Putin Speaks: Straighforward Answers. The West Triggered the Crisis in Ukraine. Why? By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

10 March 2014 — Global Research

putinYou can read an English translation of Vladimir Putin’s March 4 press conference here:

President Vladimir Putin on Crisis in Ukraine By Global Research News, March 10, 2014

Americans have not experienced political leadership or an independent media for such a long time that they will be amazed at the straightforward answers from the Russian President and by media asking real questions, some of which show the influence of Washington’s propaganda.

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Nuclear regulators misled the media after Fukushima, emails show

10 March 2014 — RT

On Monday this week — one day shy of the third anniversary of the Fukushima meltdown — NBC published emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act that for the first time exposes on a major scale the efforts that NRC officials undertook in order to diminish the severity of the event in the hours and days after it began to unfold. Continue reading

Syria, Ukraine: One Antiterrorist Front By Boris Dolgov

10 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The February armed coup in Ukraine has repeated the Syrian scenario in the Russia’s brotherly nation. It was a result of the actions planned in advance using both «soft» and «tough» power directed from outside. The very same scenario has been staged by the West in Yugoslavia, Libya. For already three years they have been trying to repeat it Syria. Each time they employ methods of outside interference aimed at toppling the ruling government and moving a country under outside control. 

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Brzezinski about Ukraine: Underlying Meaning of Finland Option By Segey Maximov

10 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

A coup took place in Kiev of February 22, 2014. The same day the Financial Times published the Russia Needs to be Offered a ‘Finland Option’ for Ukraine article by Zbignew Brzezinski. The editorial board found that the piece was important enough to reprint it again the next day with the changed title Russia Needs a ‘Finland Option’ for Ukraine. It makes one wonder what the author of Game Plan and Grand Chess Board really means by all of a sudden turning to the theme of Ukraine with his offer of «Finlandization»? 

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Video; Constructing the Narrative in Ukraine

10 March 2014 — Stop Imperialism

Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.org appears briefly on RT to discuss recent comments from the so called “interim Prime Minister” of Ukraine Yatsenyuk regarding Russia’s military presence in Ukraine.  Draitser explains that his comments are part of the broader attempt to piece together a constructed narrative that justifies the claims of the Western media of Russian aggression in Crimea.  Continue reading

Media Lens: The ‘Professorial President’ And The ‘Small, Strutting Hard Man’ By David Cromwell and David Edwards

10 March 2014 — Media Lens

Exactly what is happening in Ukraine is not easy to disentangle from corporate news media reports. The current crisis began last November when the Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, withdrew from a cooperation agreement with the European Union to forge closer ties with Russia. As Peter Oborne notes: Continue reading

‘Blackwater’ footage: Who are the mercenaries in Ukraine?

10 March 2014 — RT

Videos have sprung on YouTube alleging that the US private security service formerly known as Blackwater is operating in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Western press is hitting back, accusing Russia of fabricating reports to justify “aggression.”

Screenshot from YouTube user WorldEarthNews

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Snowden’s testimony to European Parliament: “Billions of innocents” unlawfully spied upon By Robert Stevens

10 March 2014 — WSWS

On Friday, the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee published the written testimony of US whistleblower and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden. Snowden agreed to give testimony to the EP’s ongoing inquiry into the Electronic Mass Surveillance of EU Citizens.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 9 March 2014: Israel Out of Options: We Better Watch Out

9 March 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center
Negev Prisoners to Launch Hunger Strike Next Month
IMEMC – Palestinian prisoners in Negev prison said, on Sunday, that they sent a notification to the Israeli Prison Service, saying that they will launch a hunger strike next month. …
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