UK to ban bee-killing pesticides

10 November 2017 — 38 Degrees

BREAKING: Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced that the UK will back a permanent ban on bee-killing pesticides. [1]

This is huge. 38 Degrees-ers like you have been pushing for this since way back in 2012. [2] Together, we have just made sure our bees will be around for generations to come.

Incredibly, more than a million of us have taken part in the campaign to ban bee-killing pesticides from British fields. Here’s just a snapshot of what we, as 38 Degrees-ers, have done together:

  • We signed petitions in our hundreds and thousands, and delivered them straight to the door of the politicians in charge. [3]
  • We pressured our MPs to protect bees and call for the ban on toxic pesticides to be made permanent. [4]
  • We chipped in for expert scientific research that proved these pesticides were dangerous for our bees – and we made sure the research got into the hands of the government’s top advisors. [5]
  • This spring, more than 60,000 of us took to our own gardens to help bees by planting seeds to feed them. [6] We planted enough to cover the city of Liverpool three times over!

Often it can feel hard to make a difference as just one person. But the beauty of 38 Degrees is that when one voice is joined by millions more, we are more powerful than any of us could be on our own. Together, in the end, we were more than a match for the toxic chemical companies who were determined to get bee-killing pesticides onto our fields.

William, this victory proves that when we work together and we don’t give up, we’re unstoppable.

Thanks for everything,

Megan, Trish, Ellie, and millions of bees

PS: This campaign, like all 38 Degrees campaigns, was entirely funded by small donations from people like you. If you’d like to chip in £1 to help us keep running bold, winning campaigns click here:

[1] Guardian: UK will back total ban on bee-harming pesticides, Michael Gove reveals:
[2] Back in October 2012 the government held a consultation into pesticides in the UK. Over 60,000 38 Degrees members signed a petition asking them to ban bee-killing pesticides. It was the first of many actions we took together to stand up for our bees:
38 Degrees: Save the Bees!:
[3] Over the last 5 years a whopping 756,000 of us have signed petitions to protect our bees. Here’s the most recent petition asking Environment Minister Michael Gove to ban bee-killing pesticides permanently. It’s been signed by over 370,000 of us:
38 Degrees: Michael Gove: protect our bees:
[4] Back in March 2013 thousands of 38 Degrees members emailed their MPs, asking them to speak to then Environment Minister Owen Paterson, calling on him to have the UK vote in favour of an EU ban on bee-killing pesticides. Since then over 150,000 of us have emailed our MPs about the need to stand up for Britain’s bees:
38 Degrees: 24 hours to save the bees?
[5] Last spring pesticide companies tried to get the ban lifted on some fields in the UK. 38 Degrees members chipped in to fund a report on why the ban shouldn’t be lifted. Thousands of us sent the copy to our MPs, and the office team delivered the report to the government’s pesticides experts before they made their recommendation to the government:
38 Degrees: Bees get a break:
[6] 38 Degrees: Bees seeds are starting to sprout:

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