikileaks. It

reveals that talk of Iran‘s imminent production of nuclear weapons goes

back to the early 1990s: “The head …


Options Limited in Preventing Middle East Nuke Arms Race

Huffington Post UK

One of the WikiLeaks revelations was a desire by Saudis for Israel to bomb

Iran: The enemy of my enemy is my friend scenario. It was one thing with

Israel having such weapons and another a nation such as Iran. The Saudis

know Israel, joined to the hip …


US Navy Seal becomes military attaché to Mexico

Houston Chronicle

A secret memo from the Mexico City embassy, published 15 months ago by

WikiLeaks, was critical of the Mexican army’s performance in anti-gang

operations while praising naval efforts. The memo, written by the embassy’s

recently departed second in …


Did You Know Jordan Has a Teenage Prince?

Huffington Post (blog)

One of the students was amazed that someone officially representing the US

would say such a thing (though, as the Wikileaks cables make clear, that

skims the surface of what they say) and recounting the conversation later

he steamed: “The King isn’t …


Pakistan: Teetering On The Brink – Analysis

Eurasia Review

A US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks noted that Saudi Arabia was

widely seen as funding some of Pakistan’s hardline religious madrassas

(seminaries), which churn out young men eager for “holy war”. “At

these madrassas, children are denied …


Did Iran ask Bashar to step down?


Iran “floated a deal through [presumably Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri*] al

Maliki that calls for Bashar to step down,” according to a recent batch

of files released by Wikileaks. This information was allegedly obtained by

a source that spoke with Kamran …


Pakistan’s State of Denial

… such as Bush Senior’s envoy to the Afghan resistance Ambassador Peter

Tomsen, US intelligence reports, phone intercepts, Pakistani journalists

such as Mr. Rashid and Tariq Ali, not to mention indicting revelations

found in the WikiLeaks cables.


CIA finds it difficult to spy and undermine Assad with embassy closed in Syria

In this way they can deny any involvement. “The US government is lying to

the American people about Syria”, says Owen Martin of Charlotte, NC

“You can’t trust the government, Wikileaks makes that clear”, he said.


Inside top designer’s personal projects

Digital Arts Online

Earlier this year the design studio organised an exhibition called

Information is Currency (, based around the

theme of the WikiLeaks diplomatic cable releases. Not only did it give Up

Creatives the chance to engage with …


UK, US in ‘special relationship’ stunt

Press TV

The WikiLeaks publication of the confidential US diplomatic cables added

another side to Washington’s betrayal of Britain in February 2011. The

cables showed Washington secretly agreed to give the Russians sensitive

information on Britain’s nuclear …


The dirty war on WikiLeaks | John Pilger | Comment is free | The …

John Pilger: Media smears suggest Swedish complicity in a Washington-driven

push to punish Julian Assange.


Twitter / WikiLeaks: So, Stratfor emails dumped …

So, Stratfor emails dumped to @wikileaks under the supervision of the FBI?

Clearly Constitutionlists who believe in the 1st amendment.


WikiLeaks And Anonymous: A Forced Standard Of Corporate …

Take the recent revelation that Anonymous, in the words of Andy Greenberg

from Forbes, has “upgraded its relationship with WikiLeaks from friendly


WikiLeaks: Stratfor emails reveal problems with Web security

Story | WikiLeaks: Doctors of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez disagree over his

health; Story | Sizing up China’s next leader no easy task, WikiLeaks

cables show; On …


What’s to Come From an Anonymous / WikiLeaks Partnership …

The Stratfor release appears to mark the beginning of a new partnership

between Anonymous and WikiLeaks. While doubts remain about the capabilities

of both …


US Politics | AMERICAblog News: Wikileaks: IMF austerity caused …

In the document from 2009, titled Europe Analytical Guidance, Stratfor

alerts its analysts to watch out for any possible riots occurring due to

economic crises, …

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