VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 5 March 2014: Netanyahu Demands Palestinians Recognize Israel as 'Jewish State'

5 March 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Three, Including Minor, Kidnapped from West Bank and Jerusalem
IMEMC – The Israeli army, on Wednesday, abducted two people from the West Bank city of Hebron, including a minor, in addition to a youth from the Jerusalem area, according to local sources. …

Dozens of Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Compound
IMEMC – [Wednesday, March 5, 2014] Dozens of Israeli settlers, accompanied by Israeli police, have again stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque, touring the facility while holding maps and documentations. …

Netanyahu Demands Palestinians Recognize Israel as ‘Jewish State’
IMEMC – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Tuesday, directly urged Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” and to “abandon the fantasy” of “flooding” Israel with refugees. But his remarks sparked a furious reaction from the Palestinians who denounced his demand and said it had effectively put the final nail in the coffin of the US-led peace talks. …

160 People Forcibly Displaced from ‘Firing Zones’ along Jordan Valley during January 2014
IMEMC – Israeli forces raided the northern Jordan Valley, on Tuesday, ordering 21 Palestinian families in Wadi Ibziq to leave their homes from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. The order’s objective was to allow the army to conduct military exercises in the area. …

Abu Rodeina: Netanyahu Continues to Waste Time
IMEMC – Palestinian Presidency spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rodeina, stated that the speech of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the AIPAC conference did not carry anything new, and proves Netanyahu is just wasting time. …

Sheikh Salah Sentenced To Eight Months
IMEMC – The Israeli Magistrates Court, in occupied Jerusalem, has sentenced Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, to eight months imprisonment, and three years probation. He was also sentenced to three years probation, to begin after his release. …

Families Ordered Out Of Homes As Army Prepares For Training
IMEMC – [Tuesday Evening, March 4, 2014] Israeli soldiers handed military orders to 21 families in the Wad Ebzeeq area, in the Northern Plains of the occupied West Bank, ordering them to leave as the army prepares for training. …

Army Invades Borqa Village
IMEMC – [Tuesday Evening, March 4, 2014] Several Israeli military jeeps invaded Borqa village, west of the northern West bank city of Nablus, and attacked several residents; clashes have been reported. …

Soldiers Kidnap Three Children In Occupied Jerusalem
IMEMC – Palestinian Kidnapped in Hebron Israeli soldiers invaded, on Tuesday [March 4, 2014], Silwan town in occupied East Jerusalem, broke into a number of homes, and kidnapped three Palestinian children. …

Ma’an News

Israeli forces order families to leave homes during army exercise
3/5/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces raided the northern Jordan Valley on Tuesday and issued notices ordering Bedouin families to leave their homes the following day, locals said. Locals told Ma’an that Israeli soldiers ordered 21 Bedouin families in Wadi Ibziq to leave their homes from 7:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. in order for the army to conduct military….

Israeli forces impose curfew on 2 Nablus villages
3/5/2014 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli forces imposed a curfew on two northern West Bank villages after Palestinian youths hurled Molotov cocktails at an Israeli settler vehicle earlier in the day, witnesses said. Witnesses told Ma’an that the Israeli army imposed a curfew on the villages of Huwwara and Beita south of Nablus, forcing all shopkeepers on the main road connecting the two villages….

Report: Petah Tikva stabbing was revenge for Birzeit killing
3/5/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was detained earlier this week on suspicion that he stabbed a man in central Israel, Israeli media reported Wednesday. The Hebrew language newspaper Maariv reported that 28-year-old Fadi Walid Ibrahim from Birzeit was arrested after being suspected of stabbing a man in Israel’s Petah Tikvah. According to the report, Ibrahim told his interrogators that he….

Nablus farmers capture tree-chopping Israeli settler
3/5/2014 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Palestinian farmers on Wednesday detained an Israeli settler after they caught him chopping down olive trees in their fields in the northern West Bank, an official said. Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors settlement activities in the northern West Bank, told Ma’an that the settler was caught destroying olive trees near the Nablus-district village of Talfit. The….

Israel claims to hit 2 Hezbollah fighters on Syria border
3/5/2014 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel’s army said Wednesday it struck two members of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah as they tried to plant a bomb near the Israeli-Syrian border.”Earlier today, two Hezbollah-affiliated terrorists were identified attempting to plant an explosive device near the Israel-Syria border in the northern Golan Heights. IDF (Israeli army) forces. . . fired towards the suspects (and) hits were identified,” the army….

Three detained after firebombs thrown near Nablus
3/5/2014 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Three Palestinian man were detained in villages south of Nablus on Wednesday, hours after four Molotov cocktails were thrown at a bus carrying Israeli settlers in the area. Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma’an that dozens of Israeli soldiers raided the village of Madama and carried out searches….

Hamas: Egypt no longer impartial in Palestinian reconciliation
3/5/2014 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Egypt is no longer a neutral party in resolving the political split between Hamas and Fatah, an Hamas official said Wednesday. Marwan Abu Ras, a Palestinian lawmaker affiliated to Hamas, told Ma’an that “we won’t be reassured that Egypt can play an impartial role in reconciliation while Egypt antagonizes one side of the dispute.” The Hamas….

Gaza groups deny Israel claims of Iran weapons shipment
3/5/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel claimed that it intercepted a ship in the Red Sea on Wednesday carrying Iranian “advanced weaponry” bound for Palestinian militants in Gaza, the military said. Representatives of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad, however, denied the accusations, with Hamas officials pointing out that Gaza is under a complete naval blockade by Israel that would make any shipment of arms into the….

Egypt security arrests suspected migrants en route to Israel
3/5/2014 – EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) – Egyptian security forces arrested 12 Sudanese migrants as they attempted to cross into Israel through the Sinai Peninsula, security sources told Ma’an Wednesday. The sources highlighted that the detainees were referred to Egyptian military prosecution. They would be deported to Sudan unless they have been caught trying to infiltrate into Israel before. If it was not the first….

Netanyahu demands Palestinians recognize Israel as ‘Jewish state’
3/5/2014 – WASHINGTON (AFP) – Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday directly urged Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” and to “abandon the fantasy” of “flooding” Israel with refugees. But his remarks sparked a furious reaction from the Palestinians who denounced his demand and said it had effectively put the final nail in the coffin of the US-led peace talks. The latest….

Hamas denies death of Muslim Brotherhood leader in Gaza
3/5/2014 – GAZA (Ma’an) — A spokesman for the Gaza Strip Ministry of Interior spokesman denied reports of the death of a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Gaza in recent days. Islam Shahwan said in a statement that the claims were untrue and “not worth answering,” stressing that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Supreme Guide Mahmoud Ezzat was never in Gaza. Shahwan’s statements follow….

2 Bethlehem residents injured in house fire
3/5/2014 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Two people sustained burn injuries early Wednesday after a fire broke out in their house in the southern West Bank, civil defense forces said in a statement. Bethlehem’s civil defense forces said that fire fighters managed to control a fire that broke out in a family’s living room in the al-Saff neighborhood of Bethlehem. The fire was….

Nablus man dies after falling from balcony
3/5/2014 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — A man died early Wednesday after he fell from the balcony of a building in the northern West Bank, medics said. Medical sources told Ma’an that 50-year-old Wael Hasan al-Amlah died on impact after falling from his fifth-floor balcony in Nablus. Al-Amlah’s body was taken to the nearby Rafedia Hospital, the sources said. [END]

Security: Ramallah man stabs his wife to death
3/5/2014 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A man from the central West Bank city Ramallah was arrested after killing his wife on Tuesday morning following a heated argument in the couple’s apartment, security sources said. Palestinian security sources told Ma’an that the accused came returned to his home late Monday night and had a heated argument with his wife. He then allegedly stabbed….

Saudi, Bahrain, UAE recall envoys to Qatar
3/5/2014 – RIYADH (AFP) — Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates recalled their ambassadors from Doha in an unprecedented move Wednesday in protest at Qatar’s alleged interference in their internal affairs. The three Gulf Arab states made the decision following what newspapers described as a “stormy” late Tuesday meeting of foreign ministers from the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council in Riyadh. GCC countries “have exerted….


Israel intercepts Gaza-bound weapons haul
AlJazeera 5 Mar 2014 – Military says it stopped ship in the Red Sea carrying Syrian “advanced weaponry” being shipped from Iran to Gaza.

International Solidarity Movement

17 years old arrested at school in Al Sawiya
3/5/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – International Solidarity Movement, Team Nablus| Al Sawiya, Occupied Palestine – On Monday March 3rd, in the early afternoon, Obada Muhammad Saleh, a 17 years old Palestinian was arrested by the Israeli Forces in his school in Al Sawiya. Around 1pm last Monday, was school children were leaving Al Sawiya’s school, ten Israeli soldiers invaded the school’s courtyard and threw stun grenades and….

Nightraid in Madama village
3/5/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – 3rd March 2014, International Solidarity Movement, Nablus Team| Madama, Occupied Palestine – Last morning, early on Monday March 3rd, around 100 Israeli soldiers raided the village of Madama, south of Nablus, breaking in houses and detaining 15 people. All of the detainees were released later the same night. The Israeli forces entered the village around2amand invaded seven houses, breaking the doors and throwing stun grenades. The….

Threats of lethal Israeli violence stop a weekly demonstration in the Gaza Strip
3/5/2014 – International Solidarity Movement – International Solidarity Movement,Charlie Andreasson| Gaza, Occupied Palestine – The regular Friday demonstration at the “buffer zone” east of Jabaliya was stopped by Palestinian police and security forces. The Israel had send a message via Egypt to the Palestinian authorities in Gaza that it would not tolerate any demonstrations and that it intended to shoot at the upper body of those who approached the separation barrier….

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: In the Spotlight: Area C Vulnerability Profile
Relief Web 5 Mar 2014 – Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: occupied Palestinian territory The Vulnerability Profile Project (VPP), launched in 2013, is an inter-agency exercise designed to identify vulnerabilities in Area C. This feature provides previously unavailable data on Area…

occupied Palestinian territory: Gaza Access and Movement: 2013 Summary
Relief Web 5 Mar 2014 – Source: Gisha Country: occupied Palestinian territory Israel s closure of Gaza reached the six year mark. Corresponding with the changes on the Egyptian border, more goods entered Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing and more exits were recorded at Erez Crossing, connecting…

occupied Palestinian territory: New figures indicate an estimated 300,000 Palestinians reside in Area C of the West Bank
Relief Web 5 Mar 2014 – Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Country: occupied Palestinian territory Jerusalem, 5 March 2014 Today, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) released new information relating to…

Israel: Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Custody Face Physical Violence
Relief Web 5 Mar 2014 – Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: Israel, occupied Palestinian territory Ramallah, January 30, 2014 Three in four Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank last year endured physical violence during arrest and interrogation, according to…

occupied Palestinian territory: 11-year-old left to die after Israeli soldiers open fire
Relief Web 5 Mar 2014 – Source: Defence for Children International/Palestine Section Country: occupied Palestinian territory Fadel Abu Odwan, 11, was left alone and bleeding heavily for three hours after Israeli soldiers opened fire on him at the Gaza border fence on February 21. Ramallah, March…

The National

Delivering Hope is a labour of love
The National 5 Mar 2014 – In some parts of the world, pregnancy is as likely to end in death for the mother or newborn as it is a successful birth. For Medecins Sans Frontieres, the challenge is to close the healthcare gaps in these regions, among which is the Middle East, Mitya Underwood writes

GCC ambassadors withdrawal highlights regional differences
The National 5 Mar 2014 – This is the first time that three GCC countries have all withdrawn their ambassadors from another member state, proving the degree to which Doha has fallen out with its neighbours. Justin Vela reports

China unveils double-digit military budget boost
The National 5 Mar 2014 – The spending has raised eyebrows in East Asia and Washington.

Siege of Syrian arms depot exposes chemical weapons fears
The National 5 Mar 2014 – Detailed accounts describe military commanders from the US, Europe and Arab states scrambling to make sure the weapons did not fall into the hands of Al Qaeda-affiliated rebels after information emerged the bunker could contain sarin gas.

In pictures: Polio vaccination campaign in Afghanistan
The National 5 Mar 2014 – A border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a focal point in the global fight to eradicate polio. The highly contagious viral infection can lead to paralysis, breathing problems or even death. It primarily strikes children under the age of five and remains endemic only in these two countries, as well as Nigeria.

Video: Jean-Claude Trichet at the Global Financial Markets Forum
The National 5 Mar 2014 – The Former President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet on the advances in economy for the year 2014 as compared to last year at the Global Financial Markets Forum taking place in Abu Dhabi.

In pictures: Human hamsters in New York
The National 5 Mar 2014 – Two performance artists are spending 10 days living, eating and sleeping on a giant hamster wheel.

In pictures: Chinese farmer builds DIY Lamborghini for grandson
The National 5 Mar 2014 – Guo, a Chinese farmer in his 50s, has built a replica scale-model Lamborghini car for his grandson, and it s pretty good considering it cost less than $1,000.

In pictures: South Sudanese so desperate they flee into Darfur
The National 5 Mar 2014 – The civil war in South Sudan has left people so hungry and desperate for relief that they are even fleeing across the border into Darfur, a long-troubled region of famine and suffering in neighbouring Sudan, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for South Sudan said Tuesday. Photos by Andrei Pungovschi / AFP Photo

Australia rescues 13 Iranians adrift at sea for five days off Pakistan coast
The National 5 Mar 2014 – HMAS Darwin came across the men, some elderly, on Saturday in calm seas after their boat was reportedly struck by an unknown vessel and sank.

Walk of shame video showing Filipino mayor humiliating thief slammed
The National 5 Mar 2014 – A Philippine mayor who forced a man to walk in public with a sign saying he stole fish was denounced by the government’s rights body Wednesday amid online outrage.

India to go to polls from April 7: election commission
The National 5 Mar 2014 – India, the world’s biggest democracy, on Wednesday set April 7 as the start of parliamentary elections expected to see the opposition Hindu nationalists led by hardliner Narendra Modi come to power.

WWF hails Indonesian fatwa against illegal hunting and poaching of animals
The National 5 Mar 2014 – Indonesia s top Islamic body has issued a fatwa against the illegal hunting and trade in endangered animals in the country, which the WWF hailed on Wednesday as the world s first.


Palestinians respond to Obama: Nothing left to make concessions on
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

At Hollywood premiere, Netanyahu launches doc on Israeli tourism
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

The apocalypse that wasn’t in Jerusalem
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

America, the splintered reed
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

AIPAC, the Kremlin of U.S. Jewry
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

‘Voluntary expulsion
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Putting Israeli couture on the map: Tel Aviv Fashion Week is coming
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

The email that started a war of words between Hadassah and Shaarei Zedek
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Jury out on whether Israeli law schools should teach in English too
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Israel’s Technion ranked one of world’s top 100 universities, Hebrew U close
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

In seizing Gaza-bound ship, Israel postponed the war no one wants
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Ailing Auschwitz guard suspect granted bail in Germany
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Scholars launch petition against censorship of Israel critics
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Under U.S. pressure, Israel issues first statement on Ukraine crisis
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Clinton says Putin in Ukraine is like Hitler in the ’30s
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

LIVE BLOG: U.S., Russia hold talks on Ukraine tensions
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

White House: U.S. helped Israel seize Gaza-bound missiles from Iran
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Senator Ted Cruz: Obama is most hostile president to Israel in modern times
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

U.S. Rep. Bachmann: American Jews sold out Israel
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

AIPAC speech pits Netanyahu vs. Herzl on the nature of moral divides
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Full text of Judith Butler and Rashid Khalidi’s open letter condemning censorship of Israel critics
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Collapsing Israeli newspaper Maariv seeks court protection
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

U.S. denying visas to Israeli defense officials, report says
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Israel seizes ship with missiles heading from Iran to Gaza
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Fire erupts at Tel Aviv’s Defense Ministry complex
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

West Bank separation barrier technology coming to U.S.-Mexico border
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Hackers ruin Canada-based bitcoin bank
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Lieberman: Hamas has representatives in Knesset
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

IDF opens fire at Hezbollah fighters on Israel-Syria border
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Maps: The Ukraine East-West divide
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Obama promises Netanyahu to put pressure on Abbas
Ha’aretz – 5 Mar 2014

Israel has no ‘city square’ in which to protest
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

How Israel has done its part
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

UN report: 300,000 Palestinians live in Area C of West Bank
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

Israel’s warped refugee policy
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

Anything but an RPG
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

Putting our faith in magic slogans
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

Instead of suspending indicted mayor, panel recommends paid leave for him
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

Knesset panel lengthens women’s military service – in two years
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

New at Ariel University: Matchmaking guidance
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

Israel confirms: Asylum seekers secretly spirited away to third countries
Ha’aretz – 4 Mar 2014

Jerusalem Post

Tribute to Edgar Bronfman to be held at Israel Museum tonight
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – More than 300 invited guests are scheduled to attend a memorial tribute for longest-serving president of the WJC, who died in December.

Obama’s national security advisor plans debut Israel visit in May
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – NSC announces Susan Rice’s trip following “very productive consultations” between US president, Netanyahu.

Israeli-German lab launched to study neurological illnesses
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Rehovot-based institute to conduct research into cognitive, emotional and behavioral diseases.

The laws of armed conflict and the Gaza Strip
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Does the IDF have different standards for patrolling the border of Gaza than it does the West Bank?

Landes report: Dismantle IBA, outsource its activities
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Committee on public broadcaster recommends changing name, cutting staff by half, selling assets and setting up new format.

German minister to Peres: Kerry brings hope for peace
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – “You always need people who are pushing,” says minister-president of North Rhine-Westphalia.

UN: 300,000 Palestinians live in Area C of the West Bank
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – United Nations starts fund-raising campaign to improve conditions for population.

Analysis: Intercepted Iranian arms shipment provides small glimpse of a covert war
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – On one side of conflict is Iran – transporting powerful arms to terrorist organizations sworn to jihad against Israel; on the other side are Israel s intelligence agencies.

Rockets from Gaza fired toward southern Israel, no injuries
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Code Red siren sounds twice Wednesday night in Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council; security forces searching for projectile remnants.

Israel calls for peaceful, diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Jerusalem releases first official statement on unrest ignited by Russian intervention in Crimea.

SPOTTED! Netanyahu reading ‘The Jerusalem Post’ during filming of ‘Israel: The Royal Tour’
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – The Israeli Ministry of Tourism anticipated that the film, hosted by Peter Greenberg, will lure an additional 200,000 tourists to Israel.

Chief rabbi asserts Ukrainian Jews will not run away if war breaks out with Russia
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Rabbi Jacob Dov Bleich tells the ‘Post’ that Jewish seminary students are traditionally exempt from conscription in the Ukraine.

PM signs strategic cooperation agreement in California
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Agreement will facilitate research and development projects of strategic interest to both governments.

Media comment: Views which are not fit to print
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – In the Ukraine crisis, much more that is also apparently not fit to print, or discussed in depth, as far as the various media outlets are concerned.

Encountering Peace: Security, reciprocity and mutuality
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Security is the most fundamental element of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and their outcome must create a reality in which security is enhanced, not reduced.

Washington Watch: Fumbling foreign policy
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Senators John McCain (R-Arizona) and his echo, Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), are usually the first to call for a military response to a crisis, but not this time.

Ukrainian lesson
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – When the USSR broke up, some of its former republics, such as Ukraine, ended up with massive nuclear stockpiles.

Inside out: A Jewish and democratic Israel
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – The question is not whether Bennett is capable of distinguishing between the sentimental and the essential.

Man killed in Jerusalem apartment from fire started by space heater
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Firefighters break down door, find 60 year old burned to death in bed; fire department received no call because fire contained in small unit.

WATCH: IDF releases action videos as part of PR blitz after seizure of Iranian ship
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – IDF’s releases super-coordinated series of videos showing step-by-step how commandos thwarted Iranian arms shipment to Gaza.

Refused a gym discount, man tries to bomb business
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Police say shows how popular, easily attainable explosives have become, and how they are now used in the smallest feuds.

Meeting held in Knesset to encourage organ donation in Arab sector
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Organ donations transcend sectors. Reality proves that Jews donate organs to Arabs and vice versa, Health Minister says.

Liberman to Abbas: Israel will not accept more conditions to continue talks
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Foreign Minister says “Those who want to set conditions should look for other partners.”

Hottest Place in Hell website grabs inaugural DIGIT prize for online journalism
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – The Sammy Ofer School of Communications at IDC Herzliya, and Google teamed up to launch the NIS 15,000 award.

Who will heal the hospitals?
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – The crisis at Hadassah, the country s leading medical center, is only symptomatic of the deep malaise affecting Israel s medical system.

Police question Zaken, state will weigh testimony for possible deal to turn on Olmert
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Olmert’s lawyer says the prosecution is in a “desperate position” and has been running after “false declarations.”

David Brooks, Montaigne, converso Judaism, and modern Western civilization
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Montaigne s Jewish ancestry is not widely known, but is critical in understanding his idiosyncratic view of life and how influential it was in the future development of European Humanism.

Egypt panel blames Morsi supporters for deaths during protest camp break-up
Jerusalem Post 5 Mar 2014 – Hundreds of people were killed when security forces dispersed Cairo protest camp, one of the bloodiest days in Egypt’s history.

The Guardian

Israeli forces seize rockets ‘destined for Gaza’ in raid on Iranian ship in Red Sea
The Guardian 5 Mar 2014 – Army spokesman says missiles originally came from Syria and were capable of reaching large area of Israel Israeli naval forces have raided an Iranian freighter in the Red Sea and seized dozens of missiles that were…

Israel seizes rockets sent from Iran to Gaza, says Israeli army spokesman – video
The Guardian 5 Mar 2014 – The Israeli navy seizes a ship in the Red Sea on Wednesday, allegedly carrying advanced rockets supplied by Iran and intended for delivery on the Gaza Strip


Daily Star

March ‘critical’ for Syria arms drive: UN official
Daily Star 5 Mar 2014 March will be a “critical” month for Syria if it is to maintain its timetable for dismantling its chemical weapons arsenal, the UN official tasked with overseeing the mission said on Wednesday.

Egypt panel mostly blames Morsi supporters for Rabaa deaths
Daily Star 5 Mar 2014 A government-appointed panel said Wednesday that the deaths of hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters at a protest camp in Cairo last August was mostly the fault of demonstrators who had provoked the security forces into opening…

Support Group stresses Lebanon Army needs
Daily Star 5 Mar 2014 The International Support Group for Lebanon emphasizes the country s dire need for assistance to cope with the overwhelming number of Syrian refugees, and to address the country’s pressing security needs.

Syria says Israel fires shells into its territory
Daily Star 5 Mar 2014 Israeli troops opened fire Wednesday on two suspected militants who were trying to plant explosives on the Jewish state’s frontier with Syria, the Israeli military said.

US says it worked with Israel to track seized Iranian rockets
Daily Star 5 Mar 2014 The United States said Wednesday its intelligence services and military worked with Israel to track a ship carrying an intercepted shipment of advanced Iranian rockets for Palestinian militants.

Egypt bars Gaza-bound Irish Nobel Peace Laureate Maguire
Daily Star 5 Mar 2014 Egypt detained and deported Northern Irish Nobel Laureate and peace activist Mairead Maguire on Wednesday after she tried to enter on her way to neighbouring Gaza, she and airport officials said.

YNet News

‘Code Red’ siren heard twice in Sderot, rocket falls inside Gaza
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – ….

US House approves ‘strategic partner’ status for Israel
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – ….

US security guarantees are worthless
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – Op-ed: West’s betrayal of Ukraine proves ‘security arrangements’ Kerry is offering Israel are just a piece of paper. ….

German president to visit Nazi massacre site
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – ….

Hillary Clinton compares Putin actions to Hitler’s
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – ….

Lavrov: Russia, West agree Ukraine should stick to EU-brokered peace deal
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – ….

Attack on Syria-Lebanon border: A risk worth taking
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – Analysis: Latest alleged Israeli strike added Hezbollah and Iran into the game, but thwarting the transfer of weapons is a sensible investment which will pay off in the future. ….

Rabbis ban IDF soldier Purim costume
YNet News, 5 Mar 2014 – Amid battle against draft law, parents of students in Jerusalem’s Talmud Torah schools ordered not to dress their children up as soldiers this year. ….

Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech predictable and conventional
YNet News, 4 Mar 2014 – The prime minister’s speech was without passion, just like the speaker himself, telling the audience exactly what they wanted to hear. ….

Palestinian Information Center

Zahhar: Egypt lost its role in reconciliation
PIC – Senior Hamas leader Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar has described the Cairo court decision banning all activities for Hamas in Egypt and closing its offices as ‚¨ Spolitical par excellence‚¨ ù.

Abzik villagers in Jordan Valley receive evacuation orders from Israeli army
PIC – The Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday evening stormed Abzik hamlet to the east of Tubas in the Jordan Valley and handed 21 Palestinian families evacuation notices.

Dozens of Jewish settlers tour Aqsa plazas
PIC – Dozens of Jewish settlers entered the Aqsa Mosque compound on Wednesday in two groups and toured its various courtyards under heavy Israeli police protection.

Sheikh Salah: My imprisonment will not affect my determination
PIC – Sheikh Ra’ed Salah downplayed the impacts of the Israeli prison verdict issued against him on his morale, asserting that he would keep defending the Aqsa Mosque from inside the jail as well.

Israel demolishes 11 Palestinian buildings in the Negev in a week
PIC – The Israeli authorities have demolished 11 Palestinian buildings in the Negev, south of the 1948 occupied territories, under the pretext of illegal construction.

Ghannouchi: Banning Hamas in Egypt is an unjust decision
PIC – Leader of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi slammed the decision of the Egyptian judiciary classifying Hamas as a terrorist organization, and considered it an unjust decision.

Report: Israel started to build a park and terraces overlooking east Jerusalem
PIC – The information center of Wadi Hilwa-Silwan said that the Israeli occupation authority initiated a new Judaization project on Palestinian land in Al-Sawana neighborhood to the east of Jerusalem.


Palestinian Students Invent System Improving Computer Sitting Posture
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014

Official: Recognizing Israel as Jewish State is not the Only Obstacle to Peace
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014

Premier Expresses Concern over Israel’s Ongoing Arrest of Children
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014

Forces Arrest Three in West Bank and Jerusalem, including Minor
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014

Palestinians Catch Settler Chopping Down Olive Trees
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014

Army Notifies to Demolish House near Bethlehem
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014

The Earthquake in the Ready East
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014

Israeli Naval Boats Open Fire at Gaza Fishermen
WAFA – 5 Mar 2014


Bin Laden Aide Began Qaeda Propaganda Day After 9/11, U.S. Says
New York Times 5 Mar 2014 – A federal prosecutor in the trial of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith said that Osama bin Laden had asked Mr. Abu Ghaith to help recruit new suicide bombers.

3 Gulf Countries Pull Ambassadors From Qatar Over Its Support of Islamists
New York Times 5 Mar 2014 – Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain took the step in protest over Qatar s continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists in the region.

Syria and Security Council Criticized by Rights Panel
New York Times 5 Mar 2014 – The report listed jails and government offices where people were detained and tortured, and accused the government of using sieges as part of its war strategy, violating international law.

Israel Says It Seized Ship in Red Sea With Load of Iranian Rockets Headed to Gaza
New York Times 5 Mar 2014 – Israeli commandos boarded the ship in international waters as it headed to Port Sudan.

Israel Says It Seized Iranian Shipment of Rockets Headed for Gaza
New York Times 5 Mar 2014 – Israeli commandos boarded the ship in international waters as it headed to Port Sudan.

Netanyahu Promotes Efforts Toward a Peace Deal
New York Times 4 Mar 2014 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel suggested that he had listened to President Obama s plea to sign on to a framework being drafted by Secretary of State John Kerry.

Editorial: The Jihadist Pipeline
New York Times 4 Mar 2014 – European officials are right to be alarmed as citizens head to Syria to fight.

U.S. Activist Says Egyptian Police Assaulted Her
New York Times 4 Mar 2014 – Medea Benjamin, a leader of the Code Pink protest group, said she was assaulted by the authorities while she was trying to travel to Gaza.

Syria Speeds Its Deliveries of Chemicals for Disposal
New York Times 4 Mar 2014 – The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said that Syria delivered two consignments of chemical weapons last week and that another significant shipment was expected this week.

Israeli Airstrike Kills 2 Palestinians in Gaza
New York Times 4 Mar 2014 – A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said the strike eliminated a real-time threat from a group that was preparing to launch rockets into southern Israel.

Media Fellow Position
Jewish Voice for Peace – Jewish Voice for Peacewww.jvp.orgWanted: Excellent communicator and motivated learner for Media Fellow position. 20-30 hrs/week, 9 months. Oakland office preferred. $16/hour. Deadline- Monday, March 17 Join a fast-growing national grassroots organization working for a just peace in Israel and Palestine. The position is structured…

State Dept to check out vicious attack on Palestinian athletes
Mondoweiss – Palestine National Team, AFC Challenge Cup Qualifiers Feb 21, 2013 (photo:anantasports.com) On Jan 31st, without warning, Israeli forces attacked two young Palestinian athletes on their return home from football training in al-Ram in the central West Bank. They shot them repeatedly in the feet, unleashed…

House delivers for AIPAC, 410-1, passing Israel as strategic partner bill
Mondoweiss – The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is bruised from the fight over Iran sanctions. But that didn t stop the group from helping to push through legislation designating Israel as a major strategic partner a first for any U.S. ally. The measure has been a major lobby priority…

Notes from the cells
Mondoweiss – Women held in Cairo airport, photo by Crystal Zevon at Facebook Nine women are sitting in the backroom of the Egyptian border control waiting the twelve hours before we will be deported. We had come to Cairo to join a delegation of 100 women from around…

Israeli Navy Intercepts Alleged Iranian Arms Shipment Near Sudanese Port
Tikun Olam – Alleged Syrian-made rockets transferred by IRG to Gaza The NY Times reports that the Israeli Navy captured a shipment of Iranian weapons on a ship in international waters near a Sudanese port. Israel is claiming the Syrian-made advanced rockets were sent by Iran and destined for…

Liberal Values and the BDS Movement
Jewish Voice for Peace – Our Executive Directory Rebecca Vilkomerson writes in Tikkun Magazine on the need for liberals to seriously engage which the questions raised by the BDS movement: Is it possible for Israel to be Jewish and Democratic when already over 20 percent of Israeli citizens are Palestinian? Can…

Vassar faculty say president s statement against boycott sidesteps US responsibility to speak out against gross injustice
Mondoweiss – Vassar College seal Earlier today Adam posted a letter signed by 150 people affirming the power of boycott as an instrument of change and resisting efforts to curtail the Israel boycott movement in our country. Here s an important addition. AtVassar College, 40 faculty members have signed…

Law won’t bring down food prices
Globes Main News –

“Home prices driving tech workers overseas”
Globes Main News – Leumi deputy CEO Daniel Tsiddon: The rise in home prices in high-tech areas in Israel is costing human capital.

Bruno Landesberg stepping down at Sano
Globes Main News – He will be succeeded as chairman by his son, Alexander Landesberg.

Altshuler Shaham setting up insurance co
Globes Main News – The company is expected to start operating in a year.

Teddy Sagi cashes in on Playtech
Globes Main News – Sagi sold 45 million Playtech shares for $544 million.

Florida Jewish leader quits a Hillel board to protest bar on free speech
Mondoweiss – Bruce Warshal We have welcomed the Open Hillel movement as evidence that young American Jews are now the leaders of the American Jewish community: they are rejecting Hillel s red lines barring anti-Zionists and boycotters from participating in campus organizational life. Now here is a column in…

Mainstream press embraces Netanyahu s speech as supporting Kerry initiative
Mondoweiss – Mainstream reporters are characterizing Benjamin Netanyahu s speech to the Israel lobby group the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC, yesterday as sounding a new and positive stance on John Kerry s peace initiative. This view was stated first by Wolf Blitzer yesterday on CNN, when he embraced…

New Israeli legislation favoring Christians seeks to divide Palestinian community
Mondoweiss – On Monday, February 23, 2014, the Israeli Knesset enacted a new law that recognizes Muslim and Christian Arab communities as separate identities, giving them their own representation in an employment commission. The law passed by a margin of 31 to 6. The new law passed by…

Israeli navy captures Iranian arms ship
Globes Main News – The ship carrying scores of long-range missiles was seized in the Red Sea.

Judith Butler, Rashid Khalidi and over 150 other scholars condemn censorship, intimidation of Israel critics
Mondoweiss – Rashid Khalidi and Judith Butler The following open letter was shared with Mondoweiss: Whether one is for or against Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) as a means to change the current situation in Palestine-Israel, it is important to recognize that boycotts are internationally affirmed and constitutionally…

Two Gazans killed by a missile strike, and hundreds mourn
Mondoweiss – Gaza under blockade Israeli missile kills two Palestinians in Gaza IMEMC Tues 4 Mar by Saed Bannoura An Israeli fighter jet reportedly dropped a missile, Monday night, near Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza, killing two Palestinians and wounding three others, including a child. The two…

Anti-Defamation League exploits fear of Muslims to undermine anti-gay bill
Mondoweiss – Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. (Photo: David Karp/AP) The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) can t quit pushing anti-Muslim bigotry. The latest instance emerged in a peculiar fashion: in opposition to an anti-gay bill in Arizona pushed by religious conservatives. The ADL landed on the side…

“Ma’ariv” again in crisis
Globes Main News – Publisher Shlomo Ben-Tzvi has petitioned for a stay of proceedings.

Desheh: Splitting Teva will not create value
Globes Main News – According to Teva CFO Eyal Desheh, Teva’s tight integration means that a split makes no sense.

IEC reform talks break down
Globes Main News – The stumbling block was the workers’ demand for an amnesty on salary excesses.

New law restricts major food suppliers
Globes Main News – Among other provisions, large suppliers will be limited to 50% of supermarket chains’ shelf space.

Call CA Governor Brown: No preferential status for Israel
Jewish Voice for Peace – Call Governor Brown and send him this message: phone: (916) 445-2841 I am calling to oppose California’s expanded partnership with Israel, being signed by Governor Brown today. Why is California giving preferential treatment to a country that keeps on building illegal settlements in the West Bank…

Israel s War on Facebook
Tikun Olam – I mean the title of this post in two ways: first, the Shabak is at war with Palestinians using social media in order to express their nationalist political views. Second, the Israeli far-right is using Facebook as a potent means to advance its own genocidal views…

Americans Favor One-State Solution if Peace Talks Fail
Tikun Olam – Shibley Telhami has produced a new poll which questions Americans about their views should the current round of peace talks fail. He begins by offering the rather astonishing finding that only 40% of respondents actually favor a two-state solution. 24% favor one state. He asks which…

AIPAC and Friends Explain Themselves
Sabbah report 5 Mar 2014 – AIPAC still has the power to break politicians who go off message and one can expect that when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes the podium there will be a replay of the Stalinist Supreme Soviet gatherings where everyone was afraid to be the first to…

The ever-shifting borders in the Middle East
Sabbah report 5 Mar 2014 – A lot of Lebanese, born into the Ottoman Empire, therefore woke up one morning and found they were no longer Lebanese but Palestinian. And when the Israelis arrived in Galilee and did a spot of ethnic cleansing some of these former Lebanese but now…

President of Rome Jewish Community Was Also Sent Severed Pig’s Head
The Foward Breaking News 5 Mar 2014 – The president of the Rome Jewish community revealed that he too had been sent the severed head of a pig about 10 days after pig heads were sent to Rome s main synagogue, the Israeli embassy and a museum with an exhibit on Jewish culture in January….

VIDEO: Truce breaks down in Yarmouk
BBC 5 Mar 2014 – The BBC’s Rami Ruhayem reports from the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus, where food parcel distribution has halted because of fresh fighting.

Israel’s clandestine battle with weapons smugglers
BBC 5 Mar 2014 – What is revealed by Israel’s capture of ‘Iranian arms ship’?

International Week Against Mekorot
Global BDS 5 Mar 2014 – Mekorot is Israel s state-owned water company responsible for implementing water apartheid on Palestinians, including the international crime of pillage of natural resources in occupied territory, discrimination against the Palestinian people as an ethnic group and vital support for the illegal settlement enterprise. In 2005, Mekorot established…

South Africa: Nehawu Lauds the ANC for Publicly Affirming Its Support for the Palestinian Struggle
allAfrica.com5 Mar 2014 – [COSATU]NEHAWU commends the African National Congress {ANC} for publicly supporting the upcoming Palestine Solidarity Israeli Apartheid Week{IAW} campaign set to take place between the 10-16th of March 2014. This bold and unequivocal statement in support of the Palestinians is in line with the 53rd National Conference…

Israel halts ‘Iran weapons shipment’
BBC 5 Mar 2014 – Israel says it has seized a ship carrying advanced Iranian weapons made in Syria that was heading towards the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s New ‘Jewish State’ Threatens To Derail Peace Talks
The Foward Breaking News 5 Mar 2014 – When peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians resumed last July, everyone assumed that the main sticking points would remain, as ever, security, borders, the status of Jerusalem and the plight of refugees. Click here for the rest of the article…

‘Partnership Minyan’ Spreads Among Orthodox and Rabbis Fire Back
The Forward New 5 Mar 2014 – (JTA) If it wasn t clear before, it should be abundantly clear now: The Orthodox establishment will not sanction so-called partnership minyans, and it s willing to go to the mat to fight them. In recent weeks, a flurry of articles by leading Orthodox rabbis and scholars…

Avigdor Lieberman Accuses Israeli Lawmakers of Being Hamas Members
The Foward Breaking News 5 Mar 2014 – Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman wrote on his Facebook page that some members of Knesset represent Hamas, the terrorist organization that governs Gaza. Click here for the rest of the article…

Nigeria: Enugu Airport Commences Pilgrims Airlift
allAfrica.com5 Mar 2014 – [Daily Trust]Lagos -Following the building of a pilgrimage terminal at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport by the Federal Government, Christian pilgrims in the South-East now depart directly from Enugu to Israel.

At AIPAC, Mideast Peace Process Is Way Down the Agenda
The Forward New 5 Mar 2014 – You can clap, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the crowd of pro-Israel activists during a rare awkward moment in the otherwise meticulously orchestrated gathering. The Israeli leader was asking the 14,000-strong audience to back his call for Palestinian leadership to move forward with the peace…

VIDEO: Libyan TV station gutted by attack
BBC 5 Mar 2014 – The BBC’s Rana Jawad reports from Tripoli on the dangers facing journalists in Libya in their everyday work – including bomb attacks, abduction and intimidation.

Submitted Testimony in Opposition to the Maryland Legislature Anti-Boycott Bill
The Magnes Zionist 4 Mar 2014 – Tomorrow and Thursday there will be committee hearings on the proposed Maryland legislation forbidding the use of state money for institutional membership in, and travel to conferences sponsored by, academic associations that have passed boycott resolutions against Israel. The presidents of the state universities have written…

At AIPAC, Two Energy Entrepreneurs Debate How To Power Israel s Future
The Forward New 3 Mar 2014 – Israel faces the prospect of freeing itself from dependence on foreign oil in the near future, with potentially transformative impact on the country s economic and political future, two experts agreed Sunday during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington. But Yosef Abramowitz and Harold…

Bin Laden son-in-law’s trial begins
BBC 5 Mar 2014 – Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law is accused of using the “murderous power of his words” to rally people against the US, as his trial opens in New York.

Al-Jazeera trial resumes in Egypt
BBC 5 Mar 2014 – The high-profile trial of al-Jazeera journalists accused of joining or aiding a terrorist organisation – the Muslim Brotherhood – resumes in Egypt.

Russia has Mideast options in response to Ukraine
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – As the United States weighs its options in response to Russia s moves in Crimea, Russia holds its own cards, especially with Syria and Iran.

Syria releases prominent filmmaker held for questioning at Lebanon border
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – Syria’s best-known filmmaker was released after being taken in for questioning by intelligence forces at the Lebanese border as he made his way to a festival in Geneva, a friend said Wednesday. “Mohammed Malas was held for five hours by the intelligence forces on Tuesday. He…

US-Russia Mideast cooperation in balance over Ukraine?
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – In the absence of a diplomatic settlement between the West and Russia over Ukraine, Moscow may seek to capitalize on recent gains in the Middle East at US expense.

Suspected US drone strike kills three in Yemen
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – A suspected US drone strike killed three people in northwestern Yemen on Wednesday, local officials said. The victims were traveling in a car in al-Jawf province when they were targeted, the officials said, adding that a local al-Qaeda leader, identified as Ali Saleh Jraim, was among…

After you, my two generals
Al-Akhbar Opinion 5 Mar 2014 – Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi (C) with a picture of President Michel Sleiman above him. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi (C) with a picture of President Michel Sleiman above him. (Photo: Haitham Moussawi) Our problem was with the two generals, the president and the minister…

Leading Egyptian secular group opposes Sisi presidency
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement, which helped topple Hosni Mubarak in 2011, spoke out on Wednesday against any attempt by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to seek the presidency, saying this would be divisive and destabilizing. Field Marshal Sisi, who is also defense minister, told a…

Israel imposes curfew in Nablus as Palestinian farmers detain settlers
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – Israeli forces imposed a curfew on two villages in the northern West Bank on Wednesday, after Palestinian youths hurled molotov cocktails at an Israeli settler vehicle, Palestinian media reported. Meanwhile, Palestinian farmers detained several Israeli settlers for cutting down olive trees in their fields nearby. The…

Gulf ambassadors pulled from Qatar
BBC 5 Mar 2014 – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE withdraw their ambassadors from Qatar after alleging that the emirate has been meddling in their internal affairs.

US hires Israeli company to retrofit Mexico border wall
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – A photo taken on August 15, 2010, shows a crane lifting numbered two-meter-high concrete blocks erected nine years ago in Israeli annexed east Jerusalem close to the Palestinian village of Beit Jala. (Photo: AFP – Ali Tibbon) A photo taken on August 15, 2010, shows a…

The mufti of the Syrian opposition
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – A rebel fighter takes aim at the location of pro-regime fighters, in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on March 3, 2014. (Photo: AFP-AMC/Mahmud Abdel Rahman) A rebel fighter takes aim at the location of pro-regime fighters, in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on March…

Iran s four-part plan for a political solution in Syria
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – The best approach to a political solution in Syria lies in addressing both the threat of international terrorism and the urgent humanitarian crisis, as well as a national and international process leading to a direct vote by the Syrian people, according to Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister…

Syrian army to impose blockade in Aleppo
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – The Syrian army is launching attacks on Aleppo and its surroundings to try to isolate armed militants, in light of a visit by a Baath delegation to the city.

Palestine cannot concede the right of return
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – The right of return is a legitimate and irreversible right that should be granted to refugees with no concessions, despite Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas saying he does not intend to sink Israel with refugees.

Israeli shelling injures 11 in Golan Heights: Syrian media
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – Israeli rockets, tank shells and rifle fire on Wednesday wounded seven security forces and four civilians on the Syrian-controlled section of the Golan Heights, Syrian state media reported. It accused Israel of violating a 40-year-old military disengagement accord agreed after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war and said…

Life and death coexist in Damascus
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – Despite the war and spreading poverty and destruction, some in Damascus live their lives, visiting cafes, restaurants and shops.

Iran-India energy ties may take off
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – If the P5+1 and Iran agree on a nuclear accord, India s energy sector stands to benefit.

Israel seizes ship carrying “Iranian weapons” to Gaza
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – Updated 6:00 pm: The Israeli navy seized a ship in the Red Sea on Wednesday that was allegedly carrying dozens of Iranian-supplied rockets intended for Palestinian fighters in the besieged Gaza Strip, the occupation army claimed. It said the Panamanian-flagged cargo vessel Klos-C was boarded in…

Alevis want back places of worship seized by Ataturk
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – The return of Alevi places of worship could be a milestone in Turkey s democracy.

Iraqi parliament still unable to pass budget
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – Following disagreements between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad, the Iraqi parliament has been unable to ratify the 2014 budget, with many political blocs boycotting sessions in which it is discussed.

Netanyahu misreads Obama on settlements
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – At his address to AIPAC conference, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ignored the warning by President Barack Obama that the continued settlement policy would isolate Israel even further.

Erdogan’s endless legitimacy crisis
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – Neither the ballot box nor a harsher regime seem to be able to rescue Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan from his current political troubles.

Egypt-Iran relations stuck in neutral
Al-Monitor 5 Mar 2014 – Cairo and Tehran have been seeking to stabilize ties and find common ground on Syria and Palestine ever since Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was deposed and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was elected.

Several injured in Syrian bombing raid over East Lebanon
Al-Akhbar News 5 Mar 2014 – Updated 5:36 pm: Syrian army jets bombed targets in East Lebanon for a third straight day Wednesday, causing a number of injuries, state news reported. Lebanon’s National News Agency said the warplanes struck the rural Ersal region along the porous border with Syria. The area is…

Al-Nusra Front: No decision to transfer the conflict to Lebanon… yet
Al-Akhbar Politics 5 Mar 2014 – A young girl walks by the wreckage from a dual car bombing in Bir Hassan, south of Beirut. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) A young girl walks by the wreckage from a dual car bombing in Bir Hassan, south of Beirut. (Photo: Marwan Tahtah) Speaking to Al-Akhbar , a…

Ashraf Rifi takes on Al-Akhbar
Al-Akhbar Politics 4 Mar 2014 – Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi (R). (Photo: Marwan Bou Haidar) Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi (R). (Photo: Marwan Bou Haidar) An opinion piece published by Al-Akhbar ‘s editor-in-chief Ibrahim al-Amin Monday chastising Lebanon’s president for standing against Hezbollah has triggered a row with Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi. Dania…

The incompetence of Syria s security services
Al-Akhbar Politics 4 Mar 2014 – Syrian displaced residents of the besieged rebel-held town of Moadamiyet al-Sham, in the suburbs of the capital Damascus, wait at a checkpoint to return to their homes on March 2, 2014. (Photo: AFP/STR) Syrian displaced residents of the besieged rebel-held town of Moadamiyet al-Sham, in the…


Saving al-Aqsa mosque
Ramzy Baroud, Al Jazeera3/5/2014
Israel’s right wing politicians and religious extremists are eyeing al-Aqsa for annexation.
It was on February 25, 1994, that US-born Jewish extremist Baruch Goldstein stormed into the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Palestinian city of al-Khalil (Hebron) and opened fire. The aim was to kill as many people as he could.
At that moment, nearly 800 Muslim worshipers were kneeling down during the dawn prayer in Ramadan, the holiest month of the Muslim Calendar. He killed up to 30 people and wounded over 120. Exactly 20 years later, the Israeli army stormed al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest Muslim site, and opened fire. The timing was no accident.
Al-Khalil, like the rest of the West Bank is facing the dual challenge of armed Jewish settlers and Israeli occupation soldiers; the latter enforcing the military occupation, while providing further protection to the settlers. The settlers, extremists from the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba, often attack Palestinian residents of the town with complete impunity. Interestingly, many of Kiryat Arba settlers are Americans. Baruch Goldstein was one.
It was not enough that Israeli soldiers within the vicinity of the Ibrahimi Mosque allowed Goldstein – armed with a Galil rifle and other weapons – access to the mosque, but they opened fire on worshipers as they tried to flee the scene. Israeli soldiers killed 24 more and injured others. Goldstein, now a hero in the eyes of many in Israel, is often blamed solely for the massacre in al-Khalil. But in fact, it was a mutual effort between Goldstein and the Israeli army.
Colonial stratagem
This symbiotic relationship between the army and settlers, which dates back to the early days of the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, continues….more..e-mail

Hamas, the outlawed movement in Egypt
Helmi Al-Asmar, Middle East Monitor (MEMO)3/5/2014
Hamas was not “officially” present in Egypt in order for it to be banned (it is present in the hearts of its honourable people), nor has it been “officially” present in any Arab country as far as I know. It is a “state of mind”, an idea and heartbeat, not just an organisation that is like any other Palestinian resistance group. Israel acknowledges it more than any other Arab country and carefully deals with it as a reality on the ground, more careful with it than any other Arab country.
The Egyptian judicial order banning Hamas required it to actually be present in Egypt, but today we are living in a world of wonders and oddities. The order bans the Islamic resistance movement Hamas from working within Egyptian borders, bans all its activities and stipulates the confiscation of its headquarters in Egypt (where are the headquarters?). This “urgent” lawsuit was filed by lawyer Samir Sabry against Interim President Adly Mansour, former Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi, and Minister of the Interior Mohamed Ibrahim, urgently demanding them to consider Hamas a “terrorist organisation”. The lawsuit pointed out that “Hamas was established as an Islamic resistance movement in Palestine, but transformed into a terrorist organisation after adopting the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
Of course, this “judicial” order has nothing to do with legal order, as it is obviously a political issue and has been filed for internal reasons that have no value on an international level. According to Sabah Al-Mukhtar, president of the Arab Lawyers Association in the UK, the judiciary in Egypt has been politicised for some time now, and targeting Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood before them, confirms its politicisation.
He also said that in addition to the order “being groundless, as it is a political order that has no relation to the rule of the law, there has also been insufficient evidence for this order. Hamas is a political movement and the Egyptian governments have been dealing with it throughout its various stages….more..e-mail

PHOTOS: Visiting the last standing Nakba village of Lifta
Photos by Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Activestills.org, +972 Magazine3/5/2014
Lifta is one of the few remaining Nakba villages, whose residents were deported or fled during and before the war of 1948. Israel has prevented the Palestinians who left their homes from returning to them and when the war ended, it confiscated their land and property. This week, Activestills documented Palestinian women visiting the site along with the usual religious Jewish-Israeli hikers and tourists.
PHOTO: The Bridge of Strings, or Chords Br
idge, is seen through the window a house in the depopulated Palestinian village of Lifta, located on the edge of West Jerusalem, Israel, March 4, 2014. During the Nakba, the residents of Lifta fled attacks by Zionist militias beginning in December 1947, resulting in the complete evacuation of the village by February 1948.

Almost all of the hundreds of empty Palestinian villages were destroyed after the war and in subsequent decades. In Lifta, 55 of more than 400 hundred homes survived, together with the original cemetery, vineyards and a pool of rain and spring water.
Because nobody lived in Lifta, it was left undeveloped. Except for the damage caused by time, tourists and homeless people who occupied some of the empty homes, parts of the village remain as they were left by the Palestinians who lived there more than 60 years ago, making it a unique historical site.
PHOTO: A tour group of Palestinian young women from Sakhnin, Israel, and a group of Jewish boys visit the spring in the depopulated Palestinian village of Lifta, located on the edge of West Jerusalem, Israel, March 4, 2014. During the Nakba, the residents of Lifta fled attacks by Zionist militias beginning in December 1947, resulting in the complete evacuation of the village by February 1948….more..e-mail

ACT! Conscientious objector Omar Saad imprisoned for the fifth time
Alternative Information Center3/5/2014
Omar Saad, an 18-year-old Palestinian Druze from the Galilee village of Al-Mughar, declared his refusal to serve in the Israeli Army, Sunday, at the Tal Hashomer Induction Base. For his refusal, Saad was sentenced to 20 days of imprisonment at Military Prison 6, near Atlit.
Civilian lawyers – including lawyers from New Profile, a group for the demilitarization of Israeli society – are no longer allowed to visit Saad or other conscious objectors during their incarcerations in military prisons. The army claims that civilian lawyers are not certified to enter military prisons.
The Palestinian Arab Druze community, to which Saad belongs, were forced to serve in the Israeli army following a decision by then Prime Minister Ben Gurion in 1956. Following the decision, which placed no demands on the rest of the Arab society, all Druze citizens in deployment age were served with mobilization orders. The decision faced serious resistance from the Druze community, who refused to fight against their own people and demanded to be treated in the same way as the rest of the Palestinian Arab society in Israel.
After being sentenced, Omar issued a public statement:
“I, the undersigned Omar Zaher Aldeen Saad, conceded myself to the Israeli Army authorities two months ago, determined to my rejection to do the Israeli military service.
I have been ruled 3 times in prison, and each time for 20 days, and today was sentenced for the fifth time and in retaliation decision for another 20 days….”more..e-mail

Fighting the occupation with a needle and thread
Electronic Intifada: 5 Mar 2014 – Ramallah-based fashion designers of Ibra wa Khayt use old Palestinian clothing to make modern garments.more..

In Birzeit, Trigger Happy Israel Vindicates Amnesty s Report
Palestine Chronicle: 5 Mar 2014 – By Nicola Nasser Birzeit, West Bank In the Palestinian West Bank town of Birzeit early last February 27, the Israeli (IDF) Occupation Forces (IOF) acted determinedly, under the media spotlights, to feed Amnesty International with a show case study to vindicate the report it released only hours earlier, entitled Trigger-happy: Israel s use of excessive force in the West Bank, and to refute the Israeli official diplomatic denial of the contents thereof. Under the command of Col. Yossi Pinto, a Nahal infantry force of the Binyamin Territorial Brigade, joined by the Border Police s elite Counterterrorism Unit, Yamam, according to Israeli The Jerusalem Post on the same day and 200 Israeli soldiers, dozens of jeeps, two (military) bulldozers and many Shin Bet [internal security] officers according to Amira Hass of Haaretz on this March 3, including some 28 more than thirty army patrol armored vehicles according to the count of…more

of Yarmouk The Palestinian Lesson that Every Syrian Should Know

Palestine Chronicle: 5 Mar 2014 – By Ramzy Baroud In the early days of the Syrian uprising-turned civil war three years ago, the writing on the wall of it becoming an intricate regional and international conflict was there for all to see. Palestinians in Syria were likely to find themselves a pawn in a dirty war, but few could have predicted the magnitude of the crisis, and perhaps, few cared. Despite their many differences, there are two common denominators that unite all the parties involved in the Syrian conflict. One is that they are all contributing, directly or otherwise, to the killing of Syrians with unmitigated impunity, savageness even. And, two, in the same breath, they all pose as defenders of the Syrian people. It is not a puzzle, but the nature of dirty conflicts. Yet all the defenders of the Syrian people, with no exception, are now scarred. No media campaign, hearty speech or amount…more

Israel s War on Facebook
Dissident Voice: 5 Mar 2014 – I mean the title of this article in two ways: first, the Shabak is at war with Palestinians using social media in order to express their nationalist political views. Second, the Israeli far-right is using Facebook as a potent means to advance its own genocidal views against Palestinians. If that sounds like a double standard& well, welcome to Israel, the land of hypocrisy and double standards. For example, last week the Shabak hauled a Palestinian in for interrogation because he called Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat, the mayor of Occupation. Haaretz notes that four months ago, the police arrested 13 young East Jerusalem bloggers who complained about the politics of Occupation and damage to Al Aqsa Mosque. Their lawyer pointed out that charges were filed against eight of them, but none of the charges involved anything they d posted. All charges were dredged up in the subsequent interrogation and applied post facto . Another…more

After Latest Incident, Israel s Future in FIFA Is Uncertain
Dissident Voice: 5 Mar 2014 – Their names are Jawhar Nasser Jawhar, 19, and Adam Abd al-Raouf Halabiya, 17. They were once soccer players in the West Bank. Now they are never going to play sports again. Jawhar and Adam were on their way home from a training session in the Faisal al-Husseini Stadium on January 31 when Israeli forces fired upon them as they approached a checkpoint. After being shot repeatedly, they were mauled by checkpoint dogs and then beaten. Ten bullets were put into Jawhar s feet. Adam took one bullet in each foot. After being transferred from a hospital in Ramallah to King Hussein Medical Center in Amman, they received the news that soccer would no longer be a part of their futures. This is only the latest instance of the targeting of Palestinian soccer players by the Israeli army and security forces. Death, injury or imprisonment has been a reality for several members…more

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel –www.vtjp.org
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