Ukraine News Links 9-10 May 2014

10 May 2014 4:38:01 PM —

NATO’s American Second-In-Command Threatens Transdniester (Stop NATO)

Merkel, Hollande urge Kiev to begin national dialogue with regions (Voice of Russia)

Ukrainian crisis: The way toward a solution (RT)

Russian deputy PM comes back to Moscow from Moldova despite Ukraine’s demarcate (Voice of Russia)

Referendum begins in 2 districts of Ukraine’s Donetsk region amid mounting tension (ITAR-TASS)

Western Reset of Fascist Aggression Towards Russia (Oriental Review)

Irina Verigina appointed acting governor of Ukraine’s Lugansk region (ITAR-TASS)

Ukraine’s governor draws public indignation after calling Hitler ‘liberator’ (Voice of Russia)

Japanese official visited Moscow to talk about Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Lessons of World War II forgotten: Will Germany be the peacemaker? (RT)

Ukraine’s Donetsk region prepares 1,500 voting stations for referendum (ITAR-TASS)

Federalization supporter killed in Ukraine’s Lugansk region – self-defence representative (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine’s Lugansk region governor sacked (ITAR-TASS)

Poland demands clarity over Ukraine of Germany (ITAR-TASS)

Shooting heard in Ukraine’s Mariupol again, armored vehicle burning – media (Voice of Russia)

APC set on fire in Ukraine’s Mariupol as Kiev troops announce withdrawal (RT)

Warning to CIS countries: situation in Ukraine – direct US aggression against Russia (Voice of Russia)

Russia threatened over Ukraine poll (BBC)

National Guard units withdraw from Mariupol, Ukraine claims (SCF)

Russian TV producer wounded in Ukraine’s Mariupol in stable condition (ITAR-TASS)

Western Imperialism and Ukrainian Nationalism is Balkanising the Ukraine (Dispatches from the Empire)

The World According to TIME Magazine (Land Destroyer)

EU shouldn’t start war with Russia over Ukraine – French FM (Voice of Russia)

OSCE strongly condemns deadly violence in Ukraine’s Mariupol (Voice of Russia)

By its silence, New Anti-capitalist Party supports Odessa massacre (WSWS)

How the revival of German militarism was prepared (WSWS)

Ukraine builds dam cutting off Crimea water supply (RT)

Kherson governor calls Hitler ‘liberator’ addressing veterans on Victory Day (RT)

Civil War Has Begun in Ukraine; U.S. Backs Neo-Nazis against the Democrats; U.S. Media Suppress that News (WashingtonsBlog)

Disentangling Ukraine from Our “Narrative Lines” (Dissident Voice)

Ukraine: Bare hands against tanks (Stop NATO)

Raghead: Dispatches from Neonazistan (Dissident Voice)

Mayor of Ukraine’s violence-hit Mariupol never fled his city – administration (ITAR-TASS)

Russia’s Red Line to NATO Encroachment (Dissident Voice)

The Unintended Precedent of Maidan (New Eastern Outlook)

Lavrov calls on US to convince Kiev to stop military operation in southeasternUkraine (SCF)

Western Reset of Fascist Aggression Towards Russia (SCF)

Citizens block APCs shooting their way through Mariupol (VIDEOS) (RT)

Ukrainian troops killing civilians in Mariupol, May 9 2014 (18+) (SCF)

Ukraine Says Some 20 Separatists Killed in East
Wall Street Journal – Ukraine Says Some 20 Separatists Killed in East … KIEV, Ukraine—Police and security forces killed about 20 separatists Friday, Ukraine’s interior 

Ukraine’s leader gains stature with honest image

KIEV, Ukraine — When new Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk invited anti-corruption activists to his apartment in Kiev last month, the first thing he … 

Ukraine’s Leaky Border with Russia
Businessweek – A real war continues in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian army is fighting against armed groups of pro-Russian separatists, who are supported by …  

Ukraine referendum tensions weigh on markets
Boston Herald
LONDON — Renewed jitters about Ukraine as pro-Russian militants pressed ahead with plans for an independence referendum weighed on markets …

Ukraine rebels ignore Putin call to delay self-rule vote
Chicago Tribune – Pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine ignored a public call by Russian President Vladimir Putin to postpone a referendum on self-rule, declaring …

Ukraine, Alstom on agenda as Hollande meets Merkel
Washington Post – BERLIN — French President Francois Hollande arrives in Germany on Friday for two days of talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel during which the …

Stocks subdued as China data, Ukraine weighed
Daily Mail – LONDON (AP) — Renewed jitters about Ukraine as pro-Russian militants pressed ahead with plans for an independence referendum weighed on …

Ukraine Crisis Underscores Importance Of Collective Defense: NATO Chief
RTT News – NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said that the Ukraine crisis has made it more urgent that Allies work together to develop …

Ukraine crisis: Nato and Russia in Twitter spat – The head of Nato and Russia’s foreign ministry have become embroiled in a Twitter spat, with both sides taking shots at each other over the Ukraine …

Ukraine security service says “saboteurs” disrupted state TV
Reuters – KIEV May 9 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s security service said on Friday foreign “saboteurs” had knocked out state television transmissions for several hours, …

9 May 2014

Bell Tolls Across Europe to Mourn Odessa Massacre Victims (SCF)

US blames Russia as Kiev unleashes armored vehicles against civilians (RT)

Chomsky: US Leaders’ Panic Over Crimea Is About Fear of Losing Global Dominance (Greanville Post)

Lessons Of Second World War Forgotten: South Ossetia Says Georgian And Ukrainian Fascists Backed By Same Western Powers (Stop NATO)

OSCE condemns deadly violence in eastern Ukraine’s Mariupol (ITAR-TASS)

Nazism: History is Repeating itself in Ukraine (Land Destroyer)

New Bloodbath In Eastern Ukraine (Stop NATO)

‘Provocative’ Putin visit denounced (BBC)

Medical jet due to pick up badly wounded RT stringer denied landing in Ukraine (RT)

Obama Resets ‘Pivot’ to Asia (III) (SCF)

150 Ukrainian government troops expelled from Donetsk by locals (Voice of Russia)

Putin displays Ukraine chess mastery (Oriental Review)

Ukraine: Today’s Incursion Into Mariupol (Moon of Alabama)

How the corporate media whitewashes Ukraine (Greanville Post)

US Policy on Ukraine: Follow the Money (Greanville Post)

US/Nazi collaboration: Ukraine and worldwide – Prof Barry Lituchy (Voice of Russia)

Lavrov stresses necessity to launch dialogue between Kiev and southeastern regions (ITAR-TASS)

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