ColdType Issue 80: Pilger / Guns / South Korea and more…

2 December 2013 — Coldtype

The December issue of ColdType is now on line

CONTENTS  – 78 pages

ONE COUNTRY, TWO HISTORIES: John Pilger takes a penetrating look at the harsh differences between the cash-strapped North of England and the richer London and South; Alexander Zaitchik visits a US gun fair and finds a stack of bomb-making advice; Sam Pizzigati wonders why the rich and powerful are so callous; Tony Sutton takes a 10-hour bus trip; Trevor Grundy travels to South Korea to gain some new insights into the conflict in the Middle East; David Cromwell is critical of fossil-fuel corporation attempts to foil action on climate control; while Fred Reed takes a contrary look at Veterans’ Day from a new angle. We’ve also got three book excerpts on counterinsurgency, Nelson Mandela, and the fate of wounded soldiers when they return home from war. Plus much more

PLUS – Our second offering, INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT –  is a 52-Page excerpt from a new book by Don North that tells the strange tale of the brave exploits of a wartime journalist and the editors who thought he was lying

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