ICH 19 December 2012: Unbelievable – Outrageous! – Do you agree?

19 December 2012 — Information Clearing House


Egypt’s New Pharaoh

By Chris Hedges

Morsi and the Brotherhood have been exposed as the heirs of the old dictatorship in new garb.



Has Syria Become Al-Qaeda’s New Base For Terror Strikes On Europe?

By Florian Flade and Clemens Wergin

The terror network in Syria includes dozens of European members, and wants to get its hands on Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons.



Washington Raises Specter of Al Qaeda Seizing Syrian Chemical Weapons

By Bill Van Auken

Washington’s feigned concern for the Syrian people in the face of an alleged threat from chemical weapons is a lie and a pretext.



“And Nobody Dies In Your Prisons?”

Russian Fury At U.S. Magnitsky Act

By Kommersant

“Listen, it’s been eight years and Guantanamo is still not closed; people are held without a trial or an investigation, like in the Middle Ages; prisoners walk around in chains and shackles! People who open secret prisons, legalize torture without investigations! And now these people are now accusing us of somehow not being good enough! ” Russian President Vladimir Putin



Are US Munitions to Blame for Basra Birth Defects?

By Alexander Smoltczyk

In the United States, no major newspaper has yet published a story on the genetic disorders in Fallujah.



A Global Perspective on American Child Deaths

By Donna Mulhearn

‘You come from a culture where it is okay to kill children,’ the Iraqi woman said.



“America has a long history of killing little children.”

By Margaret Kimberley

Americans love to think of themselves as innocents. As a result, when they are victimized they are not just in a state of mourning, but one of total disbelief when finding themselves on the receiving end of barbarity.



Momma Loves You, Little Man”

Eulogy For A Dead 6-Year-Old

By Veronique Pozner

The mother and uncle of 6-year-old Noah Pozner delivered messages at his funeral reflecting on the life of the little boy killed in Friday’s school shooting, and lessons to draw from his loss.



‘Did We Just Kill A Kid?’

Six Words That Ended A US Drone Pilot’s Career

By Robert Johnson

“I saw men, women and children die during that time,” he says. “I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought I couldn’t kill anyone at all.”



The Silence From Liberals on the Drone War

By Dick Polman

Drones are sometimes used preemptively, to kill those who might be a threat in the future. Obama is judge, jury, and executioner.



Moulding Young Minds:

American Schools Preaching the Virtues of a War On Iran

By Patrick Henningsen

This is the generation of children who may be asked – or drafted in to fight a coming war with Iran and others – so is this part of the indoctrination of future soldiers? Maybe.



Gil Scott-Heron ” Work For Peace “


“If everyone believed in Peace the way they say they do,

we’d have Peace.

The only thing wrong with Peace,

is that you can’t make no money from it.”



Proof The Drug War Is A Joke’

By Matt Taibbi

This is the disgrace to end all disgraces. It doesn’t even make any sense.



Unbelievable – Outrageous!

US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop


Dashcam video shows Helleson searching the anuses and vaginas of both women with the same latex gloves in full view of other passing cars.



Agenda Driven News

By Paul Craig Roberts

A tragedy is being used to disarm Americans faced with a police state growing in power and menace.



Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

NDAA 2013 – Indefinite Detention Without Trial Is Back


Lawmakers in Washington have stripped an amendment from next year’s National Defense Authorization Act that could have kept the government from indefinitely detaining US citizens without charge or trial.



Justice is Dead in America.

By Glenn Greenwald:

Woman Imprisoned for Life for Minor Drug Offense; Banking Giant Immune to Justice for Massive Drug Laundering.



Bank Pays Bribe

UBS admits fraud in £940m Libor rigging settlement

By Graeme Evans , Holly Williams

At least 45 individuals including traders, managers and senior managers were involved in, or aware of, the practice.



“Fiscal Cliff” Proposals Would Deepen Inequality

By Scott Klinge

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the major offers on the table.



Could You Survive on $2 a Day?

By Gabriel Thompson

Since 2000, the number of people in that category has grown to more than 20 million-a whopping 60 percent increase.



Some 107 people killed in Syria: Clashes between the Free Syrian army and government troops resulted in death of at least 107 people, Al Jazeera TV channel reported on Wednesday.



Syria: rebels fight Palestinian pro-Assad group (+video): Clashes between Syrian rebels and an armed Palestinian group loyal to the Syrian government raged inside a Damascus refugee camp Tuesday, as the Syrian military deployed tanks outside, activists said.



Yarmouk residents flee Syria fighting: Over 95 percent of Palestinians in Yarmouk have fled the refugee camp near Damascus under heavy shelling, the Palestinian ambassador to Syria said Tuesday, as fighting continued between anti- and pro-government groups.



Syrian Militants Free to Target Russians – Opposition Leader: A prominent leader of the Syrian opposition abroad has called Russian and Iranian citizens “a legitimate target for opposition militants in Syria.”



Syrian hijackers demand ransom for release of Russians: The abductors of two Russians and an Italian in Syria have demanded a ransom for their release, news reports said on Tuesday. Earlier today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is dealing with the problem and that all necessary steps are being taken in Syria and other countries that may influence the situation.



Abbas Urges UN to Help Syria Refugees Enter Palestinian Territories: Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas urged the international community to help Palestinian refugees fleeing camps across Syria enter the West Bank and Gaza.Mahmoud Abbas”



UN chief warns Israel illegal settlements are ‘dangerous path’: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday toughened his language as he once more urged Israel to halt plans to build new settler homes on occupied Palestinian territory.



UN security council’s EU members to condemn Israeli illegal settlements expansion: Unusual statement expected from the UK, France, Germany and Portugal follows blunt criticism by US of construction plans



US will not support UN resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements: official: State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters on Tuesday that Washington would not support a proposal for a Security Council resolution being discussed in preliminary talks in response to the plan for new Israeli settlements.



Commander: Iran to Endanger Enemies’ Vital Interests if Threatened: Iran has warned it would hit the US, Israel and their worldwide interests and close the strategic Strait of Hormuz if it became the target of a military attack over its nuclear program.



Kurdish troops fire on Iraqi army helicopter in dispute: Troops from Iraq‘s autonomous Kurdistan opened fire on an Iraqi army helicopter on Tuesday, underscoring tensions between Baghdad’s Arab-led central government and the Kurdish region, officials said.



You Are Safe With Us”: How Ordinary Iraqis Rescued U.S. Civilians in the Midst of War: In 2003, Iraqi townspeople, having just lost their hospital in U.S. air strikes, saved the lives of three wounded U.S. peacemakers. Seven years later, the Americans returned-to thank them.



Six Taliban killed in Afghan blast: Six Taliban militants were killed in Afghanistan‘s Helmand province Wednesday when an explosive device they were planting on a road went off accidentally, Xinhua reported.



Insider attack leaves 4 Afghan police dead in Kandahar: At least 3 more officers were wounded following the attack which took place after they were poisoned in their security check post in Spin Boldak district.



Afghan army beset by desertions: General Olivier de Bavinchove, number three commander in the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), says around 50,000 soldiers, or around 26 percent, of the 190,000-strong Afghan army desert the force each year.



US Army to seek death penalty for soldier charged with Kandahar massacre: Staff Sgt. Robert Bales faces charges of premeditated murder and other offences in the attack on two villages in southern Afghanistan on March 11.



Pentagon to reimburse Pakistan $688 million: The Pentagon has notified Congress this month that it would reimburse Pakistan nearly $700 million for the cost of stationing 140,000 troops on the border with Afghanistan, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.



Two more polio workers killed in Pakistan: Gunmen have shot dead a woman working on UN-backed polio vaccination efforts and her driver in northwestern Pakistan, officials say, raising to eight the number of people killed in 48 hours who were part of the immunisation drive.



How The CIA “May Have” Undermined Polio Treatment In Pakistan:

Part of the Taliban’s opposition is due to the controversial way that the CIA sought intelligence on bin Laden’s presence in the Pakistani city of Abbotabad.



Benghazi inquiry slams State Department: The investigation into the attacks on the diplomatic mission and CIA annex that killed ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others also faulted State Department officials in Washington for ignoring requests from officials at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli for more guards and safety upgrades to the diplomatic mission.



Chief of State Department security service resigns after Benghazi attack report: source: An administration official says the chief of the State Department’s security service, one of his deputies and an official from the agency’s Middle East bureau have resigned after a damning report that found systematic management failures responsible for a lack of security at the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.



Ireland to legalise abortions where woman’s life is at risk: Reforms expected to allow for abortions where there is a medical risk to the woman’s life or a danger of suicide



Russia advances law to ban U.S. adoptions: Russia’s parliament voiced strong support Wednesday for barring Americans from adopting Russian children,



Mexico’s new government offers blistering critique U.S.-backed drug war:

 “The rate of increase in homicides places us among the highest in the world,” he said. “In recent years, because of the violence linked to organized crime, thousands of people have died and thousands of people have disappeared.” Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said.



Mexico says some 80 drug cartels at work in country, up from 8 reported by previous government: Mexico’s new attorney general said Tuesday that as many as 80 small and medium-size drug cartels are operating in the country, a number far higher than the last formal government assessment.



Senate Wants To Sneak Warrantless Spying Bill Extension Into Law Without Debate; Let’s Call Them and Tell Them No: The Senate is about to vote on an extension of the controversial FISA Amendments Act-the unconstitutional law that allows the NSA to warrantless spy on Americans speaking to people abroad. Yet you wouldn’t know it by watching CSPAN because the Senate isn’t debating it.



Four shot dead in Colorado murder-suicide, police say: A man shot and killed three people in a home in Colorado on Tuesday before turning the handgun on himself and committing suicide, authorities said.



Orange County Commissioners Approve Paying for Armed Deputies at Elementary Schools: Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to pay for the deputies to be at the 60 elementary schools in unincorporated Orange County. The county is home to Orlando.



Car Backfire Believed To Have Caused School Lockdown: Police said they initially received a report of a gun or gunfire near the school. A student had allegedly reported seeing a teenager fire a gun in the air. School administrators quickly confirmed that no shots were fired in the school and no one was injured.



The Antipsychotic Prescribed To Adam Lanza Has A Troubled History All Its Own: The reaction invoked by the drug in some people is reminiscent of the Jeffrey R. MacDonald case, where a Green Beret slaughtered his entire family and then fabricated a story about a marauding troop of “hopped up hippies”.



Police find no evidence Connecticut gunman was on medication: Investigators searching the Connecticut home gunman Adam Lanza shared with his mother, Nancy Lanza, seized cellphones, computers and computer games, but found nothing at the residence to indicate he was taking medication, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers reported.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,243


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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