ColdType, January 2012: Las Vegas / The Rich plus Herman, Cromwell, McGovern, Pilger et al…

10 January 2013 — Coldtype

In the January issue of COLDTYPE MAGAZINE – download your free copy today

Cover story this month is Tony Sutton’s Las Vegas: Behind The Bright Lights, a photo essay that captures street life away from the gaze of the city that never sleeps. Sharing our spotlight is a 16-page excerpt from Sam Pizzigati’s brilliant new book, The Rich Don’t Always Win, which tells of a time when the rich in the United States paid their fair share of their earnings into the taxman’s coffers.

Other great reads this month include essays by Edward S. Herman, David Cromwell, Ray McGovern, John PIlger, David Edwards, Shahriar Khateri & Narges Bajoghli, David Swanson and others . . .

PLUS: Our second freebie is a 26-page short story by Philip Kraske in e-book format. The Narrative tells one version of the capture of Osama Bin Laden, a piece of fiction that probably makes more sense than the official version

AND: A special new year e-book gift to subscribers. If you’d like the free download of Flight In February, a much-acclaimed adventure novel by Philip Kraske, click on this link:

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