Ukraine News Links 9-10 June 2014

10 June 2014 11:52:46 —

ANALYSIS: US Refuses to Consider Kiev’s Responsibility for Atrocities Against Civilians (SCF)

Head of Kiev municipal administration intends to resign (ITAR-TASS)

Russia, Finland call for dialogue between Kiev andUkraine regions (ITAR-TASS

Donetsk militia claims to have destroyed Ukraine army roadblock between Slovyansk, Kramatorsk (Voice of Russia)

Two children die from fragmentation wounds in Slavyansk – city administration (Voice of Russia)

Public Chamber to help victims of Ukraine fighting draw legal claims to intl courts (ITAR-TASS)

Ukraine’s southeast does not trust Poroshenko’s humanitarian corridor promise (Voice of Russia)

Non-stop fighting in Ukraine results in numerous causalities – Ukrainian source (Voice of Russia)

5th round of Ukraine gas talks ends, decisions not made yet – Oettinger (SCF)

One Grad MLRS of Ukraine’s military destroyed near Sloviansk – militia (SCF)

Ukraine to let civilians leave east (BBC)

Russia launches Baltic war games alongside NATO’s (RT)

Poroshenko orders to organize humanitarian corridor for civilians in Ukraine’s east (ITAR-TASS)

Non-stop fighting in Ukraine’s Kramatorsk results in numerous causalities- Ukrainian source (Voice of Russia)

June 9-10: Bombing continues under new Kiev regime, prayers for peace in Ukraine, and more (Voice of Russia)

Nationalism and fascism in Ukraine: A historical overview (WSWS)

Ukraine self-defense forces destroy one military Grad MLRS near Slavyansk (Voice of Russia)

No country could willingly say ‘no’ to energy cooperation with Russia – Putin (RT)

Ukrainian Fascism Article Up At CounterPunch Weekend Edition (China Matters)

EU, Russia and Ukraine negotiations: parties do not agree on their positions (Voice of Russia)

City that we used to know does not exist anymore – refugee from Slavyansk (Voice of Russia)

Russia, Ukraine, EU gas talks fail to reach deal (RT)

Tiananmen 2.0 (NEO)

Don’t kill us: Refugees from Eastern Ukraine make a plea for peace (VIDEO) (RT)

Place of Ukraine in US Military Planning (SCF)

Lavrov calls for urgent measures to relieve humanitarian situation in Ukraine (SCF)

Military forces shoot funeral procession with gun fire – head of LPR (Voice of Russia)

Ukraine, Russia Resume Gas Talks Amid Conflict
Voice of America
KYIV — A Russian official says Ukraine and Russia are meeting Monday to resolve a natural gas dispute after Moscow threatened to cut-off supplies if …

Ukraine orders police deployment in east

KIEV, Ukraine — As sporadic firefights continued between Ukrainian troops and separatists, the government announced Monday that it was deploying …
Ukraine Gas Talks Resume in Brussels to Avoid Cut-off This Week

Russia, Ukraine and the European Union will hold talks in Brussels today to end a dispute over natural gas payments. The talks are scheduled for 7 …
East Ukraine rebel stronghold hit by shelling

Firefighters attempt to extinguish a fire at the burning furniture factory after a mortar attack from Ukrainian government troops in Slovyansk, eastern …
Ukraine Says Peace Talks With Russia Yielding Progress

Mikhail Zurabov, Russia’s ambassador to Ukraine. Peace talks took place between Zurabov, Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Pavlo Klimkin and …
Ukraine Gas Talks Deadlock as Gazprom Demands Debt Payment

Ukraine and Russia failed to reach an agreement on natural gas deliveries during overnight negotiations hosted by the European Union as OAO …

Ukraine Egg King Bond Fortunes Tied to Putin
Appetite for Ukraine’s government and corporate debt is responding to signs of progress in easing the turmoil and after a $17 billion bailout approved …

UPDATE 1-Russia, Ukraine hold gas crisis talks as deadline looms

Ukraine, Russian presidents met last week (Updates with start of talks, Oettinger comment, adds PIX). By Barbara Lewis and Martin Santa. BRUSSELS …

Ukraine’s Poroshenko plans new team to take on Putin, build ties with West

But behind the euphoria that Ukraine might now, at last, start to “Live in a … Russia’s opposition to his plans to lead Ukraine into mainstream Europe.
Ukraine releases two Russia TV journalists

Moscow – Ukrainian security forces have released two Russian television journalists working for a defence ministry outlet after they were detained at a …

Orbán meets new Ukraine president ? MTI

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s new president, for talks in Kiev on Saturday, the prime minister’s press chief …

Ukraine: Time Is On Russia’s Side
Moon of Alabama ? b

Intervening in the Ukraine would be a huge mistake. If anything, this activity betrays desperation on the part of the junta. They’re desperately trying to …

Video: Ukraine Separatists Try To Crank Up WWII Tank

Defense Tech ? Brendan McGarry
Separatists in eastern Ukraine are trying to crank up a 1943-vintage Soviet tank that was part of a World War II memorial in their fight for an …

MTG takes $23m Ukraine write-off

MTG will write down 100 per cent of the intangible assets from its 85 per cent stake in Viastrong Holding, which operates in Ukraine. The operation …


Current Politics in Ukraine ? ukraineanalysis
David Marples The separatist insurgence in Donetsk and Luhansk has raised questions about the future of this region as part of Ukraine. Opinion polls …

Ukraine crisis “underlines necessity” of renewable energy

Holyrood Magazine ? Liam Kirkaldy
Political tensions between Russia and Ukraine has made the need for renewable energy greater than ever, a senior European official has told …

Ukraine Reports ‘Understanding’ With Russia on Peace Plan

News From ? Jason Ditz
Two days of meetings between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s new government and Russian officials have ended with what Ukraine is …

Exclusive: Ukraine Oligarch Poroshenko seeks ‘Understanding’

Petro Poroshenko tells TIME in his first interview as President of Ukraine that he has no choice but to keep Russia at the negotiating table, as no …

A Ukrainian Nationalist View, Part 3: The Conflict with Russia

The Occidental Observer ? Pavlo Khomenko
The “president” and member of this movement, Sergei Askonov, turned out to be a known figure in organized crime in Ukraine, known as “goblin” in …

Ukraine President Once Agent for US State Department
Aletho News ? aletho

[Speaking to Ukraine Foreign Minister Petro Poroshenko] “She [Secretary of State Clinton] emphasized that the United States envisioned multiple …

Ukraine sees “understanding” with Russia on peace moves
Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: By Timothy Heritage KIEV (Reuters) – Ukraine said on Monday it had reached a “mutual understanding” with Moscow on parts of a …

AP IMPACT: Tax cheats took billions from Ukraine
The Big Story – Associated Press

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — On paper, the Ukrainian trading firm known as Mistral dealt in management consulting and research, doing millions of dollars’ …

East Ukraine rebel stronghold hit by shelling
The Big Story

SLOVYANSK, Ukraine (AP) — Several buildings have been damaged by shelling in an eastern Ukraine city controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum: Ukraine Should Become Sweden`s Trustful Partner
Sigma Technology

For two days the capital of Ukraine became a place where representatives of Swedish and Ukrainianleading companies in different areas gathered.

Financial Times: ‘Masterly’ Russian operations in Ukraine leave Nato one step behind
International Institute for Strategic Studies

… a London think-tank. “For Russia, [Ukraine] is still regarded as an internal issue. Read the full article in the Financial Times (subscription required).

Ukraine leader
Al Jazeera
Petro Poroshenko, the newly elected Ukrainian president, says fighting in the separatist east of the ex-Soviet country must stop by the end of the week.

9 June 2014

Lavrov: NATO expansion to the East is ‘artificial, counterproductive’ (RT)

Without Donetsk rest of Ukraine would be bankrupt and much poorer – political analyst (Voice of Russia)

Russian MP calls for imposing sanctions for the capture of Russian journalists in Ukraine (ITAR-TASS)

The Propaganda Wars and Putin’s Diplomatic Counter-offensive (Global Research)

E. Ukraine warzone: Demolished houses, fires after heavy shelling (VIDEOS) (RT)

Ukraine to pay debt to Russia after gas price agreed – Energy Minister (RT)

RF energy minister: Russia has no notification about suspension of South Stream project (ITAR-TASS)

Moscow hopes Poroshenko will deliver on his pledge to end fighting (Voice of Russia)

Ukrainian crisis: US strategy behind EU mistakes? (Voice of Russia)

Grand Geopolitical Project: Russia’s Gazprom signs Agreement to Abandon the Dollar By Umberto Pascali (InI)

Nationalism and Fascism in Ukraine: A Historical Overview (Global Research)

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