US wants to install a Mubarak-type dictatorship in Egypt: Analyst

7 December 2012 — Press TV

A Cairo-based political commentator tells that the United States is seeking to set up a new dictatorship in Egypt under its supervision similar to the one during the Mubarak regime.

On November 22, Morsi issued a decree declaring that no judicial body can dissolve the Constituent Assembly, which was writing the draft of the constitution. The decree allows the president to take “any decision or measure to protect the revolution.” It also makes decisions and laws issued by the president “final and not subject to appeal.” Since then, thousands of people have staged massive demonstrations in Cairo and a number of other Egyptian cities in protest against the president’s decree.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Ashraf Rady, political commentator from Cairo, to further talk over the issue. The video also offers the opinions of two additional guests: Aly el-Kabbany, a writer and journalist in London, and Abdullah al-Ashaal who is the former Egypt presidential candidate in Cairo. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Do you think that Egypt’s new constitution is going to be put up for referendum, not to mention the powers that Morsi has given himself?

Rady: I think they are two related decisions. I think without such kind of chaos and tensions in the streets right now, it would not be possible to pass this constitution through referendum.

The problem is not the temporary declaration by President Morsi; in fact, the problem is with the draft of the constitution itself. This draft is establishing a very harsh dictatorship in the name of Islam and it will be very very dangerous for the future of the country and it means that the country will put under those spies of foreign groups for many decades and I think the majority of Egyptians who came out to the street on 21 of January, 2011, do not want such kind of constitution. I think this is the problem.

As we are seeing now everywhere in the country, not only in Cairo but in other governorates, even before in the presidential elections itself, we are so divided over the future. How can we solve this division between different groups and political factions in the country? I think this is the question that we need to answer before drafting such a constitution.

Press TV: Some analysts say the new constitution is temporary. Any opposition to it can later be put on the table, talked about or ratified? What do you think?

Rady: I think it is so sorry to distinguish between a temporary dictator or a permanent dictator . For me, they are all the same. Let us remember that Hitler came to power through elections. Election does not represent all the time the free choice of the people.

From what I have heard from the other guest, I think it is some kind of repeating what we are hearing here in Cairo from the president and Muslim Brotherhood and his group. I think the problem is not here; the problem is that they all want to continue the former regime.

They are not against the former regime and in my opinion, this dictatorship is building right now to continue the American plans for Egypt. They are so in a hurry to impose this constitution through referendum because they want to pass their treaty with the IMF and this treaty with the IMF will put this government in a very clear opposition to the people.

We are not different from the people. We are concerned with the people. We want the interests of the people and what we are seeing here in the media in terms of the constitution is totally different from the text of the constitution.

They are selling another assumption, another illusion to the people through the media but if the real essence or the text of the constitution reveals to the people, I think the choice will be different. We are not afraid of the referendum. If we have a free and fair and monitored referendum, we are ready for that but … this government which all the time are lying the people to supervise the referendum; here is the danger.

The elections in Egypt did not differ from what happened during [Gamal Abdel] Nasser, [Anwar] Sadat and [Hosni] Mubarak. They are the same; they are continuing the same game on the Egyptian people and all the world in the Middle East or the Western capitals and countries.

Press TV: Morsi, tell us what you think, has defended his actions as necessary in order to prevent the court still full of these judges appointed by Mubarak from derailing this constitution which Morsi says is vital for Egypt’s political transition. Do you believe Morsi?

Rady: I think the problem is with the justification of Morsi himself to get rid of the former general prosecutor. By the way, they advocated and defended this general prosecutor before during the Military Council and what we are seeing with the new one and you can go back to the Islamic world website of Bahrain and to get full and enough information about the new general prosecutor and how he was an instrument in the hands of the Bahraini institution and Mukhabarat against the opposition to know what they are planning to do.

By the way, we are seeing at this moment what he is doing against the opposition of Morsi and how he is giving a blind eye to the atrocities of Muslim Brotherhood’s thugs in the streets. Yes, there are thugs in the streets, not the peaceful demonstrators who were before the presidential palace on Tuesday but they were the Muslims Brothers on the other day who were thugs with knives, with arms, with guns and shooting on peaceful demonstrators.

What we are expecting from the peaceful demonstrators to do when they have been killed like that on the streets under the eye of the police and in the protection of the police of Muslims Brothers thugs who have been put into the passes from outside Cairo.

I think all this propaganda machine of the Muslim Brothers is working so well in the Islamic world and to the Muslims because they are claiming they want to establish an Islamic regime in Egypt. This is not true.

They are planning to establish another dictator or to continue the military dictatorship under the supervision of the United States and with the alliance of the United States to prepare Egypt for a wider conflict in the region and the Egyptian people do not like to be part of such dirty games in the Middle East.

Press TV: Your last comments Mr. Rady.

Rady: I think your guest [Aly el-Kabbany in London] gave a very good example by referring to the judges from Ghodhat El Masr [Egyptian judges] because Ghodhat El Masr was pro-Morsi and they are the judges who are featuring before the media and speaking to the media all the time and this man especially has been monitored when he was out of the general headquarter of Muslim Brotherhood in Moghadam.

This is very well-known information in Egypt but in fact I am so astonished by Dr. Abdullah al-Ashaal [the other guest on the show from Cairo] to describe the people who demonstrated before Itihadya on Wednesday evening because there is no troops, no police, and no military.

The president came out from the palace without any kind of attack or assault on him except chanting slogans against his dictatorship. I think I am hearing again what we hear during Mubarak regime and during Mubarak propaganda machine.

Press TV

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