COLDTYPE Issue 146 October 2017 – is now on line

28 September 2017 — COLDTYPE

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HEARTS & MINDS – Three essays, by Chris Hedges, Graham Vanbergen and Jason Hirthler, highlight the ways in which the corporate state is stifling dissent, controlling the flow of ideas, saturating us with capitalist propaganda, and attempting to rewrite history. Continuing the theme, veteran reporter John Pilger has some serious issues with the massive TV retelling the Vietnam War produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Meanwhile, in this month’s cover story, Nate Robert visits a Cold War-era Soviet nuclear bunker and presses the button that could have plunged the world back to the Stone Age. In other stories, Rob Ball takes his cameras to the holiday wonderland of Coney Island, Martha Pskowski investigates a soft drink manufacturer that is sucking the water out of Mexico, Ryan McMaken tells why our political opponents are always ‘insane’, and Ariel Dorfman writes about Donald Duck and fascism. There’s much more, including an excerpt from Barry Lando’s exciting new political thriller, and our Insights section.

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