Patrons of Ukraine’s Nazi Putschists Spook Russia with Sanctions: Diplomatic Bluff By Andrey Areshev

6 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

As the events in and around Ukraine unfold, the reaction of some Western circles becomes close to hysteria. The resistance to the fascist putsch staged in Crimea and Novorussia (New Russia) has evoked unparalleled anxiety in the ranks of European, and, especially, US diplomats. There is a plethora of retaliatory measures Russia is threatened with including awe-evoking suspension of preparations for the breath shooting session called «G8 summit» and freezing Russian officials and natural persons’ bank accounts. 

US State Secretary John Kerry has made a number of statements containing threats against Russia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has already said that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, «Not bothering to make any effort to understand the complex processes occurring within Ukrainian society or make an objective assessment of the environment, which is furthering the degradation following the forceful seizure of power in Kiev by radical extremists, [Secretary of State John Kerry] operates with a ‘Cold War’ stamp, offering not to punish those who carried out the government overthrow, but the Russian Federation». Those in the West, who put their hopes on Ukrainian Neo-Nazism, will not spend time and effort to understand the complicated trends shaping the contemporary situation in the country. They are obsessed with the idea to create a quasi-state entity on the Russian border with anti-Russian official ideology which would become a source of a broad range of threats to Russia, including terrorist activities. The implementation of this radical-nationalist project will ultimately turn Ukraine into the second Syria, including acts of genocide, mass migration of population, destruction of main industrial infrastructure which, in its turn, would entail ecologic and technogenic catastrophes. Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, noted that these are not potential but very real threats. According to him, Russia won’t allow the events that took place in central Ukraine and other parts of the country be repeated in Crimea. «Do you believe that Russia would allow the repetition of events in central Ukraine and other regions to take place in east and south of Ukraine where millions of Russian speaking population reside?» he asked. There was no response to his statement. He that won’t be counselled can’t be helped…

The masterly done and timely use of force has allowed preventing bloodshed in Crimea, the autonomy is gradually coming back to normal life, and its future will be decided at the referendum on March 30. Russia will continue to protect the rule of international law on the territory of former Ukraine’s Republic of the USSR. Today the threat of humanitarian or terrorist threat emanating from Ukraine is prevented, but it remains relevant on the territory of historic Novorussia. Local powers of Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa regions have come out with a request to make them part of the Crimean Autonomy. This turn of events appears to be unexpected for the putschists making them give a new impetus to the propaganda campaign. It is accompanied by mass «fake» information including outright lies like the reports that appeared on March 3 saying the Russian army had used chemical weapons in Dzankoy… 

The threats to impose sanctions are to exert pressure on Russian elite and big business as well as wide sections of population. Arresting Russian officials’ bank accounts is not something new. They have been warned many times to keep money in the country; if someone missed the warning then he is probably dull of hearing. These measures would only benefit Russia. The potential measures include arms embargo to hurt Russia as a large arms producer and exporter. Other steps may include freezing Russia assets invested in US securities – all these things are rather leisure talk, it’s not enough for a starting position at the talks…The economic relations of Russia with the West are mutually advantageous, their revision may hurt not Russia only but the European Union as well. 

The idea of diplomatic isolation belongs to fantasy. For instance, Beijing has already confirmed that it would veto any United Nations Security Council resolution against Russia. China may ask the United States to pay off its debts in gold, something more than the US could afford. The idea of Russia’s expulsion from G8 has not been accepted by Germany. These and many other things could go unnoticed, but it’s important to understand that a country, which stands its own ground on key international issues and is adamant to defend its stance, is never isolated. What we deal with is nothing else but diplomatic bluff. 

The hypothetic introduction of sanctions against Russia will not entail deterioration of its economic plight. It will make Russia mobilize its own internal resources for industrial growth giving rise to patriotic sentiments uniting business elite and common people around the state’s political elite. 

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