Africa: Planning Black Deeds to Reshape Black Continent By Nikolai MALISHEVSKI

21 January 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The beginning of the XXI century is the time France and the USA started to reshape the African borders, as well as to redistribute the resources of the Black Continent in their favor. A deputy head of US State Department said the African oil has become a sphere of strategic interests for the United States. There are eight thousand barrels of newly proven oil reserves in the world. Africa, a hungry continent considered to be poor, makes up for seven thousands of them. It boasts rich gas resources equal to 14, 65 trillion cubic meters or 7, 9% of world storage.

According to US strategists, at least 25% of US oil imports comes from Africa. For comparison, the figure is around 5% in the case of Iraq. The Europeans have their own vision on the issue of the distribution of African wealth. The decision to deploy a French-German contingent on the African soil, so rich in resources, was taken 10 years back. For some time they had not rushed to fight. The French, German and Americans strive to make Africans responsible for «redistribution» of the Black Continent’s wealth. In the first ten years of the XXI century it was done by instigating inter-ethnic confrontation in Central Africa, mainly in the eastern part of the second largest country of the continent – the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is rich in cobalt, copper, cadmium, oil, diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, tin, uranium, bauxites and iron ore. The civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo resulted in the death of approximately 4.5 million men.

These days the reports from Mali eclipse the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs press-releases concerning the degradation of situation in the Central African Republic saying, «Moscow is seriously concerned about the activities of the antigovernment coalition of Seleca militant rebels which resulted in deterioration of situation in the Central African Republic (CAR). We are convinced that further escalation of the domestic conflict could have the worst consequences for the CAR and threatens to destabilize the situation in the Central African subregion».

According to experts, the Europeans and Americans see the African wars as something like a computer game when each side can lose with no great damage suffered, because the colonial rule is still in force there. The rule is to avoid killing «ours», that is the «whites». When 2-3 Frenchmen lost their lives in Rwanda in the middle of the 1990s, Paris raised hue and cry about it. A million of Africans lost their lives in a few days, but the fact never impressed the Europeans much… All the events in question were shown on TV. A million corpses is impossible to hide from media men, there is simply no one who can do the job.

The «Western peacekeeping» in the 1990s led to a split up between two African nations – the Tutsi and the Hutu. Former US State Secretary Madeleine Albright hit the nail right on the head when she called it the African First World War. The Western powers stood behind the belligerents. The French supported the Hutus, while the US lent a helping hand to the Tutsis. It resulted in the genocide of the Tutsi nation in Rwanda in April 1994, the largest genocide since the WWII. The Rwandan Hutus killed about a million Tutsis in about a week, using mainly wooden swords and hoes. Experts say, the genocide the Tutsis fell prey to, had been really well planned and organized. Looks like it was not the Hutus, but rather the Western special services, which did the planning. The local radio spread around frenzied propaganda against the Tutsis, the United Nations representatives witnessed the preparation for pogroms: the lists of Tutsi home addresses and the numbers of their car plates were being filled in preparation for the action etc.

After that, in 2005 the Pentagon let know there would be a new «anti-terrorist» front open in Africa. The pretext was the fight against the ubiquitous and elusive Al Qaeda. According to Associated Press, a US Defense Department report says Al Qaeda sees the African desert and jungles as a safe haven for training militants and planning new attacks. The real reason for such attentive attitude towards Africa is a desire to guarantee US military supremacy on the Black Continent. The new agreements on armed forces deployments are almost always concluded with oil exporting nations, like Nigeria (is oil fields are captured according to International Court’s decisions), Sudan (it has lost the major part of oil fields), Gabon, Chad…

So, it’s not a surprise that all of a sudden, the terrorist activities on the Black Continent have started to take place in the oil rich areas. Great Britain expressed readiness to join the fray and fight terrorism in Africa. The British (including the son of Margaret Thatcher, special services officers, large arms dealers and even Lord Jeffrey Archer and Peter Mandelson, a minister of the Tony Blair’s Cabinet). As far back as the spring of 2004, they were involved in a row around the plot to topple the President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea to replace him by a member of the opposition supported by Western financiers. Equatorial Guinea is the African third largest oil exporting nation. Actually it’s a new Kuwait with daily production is around 400 thousand barrels. Zimbabwe openly accused Great Britain of the plot complicity.

The next phase of Black Continent’s reshaping takes the form of direct military intervention. It started with the so called Arab Spring and intrusion into Libya, an oil producing state. Mali is a good example of how it is implemented in practice… The country is rich in gold, diamonds, tin, bauxites, phosphates, uranium, lithium, iron ore, manganese, multimetals (copper, zinc, silver) and rare-earth elements like molybdenum. Besides, Mali is the regional largest cotton exporter. The country also boasts significant hydroelectric resources.

The French stick to the «anti-terror» pattern. They are conducting a ground operation against the Islamists that they themselves had armed with Libyan weapons, captured after Gaddafi was overthrown. NATO has already endorsed the French action. Great Britain and Germany have already rendered indirect support to it. The USA has also come out to support the military involvement in Mali which is a logical extension of the Libyan operation. Actually it’s a joint military operation undertaken by the West against the China’s economic expansion into Africa. China is involved in gold and cotton barter trade with Mali. It has investments in industrial projects of 35 African states. (The very same way a small-scale operation had been conducted in Cote D’Ivoire, the country had been occupied; the Chinese cocoa beans venture became a thing of the past as a result).

The French news website Atlantico posted a publication on January 12, 2013, that says between the lines that oil has been a key energy source for humanity. France receives it mainly from Russia, which now has a chance to give priority to other importers, like China and Japan. That is Russia may start to reorient the export to the East…what a slap in the face…it wants to take the «dose» away from France and give it to China, Japan and the USA that have become oil addicts a long time ago.

According to Russian experts, the logic of the 2012 events in the north of Mali proves it to be a thoroughly planned show to prepare the world public opinion for the idea of a «military intervention being an imperative». So it is indeed. As reported by the New York Times, the armed rebels in the north of Mali and the Tuaregs, whose activities had preceded the seizure of the northern part of Mali by Islamists, had been trained by US military instructors. Malian officers say the assistance was useless, the Americans made a wrong choice. The matter is the extremists took the initiative into their hands and pushed the Tuaregs out of the region. Now the French have stolen the show by bombing the Islamic militants. The action immediately resulted in civilian casualties.

The Tuaregs live in Niger, Mauritania, Libya, Algiers, Burkina-Faso and other countries adjacent to Mali, that are ready to join the France-led military operation. This kind of «peacekeeping» is able to explode all African Tuaregs leading to a new phase of Western intervention in Africa. It will jeopardize the whole Sahara-Sahel region, something the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given a warning about.

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