The ISIL or DAISH Caliphate in Iraq and Syria is a US Project By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

1 July 2014 — Global Research

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, author and geopolitical analyst from Montreal, about heavy clashes underway among foreign-backed insurgents in Syria and about the US government’s role in supporting them on June 30, 2014.

The following is an approximate transcript of the Press TV interview.

Press TV: Heavy clashes are underway in Syria between a number of militant groups and ISIL terrorists for control of a border crossing with Iraq. That’s according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The clashes are taking place in the town of Boukamal. The ISIL insurgents who control some parts of northeastern Syria took control of Boukamal last week. The terrorist group is notorious for its fear campaign and ruthless crimes in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

Mr. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, author and geopolitical analyst, is with us … from Montreal. First of all, looking at the clashes taking place over control of a border crossing at Iraq – that brings us to the question of the objective of this group. They’ve said they want to create an Islamic State or Caliphate – in their own words – and their intention is to create this state in Iraq and Syria.

First of all tell us about that plan; what it means for the region; and also about those who are saying that Western countries including the US, and specifically the US, should be held to blame for supporting these groups and making them reach the stage that they’re currently in.

Nazemroaya: I think that’s an excellent question and let me be clear about this and very categorical. What is called DAISH [Arabic: Al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fe Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham] or the ISIL (the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is not the manifestation of the failure of US policy that the United States is trying to present; it is actually the manifestation of US policy.

This is the clear manifestation of what the United States and its allies. including Israel to the south of Syria, have been trying to do in this region for over a decade. For many years now, this is a manifestation of that. The ISIL in Syria want to integrate Syria with Iraq and basically the objective, is to divide both countries and to create sectarian states that are homogenous and only reserved for Sunnis while other groups such as Shiites, Christians, Druze are all expelled.

This is why you have people in the Syrian anti-government forces – the insurgency – for several years now, since the insurgency started in 2011, saying “Alawites to the ground and Christians to Lebanon.” Because what they’re trying to do is and what they’ve been working to do is what some would call ethnic cleansing. I think that term is an oxymoron and actually camouflages genocide.

The Christians in Iraq are almost extinct and that’s because of the United States and Britain. During their occupation the Christians were persecuted.

And now in Syria this fighting is going because the ISIL wants to integrate this area with Iraq. It calls this an Islamic Caliphate, but I want to be categorical; this has nothing to do with Islam. The idea of an Islamic Emirate now is something that the United States has been pushing. The Islamic Emirate when it was disbanded, the last Caliphate under the Ottomans, wasn’t even the authentic Caliphate. Anybody who talks about that isn’t aware of history or has no understanding of Islam.

And the United States has been pushing this as a camouflage. Many in the West believe the ISIL represents Muslims; it doesn’t represent Muslims or Sunnis at all.

2 thoughts on “The ISIL or DAISH Caliphate in Iraq and Syria is a US Project By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

  1. willow bell says:

    Hi I’ve just commented on a post on 38 degrees site re Palestine. Sorry but didn’t realise I had already commented on on your site previously. I get confused as these sites seem to cross over. On the ”Caliphates”, I’d like to add, that the mercenaries may not be Islamic at all. Karen Armstrong, an esteemed authority on Islam writes, that by the 9th and 10th centuries Muslims were already critical of the Khalifa, as they said the ideology went against quranic teachings.
    From now I intend to focus on the instances of forced marriages and genital mutilation, as well as the alleged floggings in Iraq and Syria: focussing on Raqqa, as I have been there. The government in Britain say they are against the mercenaries or terrorists as they call them, so I intend to put this to the test


  2. willow bell says:

    Hi, Sure Britain and its cohorts want the break up of all the secular Muslim countries, after all they tried to create or supported an alternative, to the dollar based economy. Still Britain and co’s idea is not to re-introduce the Caliphates; its all for profit.

    I think the Ottoman empire was the last Caliphate but it was forced into combatting the west as much as spreading of Islam, I guess. And then came Arab and Turkish nationalism. Anyway Britain is interested in prolonging century old wars, in order to sell arms, run cars and for vengeance against anyone, who does not support western supremacy.

    To legitimise the aims of the mercenaries is dangerous, the spread of the Khalifa has taken years to become mainstream speke and a good job too. The invading forces in Iraq and Syria are mercenaries employed by the big powers to murder and maim. I realise many of them are educated and will understand the history of the Caliphates but this is no excuse.

    The aim of joining Syria and Iraq began with the invasion of Raqqa some time ago but was not carried by mainstream media. It is not beneficial to give the mercenaries credit for doing something, that can be interpreted as constructive by an uneducated populace, who now think the break up of countries is normal.

    Iraq invited radical Sunnis in to combat the west, not long after the invasion of 2003, I just hope the old Ba’ath guard can hold them but suspect they won’t because of the imposition of a fundamentalist Shia regime, by the west.

    The border crossing at Abu Kamal has been the main one into Syria since the invasion and the Americans bombed the tiny place years ago as a warning.

    It all stinks but the old division between secularism and radicalism, is the real issue. The former never had a chance really, though based on sound philosophy. Britain and co. love the emirates, they own the oil and that love is reciprocal, at least while resources last.


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