Audio: Ed Morales on Puerto Rico’s Natural and Unnatural Crises

29 September 2017 — FAIR

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Floodwaters after Hurricane Maria, Carolina, Puerto Rico (photo: DoD/Jose Ahiram Diaz-Ramos)This week on CounterSpin: As Puerto Rico suffers extraordinary devastation in the wake of Hurricane Maria (and Hurricane Irma), some in the media are asking, “Is Puerto Rico Trump’s Katrina?” Besides viewing the staggering disaster through the lens of Trump’s political fortunes, the question usually turns out to be about Trump’s—like George W. Bush’s—tone-deafness or callousness when it comes to talking about a catastrophe overwhelmingly affecting people of color.

A more substantive angle would be to talk about what happened to New Orleans in Katrina’s wake—the displacement, the rush to privatization and gentrification, the phenomenon Naomi Klein has labeled “disaster capitalism.” Pointing out that Trump is behaving boorishly is not the same as digging into those questions, or offering an alternative vision for Puerto Rico’s recovery. We’ll talk about the natural and unnatural crises Puerto Rico is facing with journalist Ed Morales.

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Plus a quick look at prominent media reporters’ lack of interests in journalists facing prison time for reporting the news.

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  • “Puerto Rico Needs Massive Emergency Aid Now—and an End to Austerity,” by Ed Morales (The Nation, 9/27/17)

Read the original post here.

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