US Promotes War and Regime Change: Selected Articles

14 December 2017 — Global Research

Washington’s Secret Wars

By Bill Van Auken, December 13, 2017

The latest letter from the Trump administration, however, represents another qualitative step in this protracted degeneration of American democracy and the elimination of the last pretenses of civilian control over the military. Failing to even keep Congress “informed” about US combat deployments, the document, for the first time, omitted any information about the number of troops participating in Washington’s multiple wars and military interventions.

Global Conflict and Terrorism Are a Prerequisite for Lucrative Arms Deals. The World’s Major Arms Exporters

By Masud Wadan, December 12, 2017

A country’s military standing is evaluated on the basis of air power, naval power, manpower as well as nuclear bombs. There is no single power with all these strengths above others. The US, for example, is surpassing rivals on air power whereas Russia has astonishing number of advanced tanks. North Korea’s battleship force outnumbers others including the US.

Russia’s Military Withdrawal Will Prompt President Assad to “Compromise”?

By Andrew Korybko, December 12, 2017

President Putin’s surprise visit to Syria saw the Russian leader announce the large-scale withdrawal of his country’s Aerospace Forces from the Arab Republic, signifying that Moscow truly believes that Daesh is defeated and that its original mission in Syria has been accomplished. It needs to be reminded that Russia’s 2015 anti-terrorist intervention was initiated by the need to destroy this international terrorist threat, although other more locally active terrorist organizations were also targeted for elimination in the course of events as well.

A Christian Christmas? The West Supported Al Qaeda Terrorists Who Killed Christians in Syria

By Mark Taliano, December 12, 2017

The hallmark of current North American society is hollow “faith”, criminal duplicity, and silence in the face of an overseas holocaust created and sustained by those who pretend to represent us.

As North Americans, our silence makes us complicit in these crimes.  It is anti-Christian and criminal, and it certainly contradicts the essence of what this “holy” season is meant to represent.

Putin Orders Russian Forces Home from Syria. ISIS is Down and Defeated, But It’s Not Out (Still Supported by America?)

By Stephen Lendman, December 12, 2017

The struggle for Syria’s soul remains to be entirely completed successfully, a long way to go to achieve it because Washington, Israel and their rogue allies want war and regime change, not peace and stability.

It’s Not Simply Jerusalem, It’s All of Palestine

By Rima Najjar, December 12, 2017

What’s going on in Jerusalem is what has always been going on in Palestine since 1948 –the forced dispossession of Palestinian Arabs of their identity, land and heritage.

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