COLDTYPE Issue 160 Mid-May 2018 – is now on line

17 May 2018 — Coldtype

Coldtype 0518

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MASSACRE IN GAZA: Our main stories are articles by Jonathan Cook and Sumaya Awad on Israel’s massacre of unarmed protesters in Gaza on May 14. In our second cover feature, Nigel Gibson discusses the legacy of Karl Marx on his 200th birthday, focusing on his desire to develop a society based on need rather than greed; while Terrell Carver examines the work of Marx’s colleague Friedrich Engels, a communist agitator who was also a respected Manchester businessman. In other stories, Neil Clark explains why the West protests too much about Russian protests,  Tom Engelhardt analyses the flailing US empire, John W Whitehead shares his Alphabet of Hate, and Alex Evans reminisces about a struggling American guitar maker. In other stories, Conn Hallinan looks at the forthcoming elections in Turkey, Brian Terrell tells a tale of two interrogations, Sam Pizzigati finds a black hole right here on Earth, and Martin Amis goes horse racing. Plus much more great reading.

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