A Compulsory Purchase for London By Helen Kearney

28 March 2014 — New Left Project

The demolition of the Heygate Estate in South London is gathering pace now. After years of plans and ‘decanting’ of residents, the vast estate – condemned for so long – is finally coming down. The area of Elephant and Castle is being regenerated, and in a glossy post-regeneration landscape there is no room for a concrete megastructure like the Heygate. In order to clear the buildings of residents, the local authority, Southwark, used a legal tool called a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). The CPO is a power granted by the government to allow a local authority to purchase land or property without the consent of the landowner or tenant.

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Editor of Ukranian leftwing site: “The enemy is within”

25 March 2014 — In Defence of Marxism

We publish an interview with Ukrainian left-wing activist Kolesnik Dmitry. The interview gives an excellent insight to the situation in Ukraine and the forces that are at play. We believe that this is an important contribution to the discussion about the class struggle in the country and the tasks of the Marxists.

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NATO’s Plans for False Flag Attack on Turkey? By Tony Cartalucci

28 March 2014 — Land Destroyer

It has been revealed that NATO has been planning a false flag attack against Turkey to justify the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, the International Business Times reported in its article, “Turkey YouTube Ban: Full Transcript of Leaked Syria ‘War’ Conversation Between Erdogan Officials.”

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 27 March 2014: My Son Qais

27 March 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Ashrawi Calls on US to Stand Up for International Law
IMEMC – PLO Executive Committee member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, called the U.S. to stand up for international law, and to have the political will to curb Israeli violations of international and humanitarian law. …
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