Videos: BBC propaganda and the shooting of civilians in Mariupol

10 May 10, 2014 — Human Rights Investigations

So-called “anti-terror operations” in Mariupol today have seen a number of deaths as Ukrainian military and “National Guard” (an outfit including many virtually untrained neo-fascists) face off against crowds of unarmed protestors. The BBC covered this situation and, whilst admitting the Ukrainian army is killing unarmed civilians, have edited a video to cut out the part where the Ukrainian army shoots a cameraman, injuring him severely and at a man who is on his knees with his hands in the air.

The moment a civilian on his knees with his hands up is shot at point-blank range

Another view from across the road is very helpful in understanding the incident. The man kneeling is shot at 0:28:

This is another view of the incident: (The four rifle shots are on 7.00, 7.03, 7.04 and 7.05):

 This is footage taken by Ruptly’s stringer shortly before he was wounded:

Another view of the man kneeling on the ground, with his hands up as he is shot. This footage also shows the aftermath as people are put in cars to be taken to hospital:

 Gabriel Gatehouse has as yet failed to explain why the BBC edited the video in the way it did, but it is now the subject of a complaint.

Updates 10/5/2014 with Newsnight iPLayer link

Updates based on final video above which has been pulled by YouTube (we have a copy).

The man kneeling does not appear to be seriously injured as he is later seen helping the man in the blue vest. The Ruptly stringer is no longer in critical condition. The man with the (almost certainly fatal) head wound is not the man with the pistol.

Complaint submitted.

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