Video: Did Trump Win Through Vote Flipping and Vote Stripping?

26 November 2016 — TRNN

Robert Fitrakis, election lawyer and international election observer, says had the outcome on November 8 occurred in another country the State Department would have questioned the integrity of the vote

2 thoughts on “Video: Did Trump Win Through Vote Flipping and Vote Stripping?

    • InI says:

      Hi Richard,
      Well, as far as I can ascertain, the vote fixing/rigging was organised by the Republican Party using a software product called Crosscheck. Whether the Dems did likewise I have no idea.

      Crosscheck allegedly identified people who had voted more than once, in different states. The problem being that firstly, the great majority of those struck off the voters’ rolls were Black or Hispanic and secondly, it was done on the basis of surnames. So if you had the same surname as someone in a different state, you got disenfranchised! As Greg Palast pointed out, no check was actually done to see if it was the same person!


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