Ukraine News Links 16 May 2014

16 May 2014 —

How NATO Jabs Russia on Ukraine (SCF)

SINOGRAPH Ukraine creates arc of chaos (Asia Times)

Moscow regrets that UN report on Ukraine justifies punitive operation in southeast (ITAR-TASS)

Carpathian Hungarians Demand Autonomy (SCF)

U.N. Ukraine report shows double standards to whitewash Kiev authorities – Russia (RT)

UN report on Ukraine’s situation is totally biased – Moscow (Voice of Russia)

Turchynov asks people in Donetsk, Luhansk regions to support security operation (Voice of Russia)

UN warns on Ukraine human rights (BBC)

Ukraine’s president elected on May 25 to serve 5-year term (ITAR-TASS)

Mass events prohibited in Crimea until June 6 (ITAR-TASS)

IMF financing entails harsh austerity measures (Voice of Russia)

Unauthorized people attack outpost of Ukraine’s National Guard in Mariupol (Voice of Russia)

Standoff in eastern Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

Ukraine: Who Wages The Pipeline War? (Moon of Alabama)

CSS to discuss possible termination of Russia’s gas supplies via Ukraine on May 20 (Voice of Russia)

Putin Is Neither The Defiant Counterweight Hero Or The Neo-Stalinist Imperialist, But Rather Playing a Russian Version Of Vicious Nixon Politics (Washngton’sBlog)

US does not provide support for Ukraine’s Right Sector — State Department (ITAR-TASS)

Roundtable on settlement of Ukrainian crisis to be held in Donetsk or Kharkov (Voice of Russia)

NATO Not Planning to Provide Ukraine With Intelligence, Equipment (SCF)

Putin Calls Ukraine Gas Prepayment Desperate Measure, Says Russia Ready for Dialogue (SCF)

Kiev Junta Joins Al Qaeda (NEO)

The US Senate and Ukraine (SCF)

Article 5: NATO Chief In, U.S. Vice President Headed To Romania (Stop NATO)

Eastern Partnership: The West’s Trojan Horse and Battering Ram In Former Soviet Space (Stop NATO)

Western Imperialism and Ukrainian Nationalism are Balkanising the Ukraine (4th Media)

 Ukraine Separatists Plan to Disrupt Presidential Poll
Voice of America
DONETSK, UKRAINE — Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine are planning to disrupt the country’s presidential election scheduled for May 25, …

Ukraine protester hopes blood not spilled in vain

KIEV, Ukraine — The scars are fading now. The exit wound, a narrow, pink line that curves down the left side of her neck, is often hidden by her tangle …

Ukraine Ready to Pay Russia $4B by End of May for Gas
Voice of America
KYIV — Ukraine is ready to pay Russia $4 billion for gas supplies by the end of May, Deputy Energy Minister Ihor Didenko said on Thursday, adding …

Ukraine Slides Deeper Toward War as Russia Warns on Vote

May 14 (Bloomberg) — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discusses the conflict in Ukraine with Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote at the Foreign …
Ukraine crisis may lead to Western military bases closer to Russia

“NATO is not going to intervene militarily to defend Ukraine’s territorial integrity, nor is NATO prepared for such a contingency,” Riccardo Alcaro, …
Ukraine: Cold War Redux Or New Global Challenge?

Following the separatist votes in Eastern Ukraine, the world is riveted on this new and unanticipated global flashpoint as it stands on the precipice of …

Ukraine to Feel Austerity Measures’ Strain in 3rd Quarter — Minister
Wall Street Journal
WARSAW–Ukraine’s economy will start feeling the burden of the recent budgetary austerity measures in the third quarter, but as the good harvest …

Ukraine concerns, data weigh on global equities
… bonds rose on fears over escalation of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine and in response to underwhelming U.S. and European economic data …

Ukraine tycoon set for first round win in presidential vote: survey

KIEV (Reuters) – Confectionery tycoon Petro Poroshenko is likely to win Ukraine’sMay 25 presidential election in the first round of voting, an opinion …

Ukraine Needs $4.2 Billion or More to Shore Up Banks, Kubiv Says
Ukraine’s banks need at least 50 billion hryvnia ($4.2 billion) to 60 billion hryvnia in fresh capital, central bank Governor Stepan Kubiv said, giving a …

Prison » Ukraine Just Issued $1 Billion Bonds Backed By The US Taxpayer
Prison ? admin
Today saw Ukraine issue $1 Billion 5-Year Notes at a stunningly low risk of only 28bps above US Treasuries and dramatically cheaper than the cost of …

M of A – Ukraine: French Photographer Confirms U.S. Mercenary Presence
Moon of Alabama
Paris Match, a well regarded weekly French magazine, investigated the recent incidents in Krasnoarmeysk in east Ukraine where some para-military …

11 Ukraine soldiers killed in clashes Wednesday evening with militia near Slavyansk, Kramatorsk …
Signs of the Times
The people’s mayor of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, claims that Ukraine’s security forces suffered heavy losses during clashes with militiamen …

Washington – State Department’s Special Envoy On Anti-Semitism VisitingUkraine – Vos Iz Neias
Vos Iz Neias (Yiddish: What’s News?) ? admin
Washington – The State Department’s special envoy charged with monitoring and combating anti-Semitism is in Ukraine, where he has been meeting …

The Yeshiva World Putin Says Ukraine Must Pay Cash for Gas in June « » Frum Jewish News
Yeshiva World News ? Y.W. Editor
Russia has ratcheted up pressure on Ukraine, with President Vladimir Putin saying in a letter released Thursday that it only will deliver gas to its …

Ukraine must observe community rights, says Orbán | ? MTI
A democratic Ukraine must observe community rights, for instance the rights of the local Hungarian community, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in …

Russia: Ukraine Must Pay in Advance for Gas — News from
News From ? Jason Ditz
The move aims to assure that Gazprom is paid promptly, or indeed at all, after years of Ukraine’sgovernment constantly behind on payments.

British Interests in Ukraine » Golem XIV – Thoughts
Golem XIV – Thoughts ? Golem XIV
What are we doing in Ukraine, who is doing it, why are they doing it and for whose benefit? Simple questions but to answer then, even to begin to …

Ukraine Reports Military Success In The East – Kitco
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The Ukrainian army destroyed two military bases of pro-Russian insurgents in overnight operations, the country’s acting …

The Question of Political Power in Ukraine’s East (Part One) | The Jamestown Foundation
President Vladimir Putin and Russian diplomacy have recently invented the concept of “South-EasternUkraine” as a would-be political entity. Moscow …

Ukraine Defense Ministry reports fighting near Kramatorsk – Kyiv Post
A pro-Russian activist sits next to a destroyed Ukrainian army APC armoured vehicle near the village of Oktyabrskoye, about 20 km from Kramatorsk in …

EU support for Ukraine » Delegation of the European Union to the United States
The European Union continues to support Ukraine in undertaking the reforms necessary to consolidate a democratic, independent, united and …

Foreign Secretary comments on Syria and Ukraine – Press releases – GOV.UK
The Foreign Secretary today hosted a meeting of Foreign Ministers from France, Germany, Italy and the USA on Ukraine. William Hague then chaired …

News – Ukraine International Airlines (UIA)
Ukraine International Airlines reckon that Ukraine`s national currency devaluation and 50% US dollar rates increase, that occurred within the period of …

Albright, Palacio to Lead NDI Observation Mission for Ukraine’s May 25 Elections | NDI
The National Democratic Institute (NDI) will field a high-level international delegation of experts to observeUkraine’s May 25 presidential and local …

Gold Ends Above USD1300 On ECB Moves, Ukraine | Gold Eagle
San Francisco (May 14) Gold futures ended higher Wednesday, amid news that Germany’s Bundesbank is on board with the European Central Bank’s …

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