Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev By Steve Weissman

25 March 2014 — Reader Supported News

If the US State Department’s Victoria Nuland had not said “Fuck the EU,” few outsiders at the time would have heard of Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, the man on the other end of her famously bugged telephone call. But now Washington’s man in Kiev is gaining fame as the face of the CIA-style “destabilization campaign” that brought down Ukraine’s monumentally corrupt but legitimately elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

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Russia and the Ukraine Crisis: The Eurasian Project in Conflict with the Triad Imperialist Policies By Samir Amin

25 March 2014 — MRZine

Moscow, March 2014

1. The current global stage is dominated by the attempt of historical centers of imperialism (the US, Western and Central Europe, Japan — hereafter called “the Triad”) to maintain their exclusive control over the planet through a combination of:

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The Strategy of the Venezuelan Opposition and How it Works By Steve Ellner

25 March 2014 — Venezuela Analysis

The strategy and tactics of the Venezuelan opposition is a replay of events that took place leading up to the coup against Hugo Chávez on April 11, 2002 and is similar (although in some ways quite different) from the script that has been used in the Ukraine and elsewhere. The blatant distortions and in some cases lies of the media (CNN in Spanish playing a lead role) represent an essential element in the strategy.

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Hatred Towards Russians Boiling Over or Yulia Timoshenko «Gone Fishing» By Boris Novoseltsev

25 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation 

Yulia Timoshenko is back into politics. Her phone conversation with Nestor Shufrych, former deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (their close personal ties are an open secret), was uploaded on YouTube on March 24. A part of the recorded talk was devoted to Crimea. Timoshenko admitted it took place, though she negated saying that 8 million Russians in Ukraine should be eliminated…

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“Saudi trump card” in the American game in Ukraine By Igor Nikolayev

25 March 2014 — — Strategic Culture Foundation

Having exhausted the possibilities of direct pressure on Russia in connection with the events in the Crimea and Ukraine, Washington floated its strategic reserve – the potential of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies. White House appealed to the leadership of these countries to contribute with $ 15 billion in the package “urgent economic assistance” Kiev.

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