ColdType, August 2012

25 July 2012 —

In the August issue of COLDTYPE MAGAZINE – download your free copy today

Cover story is Jonathan Cook’s analysis of the West’s build-up to war in Syria, in which the West’s choice of ‘White Hat’ fighters are those democracy/freedom lovers from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, who are using oil money to fund the dissident forces. 

Our second main emphasis this issue is on the rise of drone warfare, its effect on society, and the unforeseen dangers of almost certain blowback. 

Other stories tackle the threat of agri-capital to Africa, the problems of sticking too closely to the US constitution, racism in Israel and much more.

PLUS: Our second freebie this month is Reality Denial, a brand-new 148-page e-book, in which Edward S. Herman and David Peterson take a long and  critical look at Steven Pinker’s best-seller, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined.

In addition, we have six of the best essays from Herman and Peterson, all in pdf format

I hope you enjoy it all. – Tony Sutton, Editor

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