Photos: South Front – Events in Slavyansk

2 May 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Early in the morning the people of Slavyansk were woken up by the noise of helicopters. The noise from automatic weapons were heard and the shots of the main guns of the armored vehicles.



Ukrainian troops, according to unconfirmed reports, took the control over the TV tower, and hence the high ground above the Slavyansk.

They say about the convoy of the armored vehicles which move from the side of Izym. From the side of Kombikorm reported that the barricades are on fire. In the sky constantly heard the helicopters.

The checkpoints near the Kombikorm and Andreevka were attacked. That means that the checkpoints were attacked along the entire perimeter of the town. Heavy shooting. Yells the emergency siren of the civil defence.

South Front

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