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1 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Coup and Anti-Coup. Gene Sharp Amended

01.03.2014 | 00:35 | Irina LEBEDEVA

According to Gene Sharp, «A coup d’état is a rapid seizure of physical and political control of the state apparatus by illegal action of a conspiratorial group backed by the threat or use of violence. The members of the previous government are deposed against their will. Initially the coup group rapidly occupies the centers of command, decision-making, and administration, replacing the previous chief executive and top officials with persons (military or civilian) of their choices». That is exactly what is happening in Ukraine. The steps taken by incumbent Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which are supported by Pravy Sector, a new version of «White Al Qaeda», perfectly fit the scenario described by Gene Sharp… Closing the Gene Sharp’s book I start to think about how life makes amendments to what the classic has written in his works. These days the parliament of Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea has found a way out of the crisis spread across the nation. A referendum on «improving the status of autonomy and expanding its powers» slated for May 25, 2014 is the step in this direction…


Ukraine: Noose around Neck of US Diplomacy

28.02.2014 | 10:29 | Nikolai BOBKIN

The White House has decided that Ukraine is in for a transition period, though it’s not clear where exactly the country is heading to. President Obama promises to cooperate with all parties without having an idea who he means exactly. It’s not known as yet who has happened to be a winner or a loser as a result of US intervention, but the contemporary plight of Ukraine allows calling it a non-existent state. America cannot stay away from the events in Ukraine but it is not ready to act on its own. The US knows how to destabilize other countries but in the given case it would like to rectify the situation with the help of Moscow…


The Ukrainian Pendulum: Has Russia Lost and the West Won?

28.02.2014 | 00:00 | Dmitry MININ

The more the acrid black smoke disperses from the burning tyres on Kiev’s Maidan Square, the more quietly and deeply are analysts beginning to think about who has actually emerged as the winner in the latest round of the endless Ukrainian ‘chess tournament’, and how much is still to come? Initial euphoria in the West regarding the fact that while absorbed in competing at Sochi, Moscow was overlooking a tricky combination next door is gradually evaporating. And the question arises: what next? And here it becomes clear that the victory which has been marked by a change of regime in Kiev is highly questionable…


The Massive PSYOP Employed against Ukraine by GCHQ and NSA

28.02.2014 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

…In Ukraine, the democratically-elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych fell more quickly than either Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi simply because the Western corporate media fully cooperated in FIVE EYES efforts to activate armies of sock puppets with aliases who disseminated anti-Yanukovych propaganda and, with the assistance of the global corporate news media, «pushed stories»… One media organization after another likened the shooting deaths to the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 and Yanukovych was likened to Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi, both of whom fell victim to early embryonic computer network information operations…


The U.S. and Terrorism in Syria

27.02.2014 | 00:04 | Nikolai BOBKIN

…For America, the use of force is the priority course of action in Syria. Here the Americans will balk at nothing. The Free Syrian Army, as anyone can see, has not been capable of fighting without al-Qaeda for a long time, but Washington prefers to overthrow Bashar al-Asad by the hands of «moderates». The White House understands that the American public will not accept al-Qaeda coming to power in Damascus, but cannot refuse to make use of it. The Obama administration has gotten stuck in this impasse. It is in Washington’s interests to remain ostensibly on the sidelines while allowing the rebels to continue to commit outrages in Syria and preventing al-Asad from ending the terrorist war which is exhausting the country…


Ukraine Shows Russia On Washington’s ‘To Do’ List For Regime Change

27.02.2014 | 00:00 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

Days before Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from office he was told it was «game over» by America’s Vice President Joe Biden. According to the British Guardian newspaper, quoting anonymous US officials, Biden admonished the Ukrainian leader in an hour-long phone call that his efforts for finding a negotiated solution to the country’s political crisis was «a day late and a dollar short». That’s hardly the friendly advice of a neutral bystander… The climate of lawlessness and mob rule that has now taken over Kiev has spread to other parts of the country… The prompt arrival this week of US deputy secretary of state Williams Burns in the Ukrainian capital «to discuss with political and business figures» the future direction of the country is further evidence that this coup d’état was a Washington-sponsored event…


The Partitioning of Iraq: Will the Country Remain on the Map?

26.02.2014 | 00:00 | Anton VESELOV

…Today practically all the conditions have been created for the transformation of Iraq into a federative state with dozens of provinces grouped into 3-4 autonomous territories (tentatively Shiite, Kurdish and Sunnite ones) on the basis of tribal connections, religious affinity and economic interests, with severe restriction of the powers of the Center… The West, headed by the United States, as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and obviously Israel, have an interest in keeping Iraq from ever again rising to the position of a powerful regional state; they need it to remain a manageable supplier of high-quality petroleum with minimal costs for extraction and export, and also to serve as a bargaining chip in resolving problems of another order. Most likely the future state structure of Iraq and the country’s fate are being decided now not in Baghdad, but in back room negotiations between «very interested parties»…


Obama Chats up Old Friend in Ankara

26.02.2014 | 00:00 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

When the United States President Barack Obama renews a neglected friendship, there has to be a compelling reason for that. There was a time when Obama would have counted Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan as his best friend in the Middle East and spoke of the latter as a role model for the «new Middle East» in the making…


Ukraine: Coup Staged, New Order Established, First Steps Taken, Tendencies Taking Shape

25.02.2014 | 03:00 | Pavel DMITRIEV

The coup in Ukraine has taken place. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) has voted to set early presidential elections for May 25 and done so in violation of Constitution and established order. The former President escaped from Kiev having betrayed his voters, the party, those who stood on guard of law and order and the people.  Kiev and a larger part of Ukraine, including Volyn and Galicia regions, have moved under the control of rebels. The south-eastern part of Ukraine and the Republic of Crimea, excluding the Dnepropetrovsk region, are still loyal to the Constitution and have actually refused to recognize the new regime. At that, it is unclear how long will the local powers in the country’s south-east be able to keep the situation under control…


US Agents Incite Civil War in Venezuela

25.02.2014 | 00:00 | Nil NIKANDROV

…Venezuelan political scholars unanimously say the United States embassy in Caracas is the main coordinating center of large-scale anti-government plot. The strategic goal of Washington is to establish control over the Venezuela’s riches – its mineral resources. The mission to be accomplished by conspirators is to shake the foundations of regime and smear its leadership, first of all President Nicolas Maduro, the successor of Hugo Chavez. It’s is becoming more evident that Washington is pursuing the goal of sparking a bloody civil war in Venezuela which would serve as a pretext for direct military intervention of the Empire. The springboards of the US armed forces Southern Command are already deployed along the Venezuelan border in Columbia, the countries of Central America and the Caribbean…


Poland’s Intervention in Ukraine: Idea Supported by Ardent Advocates

24.02.2014 | 00:38 | Nikolai MALISHEVSKI

An intervention of Poland in Ukraine, is it possible? This is the question of provocative nature regularly asked by Polish speaking Internet users since last December. Polish savvies and social networks’ bloggers joined the debate in January 2014… The Maidan’s victory in Kiev opens wide opportunities to spread maps in Polish language sector of Internet showing what lands should go to Romania, Hungary and Poland and what chunks of territory should become «Polish colonies»…


Montenegro: Mafia as Guarantor of Euro-Atlantic Integration

24.02.2014 | 00:14 | Boris ALEKSIC

…According to documents in the possession of Italy’s prosecutor’s office and inquiries of independent journalists, Milo Djukanovic has had close ties with Italian and American mafia since a long time… Today Washington lets Djukanovic know that if he makes Montenegro a NATO member, then all the accusations related to criminal activities will be lifted… In 1999 NATO started its expansion to the Balkans by committing a grave crime – an aggression against Yugoslavia. Nowadays the creation of criminal regimes on the territory of former Yugoslavia is a logical continuation of its policy…


An Indirect Offensive Strategy against the Obama – Cameron – Harper Doctrine

23.02.2014 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

The policy employed by U.S. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the primary agitators behind the violent overthrow of democratically-elected governments around the world, can best be referred to as the OCH (Obama-Cameron-Harper) doctrine. The first country to feel the effect of the OCH doctrine is Ukraine… The fall of Ukraine to neo-Nazis backed by western Ukrainian nationalists and Zionists who rally around the convicted fraudster and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko provided immediate impetus to Venezuelan rightists who began a campaign of violence to force democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro from office…


Poland and Date of February 18: Before and After

23.02.2014 | 00:00 | Yuriy RUBTSOV

…The date of February 18 is the date of the events viewed differently, the views that have become a dividing line for Penezhno and the whole country.  Poland will never become the country it had been before this date.  It was the first victim of German aggression and its WWII death toll is 6 million people (every fifth!). Only those, who share the ideas of Hitler, can lead a tranquil life there – the phenomenon is the division of national consciousness. This is the land that has seen Auschwitz and Maidanek. It’s like a contamination which is still giving up the smell of burning pipes. If someone can allow himself the luxury to glorify the fascist swastika and denigrate the memorials of Soviet soldiers, who freed Poland from the Nazi plague, then what we’re talking about is the verdict for the country, the government and the people…


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