Obama’s Dumbest Plan Yet: The Coup in Ukraine By Mike Whitney

1 March 2014 — Counterpunch

Pro-Russia soldiers guard installations in the Crimea. The malicious meddling in Ukraine by US/EU proxies has resulted in a dangerous crisis that pits the US against Russia, threatening a much wider and lethal confrontation. The criminals in Washington bear most of the blame, as usual. Their ultimate objective is to tear Russia apart or cripple her permanently.

“Washington and Brussels … used a Nazi coup, carried out by insurgents, terrorists and politicians of Euromaidan to serve the geopolitical interests of the West.” — Natalia Vitrenko, The Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine

The United States helped defeat Nazism in World War 2. Obama helped bring it back.

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War, “Regime Change” and the Globalization of “Austerity Economics” By Hossein-Zadeh Ismael

1 March 2014 — Global Research

Many countries around the world are plagued by all kinds of armed rebellions, economic sanctions, civil wars, ‘democratic’ coup d’états and/or wars of ‘regime change.’ These include Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Thailand, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia and Lebanon. Even in the core capitalist countries the overwhelming majority of citizens are subjected to brutal wars of economic austerity.

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The Crimean Anti-Coup Move

1 March 2014 — Moon of Alabama

The U.S. and EU sponsored coup against the elected government and president of the Ukraine had several strategic implications and aims. One of them is the Black Sea base of the Russian Navy which is used to supply and defend Syria. A takeover of the government in Kiev was necessary but not sufficient to neutralize the base as a strategic Russian asset. To do that a takeover of the local government of the Crimea and all its powers would also have to take place. The Crimea is historically Russian and most of it inhabitants are Russians. There is also a rather small minority of Tartars of Muslim heritage.

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Ukraine: “Go West, Young Man” By Jeffrey Sommers & Michael Hudson

1 March 2014 — Michael Hudson

As first published on Truth Out

“Let them loot.” That is the demand of the West when its NGO subsidiaries firebomb government buildings, murder policemen and loot the arms depots of military forts. Kiev is the equivalent of Kosovo as a Slavic city-of-origin. Are we seeing a replay?

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Video: The Latest in Ukraine By Eric Draitser

28 February 2014 — Stop Imperialism

Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.com appears on RT to discuss the evolving situation in Ukraine.  Draitser explains that the warnings directed at Moscow from the US-EU-NATO are utter hypocrisy considering the key role the West played in funding the Nazis and “opposition”.  He notes that rumors of a full blown Russian intervention are pure propaganda designed to demonize Moscow and further Washington’s agenda. Continue reading

New at Strategic Culture Foundation 23 February – 1 March 2014: Ukraine-Russia / Syria-US / Iraq / Turkey-US / Venezuela-US / Poland-Ukraine

1 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Coup and Anti-Coup. Gene Sharp Amended

01.03.2014 | 00:35 | Irina LEBEDEVA

According to Gene Sharp, «A coup d’état is a rapid seizure of physical and political control of the state apparatus by illegal action of a conspiratorial group backed by the threat or use of violence. The members of the previous government are deposed against their will. Initially the coup group rapidly occupies the centers of command, decision-making, and administration, replacing the previous chief executive and top officials with persons (military or civilian) of their choices». Continue reading