Turkish PM Erdogan Playing with Fire By Sungur Savran

24 March 2014 — The Bullet Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 956

Three events that occurred in the space of three days create sufficient ground for suspecting that [Turkish Prime Minister] Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing with the Syrian fire in order to extricate himself out of the situation he faces. First, a commando of three foreign fundamentalist militants engage in a shootout with the gendarmes and the police on a motorway in Central Anatolia, leaving one policeman, one gendarme and one passer-by dead. The militants have been travelling in a taxi from Hatay on the Syrian border to Istanbul and are supposedly discovered by coincidence. They are almost a caricature of the typical Al Qaeda commando, two Albanians and one Kosovar fighting in Syria.

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More Guardian ‘brainwashing’ on Putin By Jonathon Cook

24 March 2014 — Jonathon Cook

I spend a lot of time on this blog criticising the propaganda role of liberal media, including my former newspaper the Guardian. Media critics like Noam Chomsky and Ed Herman have called it “brainwashing under freedom”. Because of a long filtering process before they reach positions of influence, journalists working for the corporate media in free societies replicate many of the failings of journalists working for media in repressive and closed societies. There are differences. The propaganda in free societies is more subtle and insidious; the journalists are more likely to believe what they write; and a degree of pluralism is allowed, even while plausible and important voices are ignored or ridiculed. But propaganda it still is.


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Challenging the Western Narrative on Events in the Ukraine By Lionel Reynolds

23 March 2014 — 4th Media

The mainstream western media has presented a united front in its coverage of events in the Ukraine since the Maidan protests began in late November 2013. The same narrative has informed the comments and actions of the so-called ‘international community’ – typically an anglo-american-zionist affair consisting of Washington, London, Jerusalem and NATO, but on this occasion also including enthusiastic backing from the EU.

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Statewatch News Online, 24 March 2014 (05/14): Borders, deaths and resistance

24 March 2014 — Home page: http://www.statewatch.org/  • e-mail: office@statewatch.org


1.    STATEWATCH: New issue of Journal: Borders, deaths and resistance
2.    EU: European Parliament: Strengthening of certain aspects of the presumption of innocence
4.    UK: Jimmy Mubenga: G4S guards face plane death charges
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Is Crimea’s Shift the First of a Long Series? By Thierry Meyssan

24 March 2014 — Voltaire Network

Beyond the emphatic cries of the West against the accession of the Crimea to the Russian Federation, the real issue is whether this is an orphan event or whether it foreshadows a turning of Eastern Europe toward Moscow. With only enslavement to the Brussels bureaucracy to offer, Brussels fears that existing clienta may be attracted by Moscow’s freedom and money.

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Former US intelligence contractor speaks on 1975 Australian coup By Mike Head

24 March 2014 — WSWS

Christopher Boyce: “Snowden is a very brave man”

Christopher Boyce, who was jailed for 25 years for leaking information about US spying and political destabilisation operations against the Whitlam Labor government in Australia during 1974 and 1975, was interviewed on Australian public broadcaster SBS’s “Dateline” program last month.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles

23 March 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

As Israeli Attack on Aida Camp Continues, 8 Palestinians and 2 Israeli Soldiers Injured
IMEMC – As the Israeli military continues its invasion of the Aida refugee camp, near Bethlehem, local sources have reported that 8 Palestinians and 2 Israeli soldiers have been injured. …
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Media Lens: Scotlandshire: BBC Scotland Coverage Of The Independence Referendum By David Cromwell

24 March 2014 — Media Lens

The BBC’s ‘Amazing Litany’ Of Bias

Coverage of the Scottish independence referendum, due to be held on September 18 this year, is a compelling example of the deep establishment bias of the corporate media. Some critics have characterised the BBC’s coverage, in particular, as though Scotland is merely a region or a county of the United Kingdom called ‘Scotlandshire‘.

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